Glorious day

It’s one of my favorite days of the year. The first rankings are out!

I’ll of course have my own rankings closer to the start of the season, and then weekly, but a few thoughts…

I understand why OSU is No. 1, with the skill position talent they’re bringing back. But I have a bad feeling about them that I can’t put my finger on. I think they’re a top-5 team, but not the best. Same goes for Texas.

As I’ve said before, SC is my No. 1. Even with a new QB, they’re just loaded all over the field.

ND is, in my opinion, overrated, but that’s sort of like the sun rising in the East.

I’m pleased to see WV not get too much credit for having an easy schedule. In a lot of the previews, they’ve been rated very close to No. 1, and the rationale seems to be that they have a favorable schedule. They’ll score a ton of points, and they could go undefeated, but they’re not one of the 3-4 best teams in the country.

FSU seems just about right. I have them as a bottom-of-the-top-10 team. I was afraid they’d be even lower.

Miami is underrated. They’re scary. Quite possibly a top-5 team.

Some interesting sleepers from 15 down. Clemson might be very good, Penn State should be tough again, and I like Alabama and Texas Tech a lot. Nebraska is one of my deep sleepers this year.

I’m on vacation for a while, not going on the road trip, but I’ll try to do some blogging while I’m gone.



Stick to baseball

With the Birds playing so poorly, I am glad to ahve football starting. Although, thanks to an idiot QBm my Sooners are probably more cooked than the Cardinals…………

Sorry, gwzimm, definitely not going to do that. I write baseball for a living — see This is baseball and other things.

Phil, I’m curious about the Sooners. I don’t think they’re in as deep a hole as people seem to think, but we’ll see I guess.


Georgia is way underrated. As long as we get the QB situation resolved, we’ll be stacked.

Seriously,how many times does M have to say that this is not strictly a baseball blog…
As for football,my Razorbacks have had a very tough past week.First our star running back sustains a compound fracture on his left big toe while defending his brother during a bar fight in Little Rock.Stupid move…

Then our beloved radio broadcaster of 28 years was killed in a car accident on his way back to Little Rock from a charity golf tournament in Fayetteville. Anybody who ever heard Paul Eells’ calls of “Touchdown Arkansas! Oh, my!!” will miss his voice on the radio immensely. Rest In Peace Paul. We all miss you so much.

as a tulane grad, i hate lsu. but i think they are primed for a big season. michigan, too, i think is a bit underrated. what’s your take, matthew?

Looking forward to Iowa’s season. I know it’s a LOOOONNNGG shot, but I think they could upset Ohio State at home.

LSU is usually overlooked (proof positive is the 2003 national championship with Nick Saban, and they will be great this year. 11-2 last season after hurricane Katrina speaks volumnes for the first year under Les Miles. And the blowout of Miami last year in the peach bowl should have gotten them more respect.

I extend my sympathy to shaunforrester,other Arkansas fans, and to Paul’s family re: Paul Eels’ sudden death. He once broadcast Vanderbilt sports in Middle Tennessee and was the on-air sports personality for a local tv station. He was a class act, and we missed him when he left us for Arkansas.

Thank you Linda. I appreciate your kind words.A good friend of mine told me that Paul graduated from Vandy.We were wondering if he had friends and/or family there.He certainly was a class act and he is the only voice I have ever known as voice of the Razorbacks. I recently watched a tape called “Ambush in Austin”, about the 2003 game where we went to Austin and surprised the then 5th ranked Horns. Paul’s voice was on the tape and when I heard “Touchdown Arkansas!! Oh,My!”, I couldn’t help but tear up.I’ll always remember him as THE voice of the Razorbacks.

I saw Shaun Forrester’s comment and I just wanted to say that I agree with him wholey. I am a sportswriter from Arkansas and I did a column on Paul Eell’s legacy he left behind. If anyone is interested in reading it, just email me.

