Kinney in, Perez out

Josh Kinney has been called up from Memphis and is expected to be present by game time, though I didn’t see him in the clubhouse before I headed upstairs at 11:30 a.m. CT. Kinney threw two innings for Memphis last night, but needed only 21 pitches to do so, and TLR says he’s available to pitch today.

Timo Perez is out, though at this minute I’m not sure of the actual transaction — DFA or waived or what. I don’t believe he can be optioned.

That leaves the Cards with 13 pitchers, a situation that obviously won’t last for very long.

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Interesting.. any idea on the next hitter here? Any deals happening or anything?

Apparently Perez could, in fact, be optioned, because that’s the move they made. Perez was optioned to Memphis, and Kinney’s contract was purchased.

Not sure about the next domino, but it is likely to be very soon.


Thank goodness. Kinney looked good here in ABQ last night. I’m glad he’s getting a shot. He darn well deserves it.


I don’t know much about Kinney, but right now I’ll take any fresh face in the bullpen. Matt, I just finished “Luckiest Man.” It was a fabulous read, thanks for the suggestion. Have any others?

Hurray! Kinney certainly deserves a look, and Thompson seems like he needs more work on getting back to hisself.

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