Lucky Seven

Here’s Lucky Seven, back again after a week away. Coming to you from the press box at Wrigley…

1. Who is your favorite Cardinal to watch play ball? Why?

2. Who is your favorite non-Cardinal to watch play? Why?

3. Who is the best leadoff man in the National League? What makes him your choice?

4. If you could bring back one, and only one, of the Cardinals’ free-agent starting pitchers next year, who would it be?

5. What do you expect the Cardinals to do regarding Jim Edmonds next year? Pick up his option? Decline the option and let him walk? Find a way to work out a new deal? What should they do? The option is worth $10 million, but the buyout is a hefty $3 million. So you only save $7 million by just letting him go.

6. What city has the best pizza in America?

7. What’s the NEXT movie you’re dying to see?

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1. Jim Edmonds. I’ve been a fan since when I lived in SoCal in the mid-90’s and got to see Angels games. I’m so glad the Cards picked him up in 2000.

2. Big Papi. Although playing is a stretch…as batting 4-5 times a game probably doesn’t tax him too much. He just seems like a great guy and he’s a heck of a hitter.

3. I know his OBP is rather low, but Soriano is the most interesting to me because of his power. Kinda like Rickey Henderson

4. Mulder, assuming he comes back and pitches well the rest of the season. And I think he will. If not, then I’d go with Soup. He can get on a roll and be very good.

5. I think the team will pick up his option for 1 year. I think they should swing a 2 year deal and get his per season cost down to around 7-9 million.

6. New York.

7. The Kevin Smith ‘Fletch’ movie, if it ever comes about.

Another comment to apologize for the bad grammar in number 1 above. Yikes. You’d think I was drinking during today’s game…

1. Albert. When you run short of adjectives, you know you’re watching someone special. Plus, his team first attitude is what the game should be about.

2. Hideki Matsui. Looks like the asian version of Eckstein, at least as far as the hustle is concerned.

3. Either Eckstein, Reyes, or Soriano. Prior to his concussion, Eckstein would get my vote. After? It seems like he is missing a lot of balls in the zone.

4. Depends on Mulder’s recovery. If he comes back like the old Mark Mulder, it’s obvious. If he’s still shaky? Probably Suppan.

5. I expect them to try to work out a new deal, although I could see big Jim hanging up the cleats after this one. Especially if we were to get hot and get a ring. Hope of hopes……….

6. New York

7. The St. Louis Cardinals World Series Championship dvd……………hope of hopes…..

1) Scott Rolen – he’s very old school, as is Albert.

2) Derek jeter – his baseball instincts are as good as anyone who ever played the game.

3) I’d be guessing and that ain’t right.

4) Mulder.

5) Pick it up or ask him to go quietly. If he won’t retire, he needs to finish as a Redbird.

6) Pensacola

7) Pirates Of The Mississippi

You National Leaguers need to come over to an American League city for pizza. Head for the Emerald City in the Pacific Northwest and visit the Northlake Tavern. This is some serious pizza right there near the University of Washington campus.

1. Scott Rolen. I love his hitting, but its his stellar defensive play that does it for me.
2. Jim Thome- he’s a cardinal killer, but a great hitter.

3. It’s a homer choice, but Eckstein. He always gives great effort.

4. Reluctantly Mulder.

5. Pick it up.

6. Chicago

7. Clerks II

1. Albert. He’s a once in a lifetime type player.

2. Joel Zumaya. 102MPH. Nuff said.

3. Right now? Soriano hands down.

4. Jeff Weaver. He’ll be a steal. He’s had some problems with HR and between the ears but his peripherals still are good. Good K rate, low walk rate..Though I don’t care for his attitude with the umpires.

5. Pick it up. Edmond retires a Cardinal.

6. I’m not a big pizza guy. Call me weird, but I miss Imos.

7. Talledega Nights: The Legend of Ricky Bobby.

1. Albert Pujols easily. He’s the one guy that when he’s up to bat, I stop whatever I’m doing and pay 100% attention to the TV.

