Pujols in, Mulder out

Here’s the skinny…

1. Albert Pujols was activated from the DL today. He’s starting at first base and batting third. He said everything feels normal and he’s good to go.

2. Mark Mulder was placed on the 15-day DL with what the team is calling a left shoulder strain, but the whole thing is pretty odd. Mulder basically can’t get full extension of his arm, and that’s all they really seem to be sure of.
No muscle or tendon or anything has been identified as the culprit. He’ll be examined tomorrow by Dr. Paletta in St. Louis. According to TLR, there’s a pretty good chance that they’ll hold him out through the All-Star break, but nothing is set in stone until they check everything out.

3. As expected, Anthony Reyes was added to the roster to make the start tonight. The final piece of roster juggling was that Chris Duncan was optioned to Memphis.

4. Sidney Ponson threw a bullpen today and will take Mulder’s turn in the rotation on Sunday.

5. Jim Edmonds is in the lineup.

I’ll have more depth on all of this, of course, in my notebook later this evening.



REEKS of desperation. Tony is playing with fire. What happened to playing it safe? The hitting has been fine. Unless Albert can take the mound for a few frames, I don’t like this.

Glad to see y’all go Pujols back.. well I’m glad he’s back and healthy.. wish he’d take a nice vacation though. =)


If LaRussa sends Reyes back down to the minore after his one hit preference I think LaRussa should be declared insaned and then fired.

I am reposting my previous posting due to the errors in the posting- If LaRussa sends Reyes back down to the minors after his one hit performance, I think LaRussa should be declared insane and then fired.

Why do quality players like Chris Duncan and Reyes get optioned to Memphis when it’s nearly all the current starters that need to be rehabbed (humbled). Walt/Tony.. keep the low salary players in St. Louis. At least they’re producing this year!

Is Mulder really hurt, or are they just trying to give everyone an answer to his problems? It seems to me as if they just put him on the DL to give him some downtime to get his head straight and calm down. Is this “mysterious injury” anything to really be concerned about?

Your boys are starting to scare me a bit.. we need to find SOMEONE to beat Detroit!

Someone HAS to do something about Isrighausen (sp). Another blown save yesterday. He has given up more hits than inings pitched, and is close to that in walks. At least he will free up salary cap money in ’07

Tampa Bay Devil Rays are getting rid of Carl Crawford, WHY don’t we go after him? They only want a starting pitcher (Ponson, Suppan Marquis, Mulder, pick one) and a minor leaguer. Everyone else but the Cardinals raids this team. Why not us? Don’t let the Phillies get another Booby Abreu!

Yes, of course we need to get rid of the relief pitcher who has tied the franchise save record…

The team that should be on the field in August (assuming healthy) is more than good enough to win the NL Central. Why trade now? Unless you get Crawford with a long term contract for Mulder or Suppan I don’t see doing that.

Hey M, I went to see Superman Returns tonight. It’s really,really good. And I had to tell you that I saw a movie poster at the theater for “Snakes On A Plane”. The release date on the poster was August 18,2006.

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