Today's update

It’s steamy and muggy at Wrigley, and there’s bad weather in the area. So here’s hoping we get a game in tonight.

In the meantime, here’s the long and short of today’s news:

* It sounds as though Mark Mulder will face hitters on Tuesday. His bullpen yesterday was very encouraging. I’ll flesh this out in much more length in my notes this afternoon, so please do check back then. Mulder will throw one or two more bullpens over this weekend, then is expected to face hitters in a simulated game situation before going out on a rehab assignment.

* Duncan is starting in LF, despite the lefty on the mound for the Cubs. For what it’s worth, Duncan went 2-for-5 with a home run and two strikeouts against Hill in Triple-A last year. TLR said he did not take any experience Duncan might have against Hill into consideration.

* Luna is at 2B and Edmonds is batting sixth, per the normal layout against LHP.


* Lots of Minors news today, so I’ll have a bunch of Minor League tidbits i n my notebook. I won’t touch on them all here, because there are quite a few and none of them are earth-shattering, but if you’re the sort who follows the farm teams, be sure to check that out.

One other thing, apropos of none of this. A reader sent me a link to some photos he took of new Busch Stadium at night, and I think they’re cool stuff. Worth a look.

I’ll bring back Lucky Seven tomorrow.



Hi Matt, someone asked me a question about Albert’s contract of how many years it is. Can you help me out with this question? Thanks…
Brian from Peoria

Signed through 2010, with a club option for 2011. Rolen is signed thruogh 2010.

How you been, man?


Hi Matt, hey I found my answer online so thanks anyway!

Been doing great man, stinking Chiefs changed over to those dang Cubbies so I haven’t been over to watch many games yet. Hey congrats on getting married! Thanks for the answer, yours was a little different than what I had found. Still hot in Chi-town or has it cooled off a little? And how you been doing, still love reading your articles.

hey are you going to Cooperstown this weekend or will you be covering the whole Cub series?

Hey Matt, huge fan of your blog and your work on the Cards site.

Here’s some shameless self-promotion of my own baseball blog, hopefully you don’t mind. If you do and have to delete it, then I’m sorry for the bother.

Currently have some stat analysis comparing Adam Dunn to Mark McGwire(so far in their hitting stats, they are REMARKABLY similar)

I cannot take losing to the Cubs anymore. Why are we losing to a team that is 10 times worse than us?

It’s baseball. Good teams lose to bad teams sometimes. The Devil rays can sweep the Yankees.

Another example — remember ’88 when the Mets absolutely dominated the Dodgers in the regular season (11-1 season series, I think), and then the Dodgers won the NLCS. ANYTHING can happen in 3 or 5 or 7 or even 15 baseball games.

This is the same reason people shouldn’t infer too much meaning from any one playoff series. You have to play a lot of games to know how good a baseball team is.


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