Pujols out

Albert Pujols has a hyperextended right elbow and is out of today’s game. He’s considered day-to-day and TLR hopes he’ll be able to play on Tuesday. Scott Spiezio is in at first base and Scott Rolen is batting third.

Additional details to follow in my notebook.



Yikes! Well, at least Speezer gets some playing time for a change.

Probably hyperextended it on that crazy swing and miss Thursday. That had to be his worst professional at bat. Hope he’s feeling better. What’s with Wrigley. Not only does the team look terrible there, Pujols has injured himself there twice now.

Sounds bogus IMO.. he’s hitting .179 against the Cubs this year and did nothing the past few games against em really.. then this? outta nowhere? I’m a little skeptical on this one!

I was hoping there’d be a rain out today. The team really needs it. They’re already down 2-0 after 1 inning.

Come on… you really think they’re making it up? If he were getting a day off for a day off, they’d tell us. Easy on the conspiracy theories.


This is a comment from someone who comments on baseball in the comment section of your great blog. Comment, comment, comment. Go Chorizo!



I’m not easily impressed. . . but that’s imerpssing me!🙂


bradleys for sure

I’ve been a Cardinals fan since the days of Bob Gibson and now have the misfortune (from a baseball point of view) of living in Chicago Cubs territory. I couldn’t even watch the games this weekend – it was pure torture. It seemed as though the Cards didn’t believe they could beat the Cubs and the Cubs believed they couldn’t lose to the Cards. It’s all mental. How else to explain a 0-7 record at Wrigley against a team that can’t consistently beat anyone else in either league?

I sure hope Tony can get the team believing in itself before then next Cubs-Cards series. If they need a little more motivation, maybe they could dedicate the effort to all the Cardinals fans up here who now have to endure taunts by obnoxious Cubs fans.

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