Mulder throws; Flores is sore

I have a couple of notes, which I will update over the next hour or two…

First, Mark Mulder threw off a mound this afternoon. That was somewhat unexpected, and certainly encouraging. It’s still a while yet before he faces hitters, but it is a significant step.

Second, Randy Flores has a sore elbow. He has undergone an MRI and will meet with Dr. Paletta this evening. He is unavailable for tonight’s game.



Uh Oh. If Flores is disabled, who do we bring up?

Can you say, Matt Perisho?!

He has actually done well at Memphis and has Major League experience. Had a couple of good tours with the Marlins.

BTW, for those of you wondering if we would bring up Carmen Cali, he was demoted to AA Springfield and has NOT pitched well after his demotion.

My guess is that’s exactly accurate. In the short term at least, if they needed a LHP, it would be Perisho.


Mulder needs to get back here and toughen up!!

Hi Matt. I’m not sure how often you check the comments but one of the P-D reporters are saying the Cards are close to getting Dave Delluchi from the Phils? Do you have any word on that?


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