No longer pouring

Brutal night here at the yard. 150 minutes after they suspended play with one out and a man on third in the top of the sixth, we’re still sitting. No announcement of an expected re-start time, but with 47,514 tickets sold and 47,514 fans expecting fireworks, they have no desire to call it. On the bright side, the lightning appears to have stopped. The rain assuredly had not, as of when I started writing this post, but now it has. Woohoo!

So we sit. Carpenter is obviously done for the night, so you’d imagine the Cards would very much like for them to go ahead and bag this thing. A five-inning complete game would be plenty pleasing to the staff, I’m sure.

Random thoughts and observations from today and tonight…

* Edgar Renteria is still warmly regarded by his old mates. It was great to see him; he’s one of my favorite guys in the time I’ve been covering this team. He chatted and hung out with several ex-teammates before the game today.

* The clubhouse was surprisingly enthralled by the Italy-Germany soccer game. Lots of guys sat on the couch or in their seats watching with deep interest. I suspect there may have been some friendly wagers involved, but I think there was also genuine interest. And it was an entertaining game.

* Oh, look at there — they’re taking off the tarp, it seems.

* The Cards are staying at a different hotel this time around, and apparently it’s been quite a center of activity. The Peachtree Road Race, a huge deal with 50K or more runners, started right outside their windows this morning, and an enormous fireworks display was set to take place in the area tonight. Not ideal, but hey, them’s the breaks of the big leagues I guess.

* Jim Edmonds is really stroking the ball. I’ve said more than once or twice ,no player has more direct impact on how the Cards offense goes than Edmonds, so it would be a big deal to have him hot for a while.

* It’s always interesting to me to watch baseball with TLR. His thought processes watching a game seem to be unique. During our pregame briefing with him today, the end of the Washington-Florida game was on. After the Nationals eked out two bloop singles, followed by Ryan Zimmerman’s walk-off home run, the skipper lamented the fate of the Marlins. It wasn’t because he had a rooting interest, but because there was a lack of justice. Two bloop singles lead to the home run that costs you a hard-fought win. It’s the kind of thing that makes a manager sick when it happens to him, and TLR always sympathizes when it happens to another skipper.

* They just made an extremely unpopular announcement. They told the 10,000 or so hearty souls who stuck out the almost three-hour rain delay that the fireworks display has been postponed to another night. And they just did it at the end of the delay. So the thing that a lot of these people waited for, is not happening. Ouch. Many boos.

Supposedly we’re starting back up at 10:35 p.m. CT. For those still watching the game, enjoy.


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