Fire Away

Rather than covering the Cardinals in St. Louis this weekend, I’ll be making a trip down to Memphis to check out the Triple-A ballclub when it takes on Omaha at AutoZone Park on Saturday and Sunday. I have a few ideas in mind as to what I want to check up on and write about, but you guys tell me — what are you interested in?

Are there any players or angles at Memphis that you want to see covered on A particular prospect? A particular non-prospect veteran? I can’t guarantee that I’ll get to everything, since I’m only there for two days. But let me know, and I’ll see what I can do.

I also do intend to be blogging from down there. It should be a fun weekend.



Read this post and invite everyone to join this will be a fun way to see who everyone would have on their team if they could draft a team.


Is Reyes frustrated that he hasn’t made it to the rotation yet, even though he is obviously ready? How is the wait effecting him?

Is the manager out there keeping a close tab on his pitches and innings, in case his season extends into September and October?

I wonder about the frustration of a guy like John Gall too. He has done everything asked of him and still doesn’t get a decent chance.

If you don’t want to get into that kind of stuff, how about talking to guys about switching positions at the request of the front office.

Gall, Duncan, Boyd, Hanson and others have done it. I keep hearing about John Nelson eventually moving to the outfield one day.

Personally, I think Travis Hanson has a better chance to make the big leagues as a second baseman. Then again, its probably more important that all of those guys prove they can hit first.

It’s like they always say, “If you can hit, they’ll find a place for you to play.”

Stop by my hometown-Charleston, MO. It’s about half-way between St. Louis and Memphis.

Maybe a piece on the manager too. His history, how much what he says is taken to account for call ups and trades, maybe if he would be viewed as a potential replacement for TLR if he ever decides to move on?

josh kinney kinda intrigues me — slow-moving prospect who has pitched great in relief this year. how hard does he throw; what’s his repertoire? ditto andy cavazos, who got called up from springfield a month ago and has pitched well at memphis.

I’m sure you’ll cover the ripe prospects quite well without much additional suggestion so here’s something else to consider covering – the food. Rumor has it that AutoZone Park has really good bananas foster and some kind of fried chicken on a stick. I had the BBQ nachos when I went. I don’t miss a chance to recommend them. From a newly married guy to another perhaps you can understand my desire to hear about the food to make a Memphis roadtrip an easier sell to the misses.

Gall has twice been the Cards’ Minor League POY. It’s become apparent this season he really has no future in St. Louis as an outfielder, bench player or pinch-hitter. So what exactly IS his future as a pro baseball player? And list all the past Cards Minor League POY’s in recent years.

Anything on Travis Hanson.

Chris Narveson is a good story. Highly regarded prospect, injured, traded, then returns to the Cards.

What is the deal with Spivey and when are we releasing him?!

Why are we picking up so many older veterans for our AAA squad? First, it was Timo Perez. Then, Desi Relaford (since released). Also, Matt Perisho, Derek Wathan and Jason Conti (who?).

Could a trade be in the works and we need bodies to fill out the roster in Memphis?

Could you also add Junior Spivey? I would like to know if he still has a chance of being a September callup, or if we could make a trade involving him in July.

How much longer can we afford for Jason Issrighausen to attempt to close games for the Cards? We have Braden Looper sitting in the pin. Jason is a has been and Tony needs to realize this and he should be let go. Walt should realize this as well. There are other fine arms to be picked up. John Smotlz is willing to leave Atlanta and go to a winner! Kerry Wood is good for 50-60 pitches and would be a good closer.

Obviously the eight straight losses were distressing and can be blamed on poor pitching. But, what is more distressing is the obvious lack of focus displayed by the Cardinals. I was at the Wed night win over Cleveland when Edmonds rounded third too far and was picked off costing us a run. Then Taguchi and Eckstein failed to call for a pop fly costing us another run. Then on Friday night Taguchi catches a sacrifice fly at medium depth and makes a very weak throw to home. The Cardinals are far too experienced to make such “rookie” mistakes.

Bases loaded in the bottom of the 9th and one out. I submitted this to my wife who knows nothing about baseball except to attend a few games with me. She said she would have bunted. Sign her up to replace LaRussa. A bunt scores the run automatically. You don’t have to do a suicide squeeze. And it was obvious that Speizio and Miles swung at balls. The Cards are playing sorry ball all around, including Pujols.


Can you comment on the overall health of Albert Pujols. As I continue to watch games Albert appears to be limping slightly and several announcers have mentioned that he appears to be running gingerly. Also, do you know if his right oblique is giving him any trouble?

Take Care Bud.

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