1. I’m back, and will be blogging at a brisker pace again starting tomorrow. Sorry about the delay, but we were without power from the storm last Wednesday night until this afternoon.

2. Our power is back on. Hallelujah!

D. Scott Rolen is very, very, very good and ridiculously fun to watch. That may be the best play I’ve seen him make.

9. Albert Pujols and Chris Carpenter are no slouches either.

V. From the list of things to notice from tonight’s game: Randy Flores. Swing-and-misses on both his fastball and his slider. I’ll have more on this tomorrow.

&. The Falling Rock Tap House in Denver is one of America’s finest beer bars, and Denver is one of America’s finest beer cities.

Currently playing on the iPod: Pearl Jam, Lost Dogs.



Cardinal pitching has been pretty good the last few years, especially Carpenter. But a big part of that is the defense. Replace Jim Edmonds and “holy **** did he just make that play” Scott Rolen with average defenders and I think even Carp’s ERA would be about a half a point higher. They certainly make it fun to watch.

Which Rolen play are you talking about, think I saw two last night?

The throw home was a very good, aggressive, heads-up play. But it’s a play that a few different third basemen might have made.

The play in the fifth was something that virtually nobody makes. Caminiti at his peak, Nettles, guys like that. Maybe the best I’ve seen Rolen make in the years he’s been a Cardinal.


Hooray, indeed.

Hooray air conditioning!

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