Edmonds update

As always, I’ll have more on this when my notes go up later this evening, but in the meantime, here’s the skinny on Jim Edmonds.

Per Barry Weinberg, the team is calling Edmonds’ condition post-concussion syndrome at this point. However, Jim underwent a fairly extensive series of tests this afternoon, in order to rule out all sorts of other possibilities ranging from some sort of infection to a nutritional issue to who knows what else.

Edmonds said he’s been feeling not-right for close to a week, but that it was much worse on Tuesday and not much better today. He’s considered day-to-day, but I’d have to figure they’ll be pretty cautious with it. They, and we, should know a lot more by the end of the day today or sometime tomorrow, once the remaining tests are evaluated.

In the meantime, Encarnacion is starting in center tonight with Timo Perez in right. Additionally, Bennett is catching in place of Molina and Aaron Miles is starting at second base.



Yikes…how bad is the post concussion syndrom?


In the Cards


Don’t know yet. Honestly, they don’t know for CERTAIN that that’s what it is. It’s all very wait-and-see for the time being.


Alright, thanks. I’m doing a post on my blog about it so I appreciate the update. Some people are saying that it could be “diabetes, hypoglycemia…other serious illnesses”. Whatever it is, let’s hope and pray that it’s something simple. Thanks again, Matthew.
(Check out my blog if you have time)


“In the Cards”



I hope Edmonds is OK. Johnny Estrada missed some time with stomach trouble and it looks like ulcers.

The list of causes on your sidebar suggests that you might find the podcasts on my sidebar interesting.


Life, Baseball & Eric Byrnes


I, too, hope and pray that Jim Edmonds will recover completely. Isn’t post-concussion syndrome exactly what has ended Mike Matheny’s season? Also, we all know that since David Eckstein was hit and suffered a concussion, his on-base percentage hasn’t been up to his usual numbers. I want to see good baseball, but I don’t want to see players injured so severely that their lives and careers are threatened. Please keep us posted on all three men’s progress.

I too hope Edmonds is O.K. But last night’s lineup of 4 .200 hitters and the pitcher’s spot is one that won’t scare anybody. And will someone please, PLEASE, tell Hrabosky to just shut up, already. It’s bad enough to have a boring team without his mindless drivel.

Timo Perez in Right and Encarnacion in Center. Miles at Second….LaRussa obviously isn’t counting on even competing when he throws out a lineup like that. Is he trying to get Arroyo his tenth win???

FWIW, I’d go with Encarnacion in center most of the time until Edmonds is back. That allows you to get another bat in the outfield — not necessarily Perez, I’ll grant, but still.

As for second base, I think that was clearly the right call. Belliard is 0-for-11 against Arroyo; no reason to send him out there against a guy who dominates him.


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