Ronnie? yes — UPDATE

UPDATE– This deal is happening. Straight up, Luna for Belliard. Announcements are expected soon.

According to a couple of different reports, a Cardinals-Indians deal is imminent that would send Ronnie Belliard to St. Louis, possibly for Hector Luna. Guillermo Mota might also be involved in a deal if it happens.

I don’t think a deal is DONE as of this time. I was just told by someone in the front office that there is "nothing to report at this time." I do think, however, that the number of different reports, and the people making them, indicate that something is shaking.

I don’t know that Belliard is a huge upgrade. Frankly, I think he’s a pretty similar player to Luna. But we shall see.

I’ll let y’all know what I know.



Please tell me that the Cardinals are working on more trades than that! We need everything: another hitter, another starting pitcher, and another bullpen arm. Maybe the addition of all three positions would enable us to defeat the opponents who have the worst records in baseball (like the Cubs! Then, we can worry about defeating the best teams in the playoffs!

Grief…..Luna??? Why haven’t we given Luna an extended look at 2B?? Why does it seem like TLR has a fetish with Miles and his subpar play? Is Belliard gonna be a better defensive player? Am I the only one that feels like Miles is the biggest piece of dead weight on this team? I mean, i loved the hits off of Lidge, but since then, nothing good, nothing good. Me? I hate to lose a talent like Luna.

^^^Agree completely.
Luna should have been given an extended look. Good to see Walt and Tony learned nothing from the Haren/Mulder disaster.

Yeah, I hate losing a younger, cheaper talent then Belliard. This deal makes no sense. But it does at least mean Miles goes to the bench where he belongs. I just wish TLR would’ve recognized Luna for what he was and gave him more of a look, verse making him just a platoon player. grr..

I agree with everyone…Luna is a good player…but Miles hasn’t shown me much this year and with Beliard coming i guess he won’t get much of a chance..if you ask me Miles should of been traded and Luna should of stayed..but we can’t always get what we want, huh?

I agree Luna’s got value as a bench player, but he seemed to have dreadful lapses as a starter. It seems clear Belliard is an upgrade as a starter, at least in the short term.

I hate losing Luna, tho I’m not exactly sure why.

We watched Belliard grow as a player in Louisville ( AAA ) and will be glad to see him on a regular basis.

It could have been much worse – we could have gotten Soriano and had him say he didn’t want to play 2B … or outfield … or wear red or etc.

If we can get Belliard a haircut and less to eat, we may come out on top of this trade !

If I was Ronnie, and had seen the series against the Cubs, I would be afraid…. VERY afraid. Sometimes the Cards can stink it up so bad (world series vs sox) that they should feel ashamed to be in first place. This trade is going to make no difference. I hope I’m wrong, but this does not show serious effort towards making things better. I see a vision and it looks like this; division series- Mets win in 5 and the biggest number the Cards post is LOB, minimum 9 per game.

I’m sorry if I seem a little sinacle all the time, but this situation is killing me. I threw up on my couch three times this weekend.

Quit your crying.

Manor – you really think our record will be so bad that we end up playing the Mets in the division series?

I like the trade. Not love it, just like it.

I liked Luna but it was obvious that he was not going to get a shot to play everyday. I’m not sure why and I think it was a mistake.

Belliard is an upgrade defensively. Hitting will be an upgrade because we will no longer platoon at 2B.

Finally, I like the trade because it puts Miles on the bench, where he belongs. That is a big upgrade.

As fuego implied, our chances of playing the Mets are unlikely in the NLDS. The Mets are basically the runaway #1 seed(let’s assume that remains the same), so the two scenarios for a matchup with the Mets in the first round would be:

1) The Cardinals somehow lose the division but retain the Wild Card, making them the #4 seed.

2) The Cardinals win the NL Central, but finish as the #3 seed with a worse record than whoever wins the NL West, and the Wild Card comes from the East(only really possibility here is Atlanta, who is 9th in the NL Wild Card right now, 6.5 games back).

I, too, am baffled over why Luna didn’t get a real opportunity to play in St. Louis. Best of luck to him in Cleveland! On a brighter note, Belliard has posted offensive numbers similar to Luna’s while playing in a division with arguably the toughest pitching in the major leagues. Let’s hope he’ll tear up easier pitching and be a spark to the reast of the lineup in these dark times!

One “intangible” about all this that bothers me is that Luna and Pujols are thought to be good friends (which is consistent with what I saw of them in Denver last week). I really think Prince Albert is above letting personal things like that interfere with his fierce drive to win and excel, but still, ANYTHING that risks messing with that guy’s head is something I’d avoid doing unless it was incredibly, overwhelmingly necessary.

