Wouldn't hold out much hope for the Creedence, though

I actually expanded my horizons and took in a couple of moments of pop culture over the weekend. Hooray!

One, the bride and I (hi, Erin!) saw her all-time favorite band, Better Than Ezra, in concert. And as always, I can highly recommend them. I have great admiration for bands who always bring it, who never take a night off. They’re always energetic, always likeable, always tight, and they have some terrific songs.

In this particular setting, with a festival crowd, they played a LOT of familiar songs, the kinds of things you’d play for an audience that isn’t your own die-hard fans. Wise choice, and it worked. And trust me, you’d be surprised by how many BTE songs you know. I know I was, the first time I saw them. Plus, their cover of the Stones’ "Miss You" was smokin’. Love these guys. Don’t miss a chance to see them. And actually, if you’re in STL, go check out the Live on the Levee concert series this summer. Lots of cool acts coming up (we may go see both Toad the Wet Sprocket AND Cheap Trick next weekend) and it’s a great setting.

Two, we saw our second new movie of the summer: Superman Returns. As somebody who remembers the first two Superman movies as a little kid (I was born in 1974, they came out in 1978 and 1980), this franchise means a lot to me. And they got it right. Routh was excellent, Spacey was PERFECT, it looked great. They got the story right, with a big, big, big good-evil deal as well as personal storylines. And mostly, they got the tone right — just the right touch of fun and playful, without going over the top and making it one of those dreaded ironic takes on old favorites.

Oh, and also, the race. My guy finished seventh. I really though this was the week, but what a weird race. Maybe at the Brickyard, with me in attendance. OK, that would be COOL. Almost enough to make me not want him to win at Pocono, so we can see the first win in five years. Anyway…

Currently playing on the computer speakers: I have iTunes on Party Shuffle. "Mothers of the Disappeared" by U2 is starting.



Wow, I actually have Better Than Ezra’s first cd, which is pretty good. I didn’t even know they were still around. Too bad I live nowhere near St. Louis…

They play live all over the place, all the time. And like I said, I bet you’d be surprised at how many of the songs you know if you do catch them.


It was good…livin with you ah-how, it was goooood.

As for Cheap Trick…I suggest you go see them. I saw them open for Aerosmith, and they were suprisingly still very good…if you like Cheap Trick. Also, I will be forever jealous if you catch Toad. Glen Phillips is an AMAZING singer, and I’ve always wanted to see Toad live. Enjoy the show if you go.

My theory is that “The Greatest Rock ‘N Roll Band Ever” depends utterly upon the year one was a senior in high school… and is most often the most popular band that year. As a graduate of Mehlville High in 1971, my personal “GOAT” is… Creedence Clearwater Revival!!!

(However, as a long-time radio station employee, I also have great fondness for such oddball singers/groups as Warren Zevon, Ian Dury and the Blockheads, ? and the Mysterians, Shel Silverstein, Nick Lowe, etc. I USED TO look something like the drummer in Cheap Trick… but that was over 25 years ago!)

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