Ponson DFA

The other shoe, in the form of Sidney Ponson, dropped today. Jeff Weaver arrived in the clubhouse this afternoon, and by MLB rules he had to be activated once he arrived. That meant a move was required.

The move, as many people expected, was that Sidney Ponson was designated for assignment — the same thing that happened to Weaver with the Angels. The Cards now have 10 days to trade Ponson, release him or send him outright to the Minor Leagues. He’d have to accept being outrighted, which is extremely unlikely.

Weaver will throw a bullpen today. He’ll probably throw a simulated game or perhaps a bullpen on Sunday, and get a start after the break.



I almost feel bad for Sid. He pitched a decent game last night. Eh, Better Sid then young Reyes

Though not a total surprise, I figured after last night, he had most likely earned another start. Maybe it was his supposed poor work ethic?

This was hardly the solution to the Cardinals’ pitching woes. All the starters, with the exception of Carpenter, and the entire bullpen, have been dismal. They give up early leads, forcing the birds to play catch-up, then when they do catch up, the bullpen blows it. Isringhausen has 8 blown saves. Can you imagine where we’d be if he could deliver just three outs in an inning’s work?

An overhall is needed, starting with dave Duncan and going on down to the bullpen. Trading Isrighausen, Edmonds, and maybe Miles would free up salary and allow the birds to pursue a quality starter.

It’s time for drastic action.

I don’t care what opinions people post here, but a lack of class and courtesy isn’t going to be tolerated. That’s why the previous comment was deleted.


Based on a decent outing his last time out–one that could have garnered a victory by a team that’s not as punchless as St. Louis–I have to believe at least ONE team would be interested in trading for Ponson. Granted, probably not trading much for him, though. I’d like to see Ponson and Gall packaged together for perhaps at the very least another minor league outfielder with at least a shot–however remote–of making the Cards roster in near future. Ponson can indeed pitch for some MLB team and Gall needs out of this organization for a real shot at making a MLB roster.

I’ve been told Ponson has a no-trade clause, though I don’t know that for a fact. So I don’t know if he’d accept a deal, although he certainly might under the right circumstances. I don’t know how all that will work out.

As for Gall, I’m with you — I’d like to see him get a change of scenery just for his own benefit.


Beaglebaily has almost hit it on the barrel of the bat. What good is a lights out pitcher if you have an offense that fails when needed? If the cardinals scored any runs at all for Reyes he’d be at least 5 in the wins column. A pitchers numbers are deceptive when we concentrate on wins and loses (or saves in Izzys’ case). Kurt Warner and the superbowl rams, do they win or even get to the superbowl without that endless list of superstars around him? I think at least 3 (that I can remember) of Marquis victories came by way of “The Prince”, games that jason was doing his best to lose. Point: the birds need a bat. How many victories has Thome won for the sox? Pretty good pick up for a teem with not so outstanding pitching, eh. Jimmy is about done, and I he knows this, I think he’ll kepp his pride in tact and retire after this season. I would like to see Edmonds go out as a cardinal, that’s the respectfull thing to do. However the security blanket is almost gone and we need to think of the future.

Patience. The trading deadline is July 31. That is plenty of time for Walt to get a bat. Also, don’t think that Weaver is it for the pitching staff moves. This could just be the beginning.

I agree with the Ponson DFA and the Weaver trade. Let’s see if he has anything left.

Five wins?! If the Cardinals would score 4 runs every game he started, his record would be 3-1, not counting the start today. Don’t say a pitcher goes out there to “lose” a game. Given, Marquis may not be the best pitcher on our staff, but unless he is being paid-off (and that would probably have to be a considerable sum, seeing as he is probably gonna cash-in via free agency) he more than likely hasn’t intentionally lost a game. I don’t think the Weaver trade is the answer to our pitching woes, but it is a start, so yeah, now I would like to see another bat. I don’t think Jim Edmonds will retire at the end of the season, I would actually not mind seeing him out there next year. He is still above-par defensivly and he is starting to hit again. Besides, who would you rather see out there who is could actually be acquired by the Cards?

See if you can find out about a possible no-trade clause for Ponson. If Cards management gave a no-trade clause to a recently recovering alcoholic who has struggled to pitch in the Major Leagues for the past few years, they should be hog-tied and beaten with a hose.Seriously, how can you give a guy like that a no-trade clause??If he has a no-trade clause and Grud didn’t and Reggie didn’t, then something is definitely rotten in Denmark.Now I understand giving a guy who is fighting personal deamons (alcoholism)another shot at the bigs, but please don’t give that type of guy a no-trade clause. That’s ridiculous.Does Eckstein have a no-trade clause?…As for Weaver I think he’s an excellent pick-up for the time being. His numbers over the past few seasons are decent and I could see Dunc adding a pitch to his repertoire and turning him into the next Woody Williams. When Woody arrived in St.Louis he had an 8-8 record, a 5+ ERA, and was known for giving up lots of long balls. Dunc helped him and he can help Weaver. The only question is whether Weaver will listen and learn, or be stubborn and continue to struggle. We’ll see. He just might turn out to be solid!

I don’t think you can compare an 8-8 record for Woody with Weaver at what…3-10? And an ERA over 6? If he had those numbers on the Cards, HE would be the guy getting DFA. He has by far the worst credentials on the staff, including the guy he’s replacing. The only hope is that Duncan has a good idea as to WHY he’s having problems, and thinks he can get him straightened out, but frankly Ponson wasn’t significantly worse than Marquis, Suppan or Mulder this year. I feel badly for him, and think he deserved more of a shot as much as any of the other starters save Carp. That said, I would feel better about it if at least we were replacing him with someone who doesn’t appear to be worse.


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