I realize this is off the subject, but 13 pitchers on the roster? The Cardinals send down one of their best bench players(Rodriguez)and call up another pitcher? I hope this is only a short term move. When Bigbie comes off rehab, the Cards have to put him on the active roster. So unless they call up Rodriguez back up and send a couple pitchers down to triple A, they will have replaced a .300 hitter for a .200 hitting outfielder. What are LaRussa and Jockerty smoking?

nice to see a little diversity in your blog matthew.. but SC at #1? i see why you work for MLB.. sorry, cheap shot… id die for your job.. more importantly, whats wrong with the birds?? Unfortunately I dont get to see the cards as much as i would like, as I live in TX for college, but have lived in STL for 10 prior years… never have I been more disappointed… Despite the fact that I believe our birds this year are a significant downgrade from the past couple of years, I don’t understand why they’re struggling so much… i understand the logic of pitching in the bigs and one can be great one year followed by a mediocre year the next… however, why would La Russa and WJ let the best offensive team in the NL for half of the decade to being solely relient on one player now? I understand La Russa is a future HOF manager, but it apparent he wants to be one of the players that show up in the box scores… hence over managing.. I dont understand the concept of benching Jimmy Edmonds against lefties along with Chris Duncan… yea he wants to play the match up game… so what?? play it in the 7th inning.. Jimmy E is by far the best outfielder we have, and there may only be 2 or 3 centerfielders in the game who may be better than Edmonds.. and i think its gone too far when jimmy E himself gets frustrated when being left out of the line up… we pay him to be a superstar and yeah he’s showing some signs of Ray Lankford at the plate this year, but he’s still a threat.. against any **** pitcher out there.. don’t care which hand they throw the **** ball with.. i love taguchi and his fundamentally sound game, but i’d bet anyone with everything i’ve got that every single left handed pitcher in the bigs would much rather face So Taguchi than Jimmy E.. Edmonds is going to face PLENTY of lefty specialists along the way, especially late in games, so why not give him some **** at bats against them to get his groove back.. La Russa puts up a different line-up against Lefties, but we have the most losses in the bigs against Lefties… so why the **** not just put out your best players out there everyday.. and stop all this nonsense.. i know they’re all big leaguers, or ‘pros’ as Tony puts it, but come on, he’s hurting them with their confidence.. its not even cute anymore.. how can we expect Jimmy Edmonds to do anything in the playoffs against the likes of Tom Glavine, Andy Pettite, or even Billy Wagner (whom st.louis will likely face IF they even reach that far) if he doesn’t even get any at bats against some scrub lefties from the brewers or the pirates?? La Russa may be be calling all the shots, but he aint a star… I’m a cardinal fan till I croak, but its no wonder why we have such a hard time retaining players… sorry i just have a extra hard time seeing my birds lose these ridiculous games.. especially living in a area full of cardinal haters… I recommend La Russa go back and watch the Heat-Mavs finals and compare the coaching styles of Pat Reily and Avery Johnson… Pat knows that its the players out there playing……………… sorry for the long post.

JC I never thought I’d say this about anybody in Texas, but I agree with everything you said. And don’t apologize for the long post. I enjoy reading well thought-out comments, and I’m sure M does too. Even if he doesn’t agree.
I can’t stand the way TLR ALWAYS plays the stinkin numbers/match-up game. He relys too much on numbers and match-ups and that’s what kills us in the post season. Just like anyone in baseball will tell you, the playoffs are a whole different animal. And in the playoffs numbers and match-ups don’t mean squat.Like you said JC, if our star players don’t get to see decent left-handed pitching in the regular season, how can they be expected to perform against the really tough lefties in the post season. Same goes for the confidence of our starting pitching. If TLR throws out some crazy, crappy lineup because Zach Duke is on the mound, how good is that lineup defensively and how much does that play on Supp’s mind. He probably feels like he needs to be better that day because the defense is less than our best. So he tries to be too fine and ends up making more mistakes over the middle of the plate. Yes the players are the ones who must perform, but the **** manager has to be smart enough to put out the BEST lineup, not the one with the better match-up numbers. So good point JC, and I’m sorry you are in Texas. Yes, I’m a Longhorn Hater. Sorry. I drank some Haterade this morning.Can’t stand Texas. But you seem really cool and not originally from Texas. So you have one up on all those Cardinal haters…I had a lady come through the drive-thru of the liquor store I work at, and she was telling me she was on her way to see the Astros. I told her I’m sorry and that I’m a Cardinal fan and she sped off.Hahaha! I laughed heartily.

…and our boy Isrighausen blows another one.

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