Today's moves — CORRECTION 2

Jose Vizcaino signed and in uniform, wearing No. 35.
Mulder activated from DL.
Eckstein placed on DL.
Timo Perez optioned to Memphis DESIGNATED FOR ASSIGNMENT

Miles is again starting at SS and leading off. It was just announced that Vizcaino will be starting at shortstop and leading off tonight.   

Lineup is otherwise the same except that Wilson is batting fifth and Encarnacion sixth.



Is there hope that someone is going to want Timo and that maybe we’ll be able to get something in return?

I suspect that’s pretty unlikely.


What happens with our Cards?
Is this the new look, a team

who pick a released players? WJ made two moves in Spring, 2 second base player, later We lost a very good player-Hector Luna- for another second baseman..! That make sense? Right now, we have a team for the postseason, really.. NO! I a very sad Card fan!

This team is more and more resembling a fantasy team that’s in last place in its league….

I have never written anything before- the Mulder start was as closed to throwing a game as I have ever seen..and potentially ruining a career..the announcers on tv noticed right away a catch in his delivery…We would all like to see a healthy Mulder ..but they rushed him back….then didnt admit their mistake..and left him in..which killed them.. There has been a number of arguable moves..but usually there has been a good reason or a debatable defense…leaving in Mulder with a noticeable defect in his delivery was not one of those times..

What in the world….Mulder looked like he was struggling from the beginning and they leave him out there until he gives up 9 runs???? Can’t wait to hear how we need to score more runs, or the missed opportunities, or how they battled and all the other horse *&%$#@ that TLR will come up with for this one. Uh….8 runs and get beat again. Laughable. Bring in some more position players Walt…pitching I guess is secondary. This is a car crash happening before all of our eyes!!!! At least Izzy didn’t come in to give up a 2-run digger for another blown save. At least that’s a positive, right Tony??

Seriously, what has happened to management? I saw the hitch in Mulder’s delivery in a photo from his rehab starts. He still isn’t fully extending his left arm as he pitches. It’s so easy to see. It looks like he’s wrapping his wrist around the ball. It’s more wrapped on off-speed pitches and a little less on “fast”balls. Shut him down for the year and bring Reyes back!!! Why did we ever even send him down. Just Dumb!!

Would using Adam Wainwright as a starter really be that bad? If he is going to be in the rotation no matter what next year why not give him a few starts until the postseason starts? Surely he’s ready, he’s a pro that has been in the big leagues all year. Put him on a pitch count even, his performance is bound to be better than anything Mulder can do right now and he’d probably be alot more consistent than Jason Marquis or Jeff Weaver. On a positive note, the Cardinals offense looks great even without Eckstein, who hadn’t been hitting great anyway. Looks like the Cards might have to slug the **** out of the ball to make the playoffs and hope the pitchers only give up 5 to 7 runs.

Why can’t Miles stay in the lineup. Everwhere TLR has moved him, he keeps getting bumped. Last night it was an over the hill .200 hitter. Miles derserves an opportunity to be an everyday player.

Last night’s game was painful to watch as Mulder struggled froM the first pitch. We know he was trying, and we know he has heart, but he just isn’t ready to pitch yet. It was cruel and unusual punishment to put him in to pitch his first game in almost two months against the Mets in NYC and then equally cruel and unusual punishment to leave him in the game after the first inning’s four-run barrage. It would have been merciful to remove him with a pat on the back and words to the effect: “We know you are trying, but you’re just not ready yet. You’ll pitch another day.” How could TLR do this to Mulder, the team, and the fans? TLR has a history of allowing starters to remain in the game when they obviously don’t have their “stuff” on a given day. If we need starting pitchers, get them. If we need middle relief pitchers, get them, and if we need a new closer, get one. Don’t let this team fade out of the play-offs just because they can’t always score 10+ runs in every game to overcome shaky pitching–PLEASE!

I am still not finished with Izzy. I just read on the Cardinals website where he is “searching” for his cutter. Well I know where he can go to look for it. MEMPHIS!!!

My only hope is the Cardinals end the season on a very hot streak, continue the hot streak through the playoffs and win the World Series. It would be joyfully ironic if the Cardinals win the World Series with a 86-76 season record, and lost the Series in 2004 with a 107-55 record.

Why don’t the cardinals get a good starting pitcher? They could realy use one, someone like David Wells or Dontrell Willis. I would realy love to see them get Johan Santana

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