This one just doesn’t feel good to me at all.

First, I’ll cry if I want to. Second we’ve barely played 500 ball since the break, and can anyone remember what was going on before the break. Look at the Stro’s last season after the break. Stranger things have happened. Anyway, mark my words. By the way, have any of you heard of a team called the Blues? It’s this hockey team that gets to the front door and knocks every year, but never make it inside. Am I the only one with enough common sense to see through my own rediculous vallour for the team I love to know that this team is not going to the show. To be so close is frustrating. All these recent moves add up to how much money both spent on larger contracts and or freed up by losing players. Add that up and see what we could have gotten straight out no trade or even maybe a little bit smarter trade. What happened to that Jockety magic?

P.S. poor Albert needs help. This guy is going to kill himself dragging this team all by himself.

Ho-hum. Belliard is an upgrade,certainly. However, Cards had to pay the price for poor winter decisions at 2B and resigning him will cost more than team typically has alloted for 2B in recent years. It’s a broken record, but WJ messed up in not re-signing Grudz. I think the REAL BAD decision was adding Sosa. Here’s a guy who couldn’t hold down a starting job, or a middle reliever job, or a set-up job with the pitching starved Braves. Sosa is supposed to be an upgrade to the Cards bullpen? In what way? I don’t see it. All-in-all, I’m dissapointed post trade-deadline. I don’t think Walt enhanced Cards post-season chances to much of a degree at all.

I do not know how Sosa helps the Cards unless he reverts back to his 2005 form. The same thing with Weaver. The Yanks acquired Craig Wilson for a pitcher with a era of 6.I guess the Cards like to collect pitchers with high eras instead of acquiring a hitter. What happens when Bigbie is ready to play? Are they going to send Duncan back down to Triple A to make room for a .200 hitter? Maybe something positive later will happen in regards to future acquisitions. The Cardinals can still get in the World Series and win it, but only if they are in the midst of a very hot streak, and the other teams in the playoffs are slumping- Good Luck!

Apparently Jock thinks that Sosa’s problems are entirely mechanical. So, mybe Duncan can work some magic? Otherwise, lets hope Jock pulls off another August miracle.

Did Tony seriously just skip his entire bench to pinch hit Jason Marquis in the 7th inning?

Yeah rolen2k2, I sat in awe of that move. Good call TLR, let’s just hand out wins to sub-500 teams. I just shake my head and turn it off.

He doesen’t seriously think that Marquis has a better chance to get a hit than Spiezio or a sore-ankled Jrod, does he? Is he feeling okay?

Being as I reside in Ohio now and haven’t lived in St Louis since 1999, I have found myself watching the Indians. Belliard has been a really good second baseman , both offensively and defensively, for the Tribe. I was really excited to see the Cards trade for him. As for Luna, I really don’t think he is ready for a full time job at second, atleast not with a team looking at the post season. He will fit in good with the Tribe being as they are out of the post season. He will get his opportunity to play a lot more and maybe he can develope into a great second baseman.

Spiezio was unavailable, and he didn’t want to use Rodriguez with nobody on base. It wasn’t ideal, but I don’t see it as the move that lost the game, by any stretch.


I get sick and tired of the Yankees every year beefing up their team due in most part to their huge budget. Even though I love the Cardinals, I will get the most pleasure seeing the Yankees not make it to the World Series again.

We can’t beat the Cubs we can’t beat the Phillies maybe it’s time for 7 Nights in August.Better get to writing Tony.


Are we witnessing the end of the Cardinal winning years? Two eight game losing streaks. A pitching staff in shambles. And a trade for Belliard that is questionable at best. With only Carpenter signed for starters, it would seem certain that Marquis and Mulder had better pack their bags. It’s hard to imagine LaRussa and Duncan tolerating Marquis’ pitching for another year and the Cards won’t pay the bucks to keep Mulder who is not worth the bucks to start with. But you never know, we almost threw away $40 plus million on Burnett. With the Reds and others looming in the background, the Birds may well be flying backwards for a few years.

I am a big fan of the Memphis Redbirds as well as the St. Louis Cardinal. I believe that John Webb would be an asset to St. Louis and deserves a chance to prove himself. Webb not only pitches, but is able to hit and has the backing of his teammate. Webb is a team player. He has been striking out a lot of batters. Cardinals should be looking at the Memphis Redbirds individual players instead of paying big bucks in trades. Dennis Tanskley should be a big consideration along with Webb. They belong in St. Louis.

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