Quick thoughts…

Quick thoughts on a lot of baseball topics from the last several days…

* No, I don’t have any more idea than you do as to why the 923 combined Gold Gloves of Scott Rolen and Andruw Jones weren’t in the game in the final innings as the NL tried to protect a one-run lead. I did like seeing some of the starters play 6-7 innings, because I think that’s the best thing you can do to give some spark to the game. It feels less like a little league game when guys are staying in for more than an inning or three. But still, you’ve got to play to win, and those guys need to be in there.

* I like the move the Astros made, but I don’t love it. Aubrey Huff is a nice player, but with a recent hot streak he’s still only a pretty good option as an outfield corner. He’s not the same player as the guy who hit 34 HRs and slugged .555 three years ago, and I like both prospects the Astros gave up, as far as I can tell. But with that said, Huff is a decent bat, and he’s left-handed — both of which are qualities that help the Astros.

* I have no idea, however, what the Reds are thinking. Unless they’re convinced that Gary Majewski and Bill Bray will be Nelson and Stanton circa 1997, they gave up wayyy too much to get two relievers. As always, Larry Borowsky had an intriguing take on the deal, pointing out the significant upgrades at two areas of weakness for the Redlegs. And I don’t disagree. But it’s just hard to imagine they couldn’t have gotten more for two guys like Lopez and Kearns.

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Are the Cards likely to trade for some outfielder/pitching, or are we going to be sitting ducks?

Well, they already traded for a guy who won 14 games, pitched 224 innings and had a 4.22 ERA last year, and won 13 games, pitched 220 innings and had a 4.01 ERA the year before.

Not to say there won’t be more, but I don’t understand the emails and things that I’ve been getting about how everybody is getting so much better and the Cardinals are sitting still.


I have a fairly random question – have there been other times that the Cardinals (or any team in baseball) have played 3 or more consecutive extra inning games? It just feels like they’ve played a lot of long ones lately, so I’m curious.

Not saying that we are going to get any of these three, but out of Bobby Abreu, Alfonso Soriano, and Jason Schmidt, which of the three would you most like to see the Cardinals get and which has the best chance of becoming a card?

Just read your post about Rolen not getting into the All-Star game when it counted.

Any other time I’ve been watching a Cardinals game and a ball has been hit to third and Rolen fields it he does the same thing every time….He makes it look ROUTINE! That’s right, Rolen has been called the best third baseman in all of baseball for the last 3 years by I can count how many writers/reporters/ heck even ESPN analysts on th air give him that honor. Rolen not being in the All-Star game when it counted was the biggest SNUB of the All-Star game!

And that my friend is my 2-Cents!

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