Welcome, Weaver

Done deal — Cards acquired Jeff Weaver "and cash considerations" for Springfield OF Terry Evans. Film at 11.



ARE YOU KIDDING ME! These were my thoughts when I heard this news tonight. Then I realized …hey this guy belongs here. ERA over 6, a losing record, and this year is shaping up to be his worst yet. AWSOME! And all that for the low cost of a kid who can knock the cover off the ball, and YOUTH. All I have to say is this-WRONG!!! Think this over all you number crunchers, (runners left on base) and , oh yeah Miguel Cabrerra at whatever the cost. Oh but will lose our hot rookie prospects you say. I say those poor youn saps will never get a chance in the cardinal uniform unless they are currently over 30, or we trade them away- they become hall of famers-then we buy them back after they are old and cripple so we can talk of all the things they used to do.

I like the trade. Let’s see if Duncan can work his magic with another veteran.

Evans was really hitting well .300+/22 HR/65 RBI and he has speed, 26 SBs. He is only 24 and maybe he finally figured out how to play. Then again, this could be his one and only great season.

I think it was worth trading Evans to see if Weaver has anything left. We have other OFs in the system. Chris Duncan, Stavinoha, Haerther, Gorecki, Rasmus and even Schumaker.

“Let’s see if Duncan can work his magic with another veteran.”
The Ponson Project has been great hasn’t it. No complaints, but I think that before we start a new project, we should fix what we have (Marquis and Suppan).

Yes, Ponson has been a failure. But this may be more of Ponson than Duncan. Look at this list:

Kent Bottenfield – Career season in 99, 18 wins.

Garrett Stephenson – Career season in 2000, 16 wins.

Woody Williams – Career season in 2003, 18 wins. 45-22 overall as a Cardinal.

Dustin Hermanson – Tied a career high with 14 wins in 2001.

Dunc is not a miracle worker but let’s see what he can do.

Marquis is a headcase and Suppan may have lost it, although I won’t give up on him yet. Sometimes players hit a wall, begin a decline and never recover.


Any ideas on who leaves to make room on the 25 man? I think Ponson will be gone, but he’s still slated to start on the official site. Please, tell me they won’t send down Reyes, that’s all I need to hear.


Good trade. Heck, great trade. The Answer? No.

Cardinals get an,unscure,Weaver. Well I don’t think he can turn things around for the Cardinals. Marquis struggles somtimes with 10 wins. Imagine a guy with ten losses!!! And if he is good he will only get 1 start per series and what good will that do? It’s better if the Cards get a good bat,who would have an effect EVERY day. And they should get rid of a pitcher or maybe even 2. Not get more. Because they will have a whole ball club of pitchers whn Thompson returns. They should make atleast one more trade,A GOOD TRADE!!!

I sincerely hope Weaver will be an asset to the Cardinals; however, I think we still need another position player (or two). We need a great bat as well as a great 2nd baseman and left fielder. Why not try to get Grudzy and Reggie Sanders back? They were great. If we can’t get them, then try for one great player–Soriano would be great at 2nd. In some ways all of our pitchers have let us down several times this year. There is no excuse for double digit runs being scored on our Cardinals over and over again. I still believe the team can turn it around, and the four-game series with Houston (beginning July 6th) will be an indicator of the true guts of the team. Go, Cardinals! Sweep the Astros!

I like Weaver. A good pickup despite not having a good year. New blood and Card bats should help. He’s an “innings-eater”, not a bad thing these days, especially given some Cards’ bullpen issues. Three complete games last year. As you’ve written, only 2 Cards starters under 5.6 ERA. Weaver playing well lately.

I’d be a little concerned about getting rid of a guy on a hot streak (Evans) who is only 24 years old. The Cards need bat right now, but Evans is probably not ready to fill that role today. Weaver, also on a roll, can help right now.

Like most trades, thwinner in this one won’t be known right away. But Weaver was available for a needed spot and the Cards got him.

I’d like to see Chris Duncan come through with the bat.

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