Eckstein gets a day

David Eckstein has been given a rest day today, but nothing is wrong with him. It’s just a day for a breather — not to mention a day to sit out against someone he hasn’t hit well. Eckstein is 3-for-24 (.125) lifetime against Clemens. Hector Luna gets the start at shortstop, while Aaron Miles leads off and plays second base. Otherwise, not a lot out of the ordinary in today’s lineup. John Rodriguez starts in left field, no surprise given how he’s hit the ball the past two days. Gary Bennett is catching while Molina gets another day off.

Predictions for Sunday, which is shaping up to be an outstanding sports day…

France pulls off the upset. I’ve been underrating them all along. Now I’m jumping on the bandwagon. take that for what it’s worth.

Federer carves up Nadal. I’m impressed with what Nadal has done, but Federer is on another planet. And man he’s fun to watch. US Open should be fantastic, though — if they meet in the final there, that will be great, great stuff.

Jeff Burton leads a lot of laps, runs up front and is at least in serious contention at Chicagoland for his first win in five years.

What will y’all be watching before baseball tomorrow? Soccer? Tennis? Golf? DVD of the Rams Super Bowl title? For me, it’ll be getting up early to watch Federer, get a little grub, then come back for the World Cup final. Once the race starts, I’ll flip over to that occasionally. Should be a fun, fun day.


(now playing on the iPod: Red Hot Chili Peppers, Mother’s Milk)


That’s all fine and dandy but Miles leading off is a joke, right?

Tony has cracked.
Someone please ask him why he loves Miles so much.

As for leading off, I dunno. It’s not like there are a lot of great other options, though — Rodriguez and Luna would be pretty much it. I’d rather have Luna in a spot where he’ll have chances to drive in runs, but Rodriguez wouldn’t have been a bad call.

But as for the second comment, about playing him at all, if you’re giving Eckstein a day, you have to play Miles. I don’t see Spiezio as a viable option to start at second base, so once Eckstein is out the lineup, Luna and Miles are your two starting middle infielders.


But Miles would have started today whether or not Eckstein got the start.

It’s just getting ridiculous. All stats, including defensive ones, are in favor of Luna.

There is still a decent amount of games before the deadline. Luna has the higher upside, and should start something like 18 of 20 so we can see what this kid can do before the deadline.

What is Miles doing that’s keeping him out there? I mean, seriously.. he’s ridiculous to watch right now! Luna today is already showing what he can do as opposed to AAron!

I read the other day that every time the Cardinals have won a World Series in a World Cup Year, Italy has won the Cup. So I’ll be rooting hard for Italy tomorrow, those prissy, dive-taking fools. Also, how about that win today?! Awesome huh.

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