Thursday's new Lucky Seven

1. What is the single biggest difference between the 2006 Cardinals on one hand, and the 2004-2005 editions on the other?

2a. How many starts will Mark Mulder make for the Cardinals between now and the end of the year? There are currently 56 games left, and he’s expected to make his first rehab start on Sunday.
2b. What will his ERA be in those games? 5.00 or higher? 4.50-5.00? 4.00-4.50? 3.50-4.00? 3.50 or lower?

3. What’s the best Cardinals blog out there?

4. Out of all the pitchers currently in the organization, which five should be in the starting rotation at this minute? Once Mulder comes back, which of those five would you bump? Any and all opinions go here — if you think John Webb and Dennis Tankersley should both be in the big league rotation, say so. If you think the current five are the best five options, say so.

5. In the American League, five teams are fighting for three playoff spots (unless you include the Blue Jays, then it’s six). Out of the Tigers, White Sox, Twins, Yankees and Red Sox, which three make it, and which two go home?

6. Do you think Floyd Landis cheated? Do you care?

7. What’s the best steak you’ve ever had in your life? Apologies to vegetarians/vegans.

One note — I want to welcome Jordan Bastian, our Blue Jays reporter, to the MLBlogging world. Check him out at Major League Bastian.

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#5. Tigers Yankees Red Sox

1. I don’t have that feeling that the 2006 version is an unstoppable force like I’ve had the previous two years.

2. Seven and lower than 4.50

3. I only read yours and “Party like it’s 1982”, so I shouldn’t comment on what I haven’t read.

4. Carpenter, Suppan, Marquis, Reyes and Anbodybutweaverbecauseheisawful. When Mulder returns, bump that 5th guy.

5. Tigers, Twins, Yankees make it.

6. Don’t know, wouldn’t doubt it, don’t care.

7. Filet Mignon at the “Door Off Broadway” dinner theatre in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin.

– Adam

Contributor to the Brewer Nation

1. The ’04 team was very talented and got by on that and a lack of injuries. The 05 team was good but played really well in the face of adversity as role players stepped up. Luck’s just plain running out for the 06 team, in fact, “Runnin’ on Empty” by Jackson Browne should be playing on your speakers while watching the games this year.

2. 12 starts, ERA ~4.00. a solid pitcher, but nothing spectacular

3. Clearly Cardinals Diaspora has it all, the stats, the wit, the etc. they’ve nailed the post modern zeitgeist afflicting the contemporary baseball fan. Kidding. Really, they all have a unique and valuable perspective to offer.

4. Sadly, the starting five are probably the best we’ve got. I’d dump Weaver and stick Wainwright in there though. Does the team have a pitching machine somewhere they could suit up?

5. Tigers, White Sox, and Yanks make it.

6. Landis who? Who knows.

7. Cello’s NYC [closed now and the chef oped BLT]

-Ryan VB

1. Pitching, Pitching, Pitching. The last two years our starting rotation was like a 7 or 8, not always pitching like aces, but very rarely getting smoked. From top to bottom, you felt like every guy was going to give you a chance to win. Weaver and Ponson make me dream for the days of Matty Mo, and Woody, with Taveres and Eldred in the pen.

2. Seven, and lower than 3.50. Or may God have mercy on the Redbirds………

3. I really like yours, but I love the in-game thread of “Viva el Birdos”. Though lately its been sort of like a wake for a deceased crime lord….

4. Carpenter, Reyes, Suppan, Marquis, and a post-deadline acquisition with an ERA of under 4!!!!! I’d bump Reyes. Since the ChiSox performance, he’s not been untouchable, and you know that if marquis doesn’t get smoked, he’ll pitch pretty good. Since you don’t really have to have the fifth starter for the postseason, I’d love to have Reyes and Wainwright as stoppers in the pen.

5. The Chisox, the Yankees, and the Red Sox. The pitching staffs of the Twins and the Tigers scare me, were we to actually, pull off what now looks like a miracle, and make it to the fall classic.

6. The tour should be cancelled, now that the Sheriff is gone.

7. Smoked ribeyes at a charity event I attended. mmmmm

oops. Thought that # 5 was ” who do you want in the playoffs. I think that the Tigers, yankees and twins make it though.

1. Desire, seemingly.

2a. 7.

2b. Sub 5, but above 4.

3. Cardinals Diaspora. Funny and insightful stuff, usually. Juvenile otherwise, which is good.

4. Now- Carp, Marquis, Suppan, Reyes, Wainwright.

Then- Can you replace Suppan and Marquis?