2. Vladimir Guerrero. How that guy has hit over .300 in every full season he’s played in the majors is beyond me. He might be the best contact hitter in baseball when you consider he swings at everything and still has never failed to break .300 in a season when he got real playing time.

3. Eckstein or Reyes. Eckstein’s got the high OBP, but Reyes has the speed to steal a base or two and basically make singles and walks into doubles and triples really quick.

4. Mark Mulder. Even though he’s struggled, he’s shown the stuff to be a Cy Young candidate in the past.

5. Try to rework his deal. See if he’ll bite on say a 2 year deal worth 6-7M a year. That’ll give him a few more years and could reach his retirement time, and would save the Cardinals a little more money to look for some of his lost offensive production at one of the corner outfield spots.

6. Chicago. Giordano’s Stuffed Pizza is a pretty amazing thing.

7. Well, I’m lame and never get to the theatre, so for me it’s The Da Vinci Code when it comes out on DVD.

1. albert at the plate, yadi in the field. i like catchers who aren’t afraid to throw.
2. johan santana and francisco liriano are tied. they toy with hitters.

3. jose reyes. if you put him on, it’s essentially a double. but he’s no grady (i know, nl only)

4. suppan. i just get the feeling that the youngsters would learn more from watching suppan pitch than the other three. that would be worth its weight in gold. look at what clemens and maddux did for the young staffs in houston and chicago…well, at least zambrano in chicago.

5. give him the 3 million buyout and sign him to a cheap (3-4 mil) deal. i have no problem paying him 6-7 mil to retire as a cardinal. he’s earned it.

6. new orleans. try it before you knock it. food just tastes better here. i think it’s the booze.

7. world trade center.

1. Yadier Molina. There is nothing more exhilirating then him picking a guy off first.
2. Mark Grudzielanek. Why, oh why did the Cardinals get rid of him?

3. Tough choice between Eckstein and Jose Reyes. But Eckstein wins because of his heart and hustle.

4. I would bring back Jeff Suppan because he has one quality the others don’t: Consistency.

5. New Deal

6. Chicago – Giordono’s Spinach Deep Dish.

7. I’ve seen a lot of the summer blockbusters already but I’m looking forward to seeing My Super Ex-girlfriend.

1. Eckstein with Edmonds a close second–and that’s solely based on David running out a walk. He brings a great spirit to the team.
2. Dontrell Willis.

3. I like how well Dave Roberts has been scoring for my fantasy team.

4. Mulder probably has the most upside. And seeing how a lot of good pitchers have bounced back from extensive DL stints, there’s a lot to look forward to.

5. Do whatever needs to happen to keep him around. As streaky as his bat is, he’s going to be the glue that holds the outfield together.

6. Chitown is the only place that I’ve had an awesome “hometown” pizza, at the little Gino’s. I have heard rave reviews of the Mellow Mushroom in Asheville, NC, though.

7. Point Break tonight at the Moxie, our little indie theater here in SPFD, Mo. And then, after that, Clerks II. And then maybe Supes Returns AGAIN.

1. Carpenter, I’m a pitcher by nature, and I appreciate the discount he gave the team.
2. Mauer, he’s just so incredible. Probably won’t stay at catcher past his age 30ish season to keep his legs in tact, but it’s possible he’s the best ever.

3. Soriano leads leadoff hitters in RC/27, so he’s my pick.

4. Do I have to? Suppan probably, Mulders been declining for 3 years, Marquis has always been inconsistant. Supps just eats innings.

5.Have to watch the rest of the year, but where are we going to find an outfielder in next years free agents that can post a good OBP? We have to pick up the option.

6.Columbia, MO . =]

7. Clerks II

1.Molina..he is always looking to throw someone out somewhere…
2.Good ol’ Grud…Don’t know why we don’t have him…money…

3.Eckstien..I am a st. louis girl i guess..


