Plenty of news

Couple of updates, and I’ll follow through with more information in my notebook later this evening…

1. Anthony Reyes is here, though he won’t be added to the roster until tomorrow. He will start Thursday’s game against Freddy Garcia and the White Sox. No word on who will be sent out to make room, and La Russa would not give anything up as to whether this is only a one-start deal or it’s more than that. My guess is this is not a one-start thing, but we shall see.

2. The manager did deliver some very encouraging news on Pujols. He said he fully expects No. 5 to play against Cleveland next week. Pujols had another extensive workout today, even more intense than yesterday’s, and he seems to be doing well. As always, a big part of the equation will be how he recovers tomorrow.



Ponson is an idiot. Too bad he wasn’t ejected and suspended, nobody would have to listen to his sorry excuses for a while.

can you shed any light on why LaRussa and Duncan are so reluctant to bring in Reyes? Is it his history of arm trouble, or just stubborness on their part?

Good luck Anthony.. your gonna need it

The Cardinals are reluctant to use Reyes in the place of Ponson or the ineffective Mulder for the same reason the Angels sent Jered Weaver (1.37 ERA) back to Triple A and kept Jeff Weaver (5.82 ERA) in the bigs–marketability of the veteran. I am sure Walt and Tony want to let Ponson and Mulder work through these ineffective patches at the bigs and not diminish their value anymore than it already has been in case they want to use them as trade bait come July. There is too much money tied up in the veterans. This works as long as the Cardinals remain in first.

If Ponson was officially demoted to the bullpen, doesn’t that mean we need another starter?How can this NOT be Reyes’ spot to fit in? Unless at some point you consider using Wainwright in the rotation, which seems highly doubtful….
And I wanted to ask you,why do you think Timo Perez is getting the chance that Junior Spivey has not.From what I’ve seen from Timo, Spivey can’t be much worse unless he’s playing like the Bad News Bears…

Well, unfortunately, I think the numbers really do tell the whole story for Spivey. He’s having an absolutely terrible year — batting .159 with 33 strikeouts in 145 at-bats.

And not that Timo Perez is exactly Tony Perez, but he’s hit the ball pretty well.


Hadley is supposedly reporting that Pujols is back in the lineup and Mulder is sent to the DL. Any truth?

The Cardinals will activate slugger Albert Pujols from the disabled list before tonight’s 7:05 CT matchup with the White Sox. Mark Mulder heads to the DL to make room for Pujols, who returns from a strained right oblique muscle. Anthony Reyes gets the start.

From Cards site

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