5. Twins and Red Sox go home.

6. Probably. Yes, although it’s not as bad as if I were to find out tomorrow that Albert was on the juice. That would be worse.

7. My father makes the best steak. No steakhouse comes close.

1. Poor pitching, weaker bench and lack of any leadership in the clubhouse.

2. 7 starts, ERA between 4.50 and 5.00

3. Outside of yours, of course… Viva El Birdos. Larry kicks butt.

4. Remove Weaver, replace him with Wainwright. DFA Weaver…

5. Tigers, Red Sox and Yankees

6. Yes. No.

7. It’s been so long since I’ve had steak, I can’t remember.

1. I would say desire, but I thought that was somewhat lacking in 2004/205 (especially 2005). And I would say confidence but I think it was overconfidence last year that lead to the lack of desire, so maybe confidence is not really lacking. What’s missing is that indefineable quality that leads Pudge Rodriguez to pump his fists after beating out a throw to first in the bottom of the ninth, that drive that leads the struggling Cubs to win 10 of 13 and absolutely dominate in the process. I guess it would be chemistry, fun, and a unified understanding and drive towards a singular goal. The cardinals are too mechanical. They play sound, fundamental, heartless baseball.
2. 9 starts, 3.50 – 4.00. Man I hope they’re right when they say he’s injured and that’s the reason for all the flyballs turned Home Runs.

3. This one. There aren’t a lot of them, there should be more. I’ve often thought of starting one myself.

4. Carpenter, Mulder, Suppan, Reyes, Wainwright

5. Tigers, Yankees, White Sox make it.

6. Yes, I care that he cheated, but I don’t care about the sport.

7. Legal Seafood, steak coupled with lobster = awesome.

1.)Biggest difference is Mark Grudzielanek vs. Miles,Luna,Spiezio,Belliard;
Reggie Sanders compared to LF quad-platoon;Julian Tavarez compared to Braden Looper;Ray King compared to Tyler Johnson; and lack of clubhouse leader like Reggie or Renteria. No clear cut 2 hitter,the list goes on and on

2.)a.)Mulder could get what 8 or 9 ,MAYBE 10 starts if he stays healthy and has no rehab setbacks. He could pick up 5 or 6 wins and if he does we will be in the playoffs.If not I fear for our playoff lives at this point.

b.) ERA below 4.00. Darn right I’m being optimistic.

3.)(Pick up bowling ball to examine), “What the heck is this?”

4.)The guys we have now are the best option, quite unfortunately…mostly cause the minor leaguers need more seasoning. Here’s to a rehabbing Mulder. (Another caucasian Gary)

5.)Tigers,White Sox, and Yankees

6.)Landis cheated. Yes I care because he represents us to the rest of the world(at leat in cycling).He should be stripped of his title and banned for life. No mercy for cheaters…including Bonds.

7.)Mike Shannon’s has one of the best steaks I’ve ever eaten.If not THE best.

1) it’s mostly pitching, as some have commented. but i was remarking to a coworker today that i felt one thing the management has left the team open to is the perception of a lack of effort. in other words, the team has two players now who already give the vibe of non-hustle, which is something cards fans take verrrry seriously. i honestly believe the average fan would rather see bo hart return to man second base than belliard – “at least that hart hustled every play,” i can hear them saying. i think they’d send hart out to right field, too. while i would disagree with their assessment in terms of winning, i FEEL that way sometimes, too. big difference.

2) let me answer this question with a question: what does the color 9 smell like? (in other words, i have absolutely no idea. he completely baffles me.)

3) viva el birdos, in my opinion, picked up where redbird nation’s brian gunn left off. (which means that’s the best one.) however, i actually signed up on just so i could throw some love at pip at fungoes. he doesn’t bring the quantity like VEB, but he’s witty, intelligent, and brings the sabermetric thunder. excellent, excellent blog. (

4) i would like to give this a try, twice, maybe three times through: carpenter, suppan, reyes (but only if he gets to use his 4-seam), wainwright, and . . . and . . . how’s thompson been in AAA? then we’ll talk.

5) the american league doesn’t interest me.

6) yes. no.

7) cc’s city broiler, columbia, mo. unfortunately, it was on my wife’s plate. (i did have an excellent mahi mahi to soothe my pain, and she gave me three bites . . .)