5.I think they are going to pick up the option…but he is getting old and not producing as much..i don’t really care though

6.only had pizza in missouri…

7.Pirates of the Caribbean

1)Albert Pujols due to his continued five-tool development.
2)Mariano Rivera due to the fact that every hitter knows what’s coming and still can’t beat him.

3)Alfonso Soriano because of his rare combination of speed, OBP, and slugging.

4)If Mulder does not fully recover physically and mentally by the end of this season, then Jeff Suppan.

5)Since there is no one coming up in the farm system and slim pickings in the free agent market next year, work out a deal to keep him for two more years.

6)Rochester, NY to go with their excellent chicken wings.

7)Lady in the Water

1. Scott Rolen. He’s a class act, and plays the game the right way.

2. Brad Penny. His 1st inning in the All Star game was amazing.

3. David Eckstien. He sees alot of pitches, loves to walk, loves even more to get hit, and usually does whatever it takes to get on. (He’s my runner up for question 1)

4. Jason Marquis. Now if only we could get him to pitch more consistantly.

5. Work a new deal. He’s got another year left in him. You’re not going to find a replacement for 7 mil. Besides, no one on the farm.

6. St. Louis – Imos

7. Talladega Nights

1. Ok, let’s skip the obvious (Pujols) and I’ll go with Molina, primarily for his defense. It’s fun when people try to steal, or stray too far off base.
2. Non-Cardinal-Vladimir Guerrero. Love watching him blast a homer on a ball he has no business swinging at, and nailing somebody at the plate from the warning track.

3. Being a leadoff hitter is a lost art, but I’ll say Eckstein-at least he stays up there and makes the pitcher throw 5 plus pitches consistently.

4. Mark Mulder, because he’s the only one that could legitimately be a #1 or #2 starter, which you need for the playoffs.

5. Edmonds-can they renegotiate? I think they would love to have him at a lower price.

6. New York-hot, greasy, and sloppy. Chicago-overrated!

1. Scott Rolen-Plays the game the right way day in and day out. There is no emotion on his face no matter what he does plus he never shows up the opposition.
2. Ichiro-After watching him in St.Louis in 2004, you realize this guy could hit 30 homers a season if he wanted to. He is a smart player, great bat control, speed, plus is an incredible defensive player.

3. Jose Reyes-Learning to put the ball in play which will increase his SB totals.

4. Mark Mulder-Great lefties are hard to come by and his history shows he is great.

5. Keep Edmonds only if we can work out a deal.

6. No city stands out.

7. Cardinal World Championship DVD

1. Jim, Albert, Rollen, Carp, but I wish I could watch Ozzy one more time.
2. Beltran. He is the best player I have seen in a long time. He can do it all. I still remeber what he did in the playoffs.

3. Jose Reyes. No question. The mets would not be the same without him. Soriano is a better hitter, but he should hit third.

4. None that simple. If one had to comeback I would get Marquis so he can pinch hit.

5. Pick it up. He is my favorite position player on the team.

6. St. Louis of course. Every thing is better in

St. Louis.

7. Talledaga Nights

1. Prince Albert, of course. There is a purity to the way he plays that is Musial-like. I haven’t enjoyed watching any player this much since vintage Wizard.
2. Randy Johnson. How on earth does he make throwing a 99-mph heater look so easy? Plus, it’s strangely gratifying to see someone succeed who’s uglier than I am.

3. I had to do some research on this one, and to my surprise, the answer is Ryan Freel of Cincinnati. Leadoff is all about OBP, and his is the best in the league outside Colorado. I don’t think it’ll last, though.

4. Whichever one I could get cheapest. There’s not much to choose among them, and having some budget to play with, so that the holes left by the others can be fixed, matters more than anything else. All else equal, Mulder.

5. Let him go, reluctantly; that’s what I’d do, and what I think the team will do. He’s been great for the team, but he’s going downhill fast.

6. Santa Fe, New Mexico; Upper Crust Pizza. On a city-wide basis, Chicago.

7. One that hasn’t been made yet.

Time for some serious moves. I am disappointed that the birds didn’t make some dramatic moves in midseason, although what they really need wasn’t out there: PITCHING.

