My NL All-Star ballot

For the most part, I’m with Joe Sheehan. I don’t believe in voting on half a season. I believe in voting for the best player, with this season considered but not the only factor. There are some exceptions, such as at shortstop — clearly Jose Reyes hasn’t been the best player before this year, but in his case I don’t believe it’s just a big half-year. I believe he’s come into his own. Anyway. Here goes…

C – Michael Barrett
1B – Albert Pujols
2B – Chase Utley
SS – Jose Reyes
3B – Scott Rolen
OF – Jason Bay
OF – Carlos Beltran
OF – Bobby Abreu

Hard calls —

* Catcher, where Brian McCann has been awesome but I went with Barrett’s body of work over the past few years. I’m very high on McCann and expect him to make plenty of All-Star teams before he’s done.

* Third base, where David Wright may end up as the MVP of the league. It’s Rolen by the smallest of margins, again based on doing it year after year after year. But I’d never say somebody was wrong to vote for Wright, and they’re both fully deserving of being on the team. Too bad there’s no DH in this year’s game, so they could both start. Oh, and Miguel Cabrera is ridiculously good, too. Geez.

* Outfield, where frankly you could put about eight guys in a hat. Andruw Jones, Carlos Lee, Barry Bonds, even Matt Holliday, would all be fine choices.

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Good list. I understand your ‘body of work’ argument, but I still think you whiffed on Johnny Estrada.

41 RBIs from the seven spot, hitting .418 w/RISP(Barrett .222). And he’s been much better defensively (zero errors to Barrett’s 5, 1 passed ball to Barrett’s 8, 7 DPs to Barrett’s 5, 29% CS to Barrett’s 20%) at the most critical defensive position.

For some silly reason, the Dbacks have been pushing Chad Tracy for A/S consideration, but Estrada has been their hands down MVP this year – at least among position players.

Again, I’m not claiming Estrada is a ‘better player’ than Barrett per your criteria, but simply that Estrada deserves the nod on the basis that he has outplayed Barrett in ’06, and rather convincingly so.

NL is heavy on third baseman who should start, AL is heavy on catchers who should start. Wish there could be a swap.

Matthew, why is AL demolishing NL this IL season…not exactly been a harbinger for ending the AL ASG streak, although you would think the best NL players could still beat the best AL players once in a while.


I had a similar list with the following exceptions:

C – McCann – Could not bring myself to vote for a Cub.

SS – Eckstein – Why not?! Reyes is great but I like Eckstein’s OBP of .379 and his hustle.

OF – Matt Holliday – This guy is having a monster season. Much better pick than Abreu.

Hey! I read your blog regularly, and love it. I’ve never commented before, but I just couldn’t pass this one up…I really hope you weren’t being serious about Bonds being a good choice for the NL All Star team. Sure, he’s one of the greatest to ever play, but these days, his retirement is long overdue, as he can no longer even make the routine plays in the outfield. Anyways, GO CARDS!!

Bonds has a .481 OBP and he’s slugging .503. He’s obviously not the player he was, but yes, I was quite serious. He’s still one of the most potent offensive forces around, even hitting .246 and playing lousy defense.


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