1. Second base..need i say more….
2. 7 or so starts…about a 4.00 era…

3. I really only read this one and when it gets updated Nates Cardinals…

4. Okay…I think Reyes, Carp, Wainwright, Soup, and maybe Thompson…when Mulder gets back…probley bump Thompson..send him back to the pen…

5. Tigers, Twins, and White Soxs…but i fon’t know much about the american league…

6. No clue who that is what so ever…

7. My daddy’s steak is the BEST!!!

Mistake in my previous post..Nates Cardianls is called The Fordham Flash…my bad

1. Secondbase was way more productive.

2. Eight starts, 4.25-ish ERA.

3. Viva El Birdos, hands down, but yours is second.

4. Carp, Reyes, Wainwright, Soup, and give Jorge Sosa a shot. When Mulder gets back, move Sosa to the bullpen.

5. Tigers, Yanks, Red Sox.

6. Yes I think Landis cheated and yes I care, it looks bad for us as a country, IMO.

7. My Dad’s steak is the best I ever had.

1. The starting rotation. The faces haven’t changed a whole lot but the results sure have. Sadly, you could really see it coming last season given the peripherals stats and all we did was sign Sid Ponson.
2. I like what the another poster said. What does the color nine smell like? I have no idea, i just hope he found the magic he had in oakland, but i’d be pretty happy with 05ish performances and i’m scared to death he’s make 7 starts with 5+ ERA. How’s that for an answer?

3. Vivaelbirdos, by far. For some reason, I still try.. ..though it is futile.

4. Carpenter, Reyes (please Tony, quit screwing with the guy!!!!!!!) Wainwright, Supppan and Charlie Brown…as for the 5th, let them arm wrestle for it.

5. White Sox and Yankees go home…at least i hope they do.

6. Who is this Landis you speak of? Kennesaw Mountain Landis?

7. Pops cooks a mean steak…

1. confidence. since mulder went down, to the day, they haven’t had it. that was also the day they found out they couldn’t hang with the world series champs. it was a double blow, and they haven’t recovered.
2. 8-0, 1.34 ERA (you asked)

3. viva el birdos. it’s cool to see all those fans get together to share ideas and views.

4. carp, suppan, marquis, reyes, weaver. weaver goes when mulder comes back. keep wainwright in the pen. he has thrived there, no point in ruining his CONFIDENCE just yet. let him get a full season of relieving under his belt, and go to spring training preparing to be a major league starter from the get go.

5. central – tigers. east – red sox. wild card – twins. it all comes down to pitching, my friend.

6. yes. no. could you ride thousands of miles on a bike in 4 weeks without “help?” i couldn’t.

7. the original ruth’s chris…before it got washed off the map😦

1. They lack the intensity they had at the beginning of the year. When Pujols hit the 3 home runs on Easter, the whole team was fired up. Now its like they don’t even show up for the games.
2. Probably 7 starts, I think he’ll end up with 2 quality starts, but have an era around 4.

3. This is the only one i really read. Great writing though.

4. Carp, Suppan, Reyes, Wainwright. The other guys can take turns giving up 7 or 8 runs a night.

5. Tigers, Yanks, Sox (not sure which color of sox though).

6. Absolutely, but don’t care about cycling at all.

1. Where to begin? Inconsistent starting pitching,the offensive woes of Jimmy Eds,lack of clutch hitting, an outfield with more holes than swiss cheese but ultimately it comes down to a lack of intensity and passion. That clubhouse is about as exciting and intense as an 11th grade math class. Where is the accountability. But also take into note you are comparing this team to two unbelievable 100 win seasons, tough to match, the Cards will rise again.

2. I would be delighted if M&M made 8-9 starts and wouldnt be shocked if he delivers an era under 4.00. We need this guy for the postseason, anybody else notice our extreme deficiency in the talented lefty department.

3.Viva el Birdos is very thorough, although I am new to the game, lots of good thoughts out there.

4.It is what it is for now. Nothing better in the farm and Wainwright has been too strong out of the pen. When Mulder gets back, see ya later Jeff Weaver, we still need to be looking for an impact starter. It would be worth getting rid of some young talent ie. Duncan,Taguchi,Miles,etc. We have a great shot to represent in the World Series, if anybody has noticed the NL is as weak Piazza’s arm. Its either us or the Mets.

5. Tough question, I say Boston and Chicago wrap up their divisions and the wild card goes to the Yankees.

6. I desperately want to believe Landis is just a stud and the French are out to ruin yet another American’s rep. He obviously has a high testerone level, he is an elite athlete, duh. And the test is a ratio test so who knows how to account for the low epitesterone level, I am not a lab rat. This whole thing has cast a large shadow on his otherwise stunning performance regardless of the outcome. We shall see.