Let the free agents go: Suppan and Marquis. With ERA’s over 5, they are liabilities when they take the mound. Mulder? I would sign him, but unleee he improves dramatically, it would be “see ya” next July. Time to say good bye to Edmonds and Isrighausen as well. They are past their prime. Edmonds leads the league in K’s, Isrighausen in blown saves.

Get some quality starting pitching. Get a dependable big bat behind Puholz and Rolen. Get a new closer.

Are you listening Walt?

1. Who is your favorite Cardinal to watch play ball? Why? The obvious choice is Albert, but I’ll go with Chris Carpenter. The guy is an artist on the hill.

2. Who is your favorite non-Cardinal to watch play? Why?

Jim Thome. Majestic shots with that guy.

3. Who is the best leadoff man in the National League? What makes him your choice?

I’d have to say Eckstein. He rarely strikes out, will take a walk, battles during his at-bats and is not afraid to get hit. He makes things happen.

4. If you could bring back one, and only one, of the Cardinals’ free-agent starting pitchers next year, who would it be? Until I see how Mulder heals, I’d probably have to say Marquis. He’s had such an up and down season, but I think he is a perfect 3-4 guy and let’s face it, he knows how to use the bat.

5. What do you expect the Cardinals to do regarding Jim Edmonds next year? Pick up his option? Decline the option and let him walk? Find a way to work out a new deal? What should they do? The option is worth $10 million, but the buyout is a hefty $3 million. So you only save $7 million by just letting him go. I think the Cards will find a way to keep Jimmy so he can retire. Given his age, they should probably bite the bullet and pick up his option.

6. What city has the best pizza in America? Chicago. Hate to say it.

7. What’s the NEXT movie you’re dying to see? Talledega Nights

1. Jim Edmonds…always hustles and gives 100%
2. Barry Bonds…when he sits and doesn’t play…hopefully for good!!

3. Soriano…amazing bat

4. Suppan…Mulder isn’t what he used to be and Marquis never was!

5. Pick up option

6. MO, of course…haven’t been back home in years and really miss Imos!

7. Talledega nights

Another disappointing effort by Weaver last night. Pitching! Pitching! We NEED Pitching!

1. Edmonds. He always amazes me with a great catch. Even if his bat drops off, he is an amazing outfielder.

2. David DeJesus, KC. Being stuck ing KC I get to watch a lot of Royals games. I think he has the potential to be a “special” player in a few more years.

3. I’ll go with everyone else as say Soriano.

4. While Suppan eats innings, he seems to give up a lot of runs. So I will go for Mulder who I think at as best is just an amazing pitcher to watch.

5. You have to keep Jimmy. I think regardless if his bat declines, he is a sparkplug and leader in the clubhouse. He has that intangible that helps a good team be a great team.

6.Duh St. Louis. I gotta have my Imo’s.Thank goodness they have locations in KC.

7. I am eager to see The Dark Knight, the next Batman flim. The last one kicked ****.

On the iPod – nothing I left it at home.

1. Jim Edmonds: Plays hurt and gives it 100% all the time. Plus watching him dance out of the box after an inside pitch can be very entertaining
2. Javy Lopez: Always has been my favorite player and always will be. Extremely underrated throughout his career. Three time All-Star, 03 Silver Slugger, 1996 NLCS MVP, and the single season homerun king among catchers.

3. Carl Crawford: Doesn’t always bat leadoff and may be better suited for 3rd, but he combines a power and amazing speed.

4. Jason Marquis: Maybe the cheapest of the bunch with the exception of Weaver. He’s got the raw tools to be a good pitcher. I’d like Mulder instead, but he really hasn’t been the same pitcher he was in Oakland since he came over.

5. I think they will restructure the contract and stretch it out over two years. However they do it, the Cards need to make sure Jimmy retires a Cardinal and we can put up a flag with the number 15 after he goes into the Hall with a Cardinal hat on.

6. Chicago

7. Rocky Balboa: December 22

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