My lucky seven

Here are my answers for the last Lucky Seven.

1. I’d say it’s the starting rotation. For two years, the rotation was rock-solid, quality starts expected. This year it’s a different animal. I know they’re having trouble scoring runs lately, but to my eye, the biggest difference is starting pitching.

2. I’ll say 8 starts, with an ERA between 4 and 4.50.

3. Viva El Birdos gets my vote, followed by Cardinals Diaspora.  But there are tons of good ones out there. 

4. I’ll go with the current five, bumping Weaver or Marquis (to the bullpen, not off the roster entirely) when Mulder comes back. I expect, however, that Reyes will be optioned for the few days until Sept. 1, then brought back to relieve. I think you can make good cases for several guys, though — Wainwright especially. I’d give Tankersley a start before Sosa.

5. I’ll say it’s the three teams currently in position — Yankees, Tigers, White Sox make it. Red Sox and Twins go home.

6. I’ve thought basically from the first revelation that he did. I don’t particularly care, because I’m of the opinion that LOTS of those guys use various illegal substances.

7. Metropolitan Grill, Seattle. Spectacular steak, perfect service. Runner-up were the old Friday night steak nights in Tallahassee with three great friends.



I agree with all of that, except I think the White Sox don’t make the wild card and the Twins get in at the last minute. Of course, all of that is a toss up anyway.

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In the Cards

By the way, I was wondering how much you make? In fact, I have a lot of questions…if you get this, e-mail me at I’m a 16 year old aspiring sportswriter and I have a ton of questions to ask, and since you’re at the top of the Cardinals writing staff, you’re the most experience and well learned person to ask. Thanks,


I’m surprised nobody mentioned Goold’s “Birdland” blog. His entries are only maybe a couple per week…but very insider stuff….

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