Mark it eight, Dude!

I love talking lineup construction. I think my interest in lineup construction, and the questions I ask about it, tires Skipper La Russa. I ask about it a lot.

Anyway, I asked about tonight’s lineup, and the vs-LHP lineup in general, today. When Taguchi is in LF and Luna is at 2B against a LHP, Taguchi has tended to hit second, with Luna eighth. If it were my call, I’d do it the other way around, and I was curious as to the reasoning. So I asked. And the answer was short and simple:

"So handles the bat better."

Here’s the thing, though…

How much does that matter in the 2 spot, when the No. 3 hitter is Albert Pujols? How often are you going to bunt in front of him? Answer: basically never, because he’ll be walked. How often are you going to hit-and-run? Once in a while, but not a great deal.

To me, if there’s a good justification, it’s so as to break up 7-8-9 and keep the bottom third of the order from just turning over 1-2-3 too often. That’s a justification for having a guy like Luna in the eighth position.

But overall, personally, I want the guy with the more potent bat hitting six spots higher, not six spots lower. It’s not the end of the world, it’s not going to be the difference between this team making or missing the postseason. But it’s a little edge, and it’s one that I think it’s unwise to give up.

Just my $.02. What do y’all think?

-M, amused by the Excel-style stats on the scoreboard at new Busch. If a guy’s on-base percentage is .300, it’s listed as 0.3. If his slugging percnetage is .567, it’s listed as 0.567. Fun times.


oh brother……..Is this what we can expect from Weaver? And Flores? Grief……I guess we better pray that Mulder get s really healthy, really fast.

I personally like the idea of hitting Luna higher. So is a lot more versatile player I would say, than Luna. Plus, Luna seems to me to have more power (Just a feeling…I don’t know that the stats bear that out.) and I’d like to think that he can get some extra base hits. Not that Taguchi can’t…I just like the idea of Hector higher in the order. We all know that the more pressure there is, the more Hector seems to pay attention (sometimes). Maybe the 2 spot is a good place for him. I’d still like Jimmy Ballgame there, but he doesn’t like to hit there, so what’s the point?

Finally, I also noticed the stats as I was sweltering at Sunday’s game. I started to wonder, since the percentage sign was next to the SLG, if some guys’ slugging percentages were three-tenths of one percent. I’m sure they’ll get that fixed…

On the scoreboard: I personally like the absurd quality of getting rid of a manual scoreboard for the AL and NL scores and replacing it with a digital one. Then making the digital one look like a manual one by coloring it green and putting white lines on it. It’s like something out of Monty Python.

Bottom line is the Cards have too many backup/platoon players starting on any given night, none of which have provided any significant, consistent damage in the second spot. I agree with your recent comment about Edmonds being the best choice despite the fact that he does not like it. I will be interesting to see if a trade is made before the deadline that fills the void.

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