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So here’s my take on Lucky Seven from the other day. Again, thanks so much for jumping in, everyone. That’s half the fun of doing this, is getting responses.

1. As I’m sure will surprise no one, I’d play Luna a lot more than he’s been playing. If he’s not at second base, play him in the outfield, give Eckstein a day off once in a long while (not often, but maybe slightly more often than now). I don’t know that the defensive difference between the two guys is all that great; to my eye they’re about equally able, if different types of defenders.

2. I’d do almost exactly what they’re doing right now in LF. Give Duncan a good stretch of at-bats to see what he’s got in more than spot duty. Give him the day against a LHP with a good slider, but otherwise, send him out there and see. If at the end of the month you don’t like what you’ve seen, then you do something either internally or externally.

3. If cost is no object, then to me, Abreu is the guy. He gets on base, hits for power, has speed and is left-handed. And the intent of the question was cost-no-object. Maybe in next week’s Lucky Seven we’ll look at more reasonably-priced, less dream-time possibilities.

4. A month ago, I would have said Wainwright was the guy, since he was more established as a guy who could get outs at the Major League level. I’m not certain anybody outside the core should be untouchable, but I will say this — if you deal either of those two RHPs, it needs to be accompanied by an increased payroll next year. Otherwise, the rotation will be tough to fill out.

5. Glad to hear that at least the posters are not on the dump-Isringhausen bandwagon. I finally reached the point where I thought it was a question worth asking early last month, but right about then he changed his approach and started throwing more fastballs and more strikes. For the most part, I really like what I’ve seen from him in the last month.

6. I’m a Bull Durham guy, but 61* really was terrific, surprisingly so. I just saw it for the first time last year and was very impressed. But I can quote just about every line of Bull Durham from memory. At his best, Ron Shelton was great (same guy who brought you the riotously funny White Men Can’t Jump).

7. Last show that really knocked me down was probably U2 at Savvis last year. Last disappointment is very fresh in my mind — The Black Crowes, who I had really high hopes for, just didn’t do much for me. They were a complete jam band that night, and I’m not into jam bands.

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FREE LUNA!! The man deserves to play.. Miles must have naughty pics of Tony or something!

I agree, Luna is the guy. Miles has not shown the ability to hit with power, and Thursday, he may well have cost us the game with his non-spectacular defense. No Abreu, no Abreu, no Abreu. Cabrerra, Cabrerra, Cabrerra.

I would like to see Cabrerra in left this year, next year see him at short, with Eck at 2nd. John Rodriguez will soon be an everyday left fielder.

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