7. A blackened hand cut Cajun sirlion, 22 oz variety. Edible fat is the key, juicy,juicy,juicy, good thing this is the last question because now I am hungry.

Keep up the good work Matt and Lets go Cardinals this slump will end soon.

1. A Left Fielder.

2. 6., and I’m gonna wager his Era will be a number that I don’t want to think of. 5.00ish.

3. Gotta go with him=]

4. Carpenter, Reyes, Wainright, Suppan,…… Go with a 4 man rotation.

5. Twins, Yanks, Tigers make it. With Liriano and Santana taking the twinkies to a WS title.

6. Don’t care

7. I assume that means excluding the ones you make yourself right? I’d say this small place I ate at in the country once while driving up chicago. Don’t remember the name though

1. Its been said a few times, but they don’t have any heart and the way that they have played doesn’t give them much reason to. Also, I don’t know if TLR is managing his best anymore.

2a. He will make 8 starts

b. ERA 4? hopefully

3. I check out at lot of them, really like VEB and 26th man, though I don’t check out yours enough (always good stuff). Mine is if anyone wants to check it out (plug)

4. Carp, Reyes, Suppan, Marquis and Weaver for now and hope that Mulder gives what I predicted or better.

5.Tigers, Twins, and Red Sox make it; Ozzie takes his butt home along with Jeter.

6. Don’t know if he did, hope he didn’t, so yeah I care because I hate the French and it just seems like they are trying to prove that we had to cheat to win.

7. Volare’s in Louisville, KY; so tender I barely moved the knife to cut it.

I am a huge cardinals fan from the St. Louis Metro area and I currently reside in Tampa, FL. I am posting this message to see how many fans in St. Louis are currently feeling the same way I am-frustrated. This team is really playing ugly and any chance of the cardinals actually making any noise in the playoffs seems to be impossible.
I personally don’t think we have enough talent to do anything spectacular this year and have decided that the team should look towards the future before we end up in a postion where it takes numerous years to be a contender once again. If we arent going to go out and get the talent to win this year, then why not get something for the veteran players we have now and rebuild as a youthful team. All of our starting pitchers are free agents next year except Carpenter. Do we need these guys? Cant we find other .500 pitchers who can be coached? Also, Edmonds who is a free agent next year is playing mediocre. We may still get something for the guys now and be in a better position next year and thereafter.

1. Consistent pitching.
2. Seven. Sadly, 5.00 or higher.

3. Viva El Birdos, nothing else even close.

4. Carpenter, Suppan, Reyes, Marquis, Weaver. Weaver.

5. Tigers, Yankees, Red Sox.

6. Yes. No.

7. Sam’s Steakhouse on Gravois (in St. Louis).

I don’t have to be at work for a couple hours… so I suppose I should sit down and weigh in on this one…
1)Honestly… I’m pretty sure it’s leadership. People keep screaming for Pujols to step up and be the leader, but he’s still only 26 years old, and even if this is his 6th year in the league, he’s almost carried this team by himself this year, and you can only expect the guy to do so much!

2) I’d guess around 10, with an ERA of (hopefully) around 4.50… but I’m trying not to be overly optimistic, although I do think he’ll be better than he was earlier in the year.

3) I really enjoy reading Viva El Birdos. I’m too chicken to post there just because everyone on there seems to be so knowledgeable about everything! It’s always one of my morning reads.

4) Carp, Suppan, Marquis, Reyes, and how about Sosa? I really can’t stand Weaver, and taking Wainwright out of the pen would leave it vulenerable this year. When Mulder comes back just move Sosa back to the pen. As with Weaver… just lose him altogether!

5) Yankees, Red Sox and Tigers. I really like the Twins, but I don’t think they can make it in the wild card with the two high money teams (NY and Boston) taking each other down to the wire.

6) I hope he didn’t cheat, but I really don’t care either way. If he did, cycling will probably be crippled, especially with all the people that were knocked out before the Tour started because of doping.

7) Any steak that came right off of our grill. Can’t beat it imo!

