Other sports do exist

Just a couple of links about the two other sports that I get all geeky about, besides baseball.

First, I’m with these guys. Out of all the various preseason college football predictions I’ve seen, CFN is closest to what I think. Miami’s being vastly underrated in a lot of places. They’ll have a terrifying defense and a ton of offensive skill. They’re a top-5 team. And USC is my No. 1. Ohio State has a nice team, but I don’t expect them to be as good as some people think. FWIW, I have my Seminoles in the second half of the top-10. But I’m an eternal optimist.

Second, while I can’t stand the tone of this piece, I think Jason Whitlock’s underlying point here is excellent. Open-wheel racing in the U.S. looks like it’s just about to explode (in a good way). If Danica wins some races — and I believe she will win next year — and they keep some of the young talent they have in the IRL (Wheldon, Hornish, Marco Andretti), that’s going to be a series people care about. And then if they can actually merge, look out. I think Whitlock’s right — I think guys like Stewart might find their way over that way. Not immediately, but down the road a few years.


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Matthew- I enjoy your work that you do for the all Cardinals fans. I love your posts but all I care about is trade rumors. What are your thoughts? Who or what type of players do you think they should add. or do you think the birds would be better off keeping their roster intact and rebuilding the pitching staff and adding other impact back next year. Currently on the Ipod–Dylan’s Every grain of Sand

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