They used to call it Damon Runyon’s in New York and the steaks sizzled right off the grill. The beer was cold and the sports writers could hang out there ’til four in the morning and beyond, as we did after the Yankees wrapped up the 1996 World Series. But it is no more and the world moves on. I think I shall start The Society for the Preservation of Baseball Writer Landmarks and put the Missouri Bar and Grill at the top of the list in honor of The Commissioner

1. The players aren’t as good.

2. Don’t know about how many starts, but I’m thinking 3.80-4.25 for his ERA.

3. VEB, obviously, the game threads have gotten a little terrible lately but that’s not boros’s problem. I also really like CardNilly, whenever he updates it, and certainly I enjoy writing my own.

4. Carp, Suppan, Reyes, Wainwright, Weaver. I’d honestly consider bumping Suppan once Mulder gets back, I remain convinced that Weaver is a solid starter.

5. Tigers, Twins, Yankees

6. I don’t care enough to have an opinion, honestly. I was glad an American won it, but I was gladder still that I didn’t have to think about cycling any more.

7. A friend of mine makes some great steaks.


Dan, getupbaby

1. Greater vulnerability to injuries, for several reasons. The starring cast is a year older and more dinged up. The supersubs aren’t overperforming like they did. The minor league system, which has stunk like a dead fish ever since Pujols graduated from it and is only now beginning to recover, is one year further removed from supplying replacements. Jocketty’s resources for performing miracles to paper over the injuries is worse. And so on. The team was preternaturally lucky about injuries the last two years; not any more. When the luck runs out, the vulnerability kicks in, and kablooey.
2. Same answer to both, unfortunately: five-plus. He just looks like damaged goods. I hope I’m wrong…

3. No opinion.

4. Carp, Suppan, Reyes, Wainwright, Marquis, with the latter two fighting for a starting job when Mulder returns.

5. Tigers, Twins, Yankees. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s Red Sox instead of Twins — but I would certainly be disgusted.

6. Yes. Not very much.

7. An obscure steakhouse in Gardiner, Montana (at the north entrance to Yellowstone) that probably isn’t there any more.

P.S. to Matthew: Thanks for the followup, apology accepted, I too did not intend to attack, and I don’t really think our views of Freel and Soriano are that different, it’s a matter of how one interprets the Q. But Freel’s OBP *is* higher….

1. They just seem to be grasping for anything–and not just in the pitching. The question marks at left field and second still seem unanswered. I think it’s still too soon to tell if Duncan in left and Belliard at second will be the best solutions.

2a. Ima gonna say 9 starts. And I hope, if he makes a rehab start with SPFD, that it’s during one of the last two homestands here in town.

2b. 4.00-4.50, on the realism over optomism side of things.

3. I don’t read any others regularly.

4. Carp, Reyes, Wainwright, Supp, and Marquis. Send Wainwright back to the pen after Mulder gets back. I know that leaves Weaver out on the stoop. Sorry.

5. ALC – Tigers; ALE – Yanks; ALWC – ChiSox.

6. Yes. I care only because it’s sooo **** irritating. And I’m developing a Landis-Dopes-To-Take-The-Heat-Off-Of-Armstrong conspiracy theory.

7. One of the unlucky veggies here. Although I did work at a meat counter here in town a few summers ago that reputably had the best steaks in town. Cut to size, too!

1. Consistancy. The 06 Cards have been prone to long losing streaks, whereas the 05 team–even when playing poorly–was able to fight off extended losing streaks.

2a. Mulder gets 6-8 starts, 4.50-5.00 era.

4. If the pen could afford it (and it can’t), I’d like to see Wainwright get a shot. Mulder regains his spot and Marquis and Weaver battle for the #5.

5. Boston, Detroit, Chicago make it.

6. Honestly, I don’t think he cheated, but after this spectacle I’m finished with the Tour.

7. Morton’s in Pittsburgh

1) Lack of left-handed power in the lineup. Larry Walker is now gone and Jim Edmonds has declined considerably on the offensive side since 2004.

2) 7-8 starts with an ERA between 3.50 and 4

3) Mine! Ok, probably not, but you gave me an opportunity to plug myself, so I will:

4) Rotation after Mulder returns in my mind: Carpenter, Mulder, Marquis, Suppan, Reyes. Weaver has until Mulder comes back to show that he has what it takes to be a big-league pitcher.

5) The Tigers and Yankees in my mind are the two most likely. The Red Sox seem to have let the Yankees catch up, and now the Red Sox are having the same injury problems the Yankees persevered through. I doubt the Twins will make it, and unless Guillen stops all his pettiness, he might end up dragging the White Sox out. So I’ll put Boston as the Wild Card for now.

6) I didn’t think so before, but the evidence is mounting and I find it hard to believe he was clean.

7) Probably at Disney on my honeymoon last month. I had a Filet Mignon at the Concourse Steakhouse(in the Contemporary Resort where my wife and I stayed), the steak was amazing, and best of all, we had pre-paid meals, so I didn’t have to pull out my cash to pay for it at the end.

1) Bern’s Steakhouse in Tampa
2) Peter Lugar’s in New York

No other steak comes close. Bern’s has its on ranch in Colorado, dry ages the sides of beef for up to 8 weeks on location at 38.5 degrees under special ultraviolet lighting. The steaks are cut from the sides when you order by the cut, up to 15 different thicknesses, cut across the grain or with the grain, and 10 different levels of doneness.

No other steak comes close.

1)This team has too many lapses of memory. They forget how to play. But the playoffs are a different animal. They could get hot and win it all. I never give up.

2) 8 starts era 4.00 – 4.50

3) I only read yours.

4) The current 5. When Mulder comes back, I move Weaver somewhere. Maybe out.

5)Tigers and Yankees and Twins for the wildcard.

6) The sport is corrupt. Either Landis is a crook or the sport is crooked. Either way, cycling is messed up.

7) Morton’s

1) The 2004-2005 didn’t struggle, which I think will make this team better come October. Yeah I’m an optimist, but through adversity teams discover true strength, which is why wild card’s do so well, they have to fight all the way through.

2)8 starts, 3.5-4.00.

3)I enjoy vivaelbirdos, but this one is pretty solid…

4) Carpenter, Suppan, Marquis, Reyes, Weaver.

Upon Big M’s return: Carpenter, Mulder, Suppan, Marquis, Weaver … again, perhaps an unpopular 5th, but when Weaver gets his confidence back, he has nasty nasty stuff… and I loved his comment about the Cards putting faith in him… the guys got the heart that is somewhat lacking of late.

Plus having Reyes and Wainright in the bullpen looks pretty scary to me.

5) Yankees, Tigers, White Sox

6)Of course he cheated. Care about the cheating, not so much about Landis.

7) Andria’s in O’Fallon,IL… perfectly cooked and the best sauce you will ever taste.

1) In 2004-2005 the team seemed to have confidence everyday, whether they were down by 3 or 4 or up by one.

2) 8 starts Era somewhere between 3 and 4.

3) I don’t really have a favorite.

4)The rotation we have now is the best. I agree that Wainwright should not be used as a starter untill the beginning of a year. When Mulder returns if Marquis is still iffy and Weaver continues to preform the way he did last night Marquis is in the pen.

5)Tigers,RedSox, and Twins. ChiSox are 7 games further behind Detroit now than a month ago. Minnesota has gotten hot and I just don’t want to see Yanks in the post-season.

6)I haven’t really heard anything about it but he probably did. I don’t really care personally but do wonder what kind of message these stories send to kids who look up to some of these athletes.

7)Prime Rib at Steak & Ale(I think that was the name) in Springfield, MO on an All you can eat night

the biggest difference this year from the last 2 years is the intensity and the drive to play hard.. ultimately to win.. our hitters strike out so much its not even funny… all whiffs at that.. and except for a select few, our pitchers just straight up throw the ball rather than pitch… so many pitches hit the middle o the plate we should call our staff the ‘meat’ staff.. except for rolen (who is admirably coming back from a devastating injury) every person wearing a cardinal uniform in that dugout, including ALL the coaches have their heads stuck too far up their butts… sorry they asteriked the word i wanted to use… especially La Russa ofcourse… in a season which we desperately need leadership, La Russa keeps playing mind games with his players… outside of eckstein, pujols, and rolen, no one knows for sure if they’re going to play on a given day.. laughable i kno.. La Russa is ALL about the regular season and he seems completely satisfied with just making it to the post season.. which his players are starting to adopt.. when you’re 4 games from winning it all, why go backwards?? its become quite clear the cards have no problem parting ways with their players and we certainly need new blood in the coaching staff… AND REALLY, QUIT GIVING LA RUSSA PROPS FOR THE BIRDS WINNING 100 GAMES THE PAST 2 SEASONS…. like it was hard… the cards were so loaded top to bottom in ’04-’05 less than 100 wins would have been a disappoinment.. besides, the reds and the brewers may be descent this year but were AWFUL the last 2 years and the astros started out 15-30 last year.. so its not like the cards played any teams that were half way descent……..

Only two teams in the NL have struck out fewer times than the Cardinals.


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