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We’re going to get a game in after all.



Matthew, just wondering—I have a couple of questions I was hoping to ask you about sports writing, your job, and such. If you think you’ll have time to do this sometime, please let me know.

Thanks a ton,


In the Cards

Thanks M….Can’t wait to see how two “stellar” pitchers are going to do given the run-scoring that has taken place the last two games. Dave Williams w/6.90 ERA and JM w/5.7. Hopefully we can get a lead that does not require Izzy to take off his rain coat!!

Wow who would have thought the cards would be just hanging on. Loose not So good Taguchi and the so called closer, nine blown saves. So enters the game and why, his defense, if that is the case he sure is not showing any talent in that area. Yes the pitching staff needs some work aswell. So isn’t worth a quality player but he isn’t doing the cards any good either.

This is in response to the previous post….

Finally someone else who has noticed that So Taguchi is not worth his weight with the Cards. I frankly don’t care what they are paying him, that fact is he is no good in the field( which he demonstrated again tonight), he doesn’t hussle, his arm is weak and inaccurate, and he certainly can’t hit. I f you were to compare his stats with Duncan’s, you would see that Chris blows SO-SO out of the water in every aspect of the game… I say GET RID OF TAGUCHI, PLEASE, for the sake of Cards fan’s sanity….

Get rid of So.

And so it goes…..our star pitcher, who leads the league in HR allowed, is true to form.

Next year he can sign on as a BP pitcher somewhere.

Is there *anybody* on this team Cardinal Nation likes? Or are you all waiting for the Great Cardinals Fire Sale of Aught Six?

Maybe (much to matthew’s chagrin) we need to vote on each player: keep him or trade him/let him go?

Honestly, there are plenty of players to like on this team: the obvious ones – Pujols, Edmonds, Rolen, Carp – but there are others – Eckstein plays hard and (despite the past month) contributes in the field and at the plate. I think the Belliard addition is a great one; he may not fit the image of a dazzling 2nd base, or of a clean-cut Cardinal, but he’s got good range and a satisfactory bat for a middle infielder. With his addition, Miles seems to be playing well, too, perhaps fighting again for a position (it helped him in spring training, didn’t it?). And who can fault Mulder for his season? Look at his first few starts; his was shaping up to be a fine year. Who else?

So, Matthew, which of the players that the consesus likes do you think will be back next year?

There are plenty of players on this team that we all like.
As was said before, the obvious ones like Pujols,Rolen, Edmonds,Carp,

Eckstein,Duncan,Reyes when management finally pulls their heads from their sphincters and lets him throw HIS pitches AND in the MLB not Memphis…Suppan,Wainwright,

Spiezio,John Rodriguez,

There are others whom are toeing the line…I have said many times before, not on this blog though, that I believe part of the problem with our rotation is the inexperience of Yadier Molina.

I’m sure there will be plenty who disagree, but I have always felt that the Cards should have found a way to hold on to Mike Matheny for two more seasons. Molina needed it. Still does.Yes, he is stellar defensively, but he lacks Major League experience at calling games.

I’m talking long-term experience. The kind that teaches a catcher how to handle a struggling pitching staff. I believe this is the root of the problems with our pitching staff. Now, let the discussion begin. Who all thinks I’m out of my mind?

As to the poster’s comment about, “Is there anybody on the team that Cardinal Nation likes?…” I can just say this. For all the years Stan Musial languished on sub-par teams, I felt badly for him. I feel the same for Puholz.

The problem is with underperforming athletes; athletes that have done well in the past. The REAL problem is leadership; LaRussa is not providing it, neither is Duncan. They stand in the dugout, stoic and unemotional while the team goes steadily downhill.

Leadership is something that can compensate for less than perfect performances. We need someone in charge who can get results. We also need management that isn’t afraid to spend a buck effectively. Even the Cubs have a higher payroll than the Cardinals. Think about it.

I’m somewhat in agreement with what your saying, but I think its hard to judge. How can you tell if he’s calling for too much off the plate pitches, or if the hurlers are simply missing thier spots. One thing can be certain. With the exception of Carp, all of our pitchers are constantly behind in every count. Its no wonder every team is taking BP on our staff. Every count I see is 3-1.

I also think Reyes should be up with the big league squad. We might as well let him pitch. Its obvious we plan on using him as a staple in the rotation next year. He doesn’t need practice in Memphis anymore. He needs experience facing real hitters, in a real **cough, cough** playoff race. Waitright ditto (monitor his pitch count. No reason not to, in case mgmt. didn’t pick up on it, the playoffs aren’t considered a successful season. Win or lose its beneficial for them. Thoughts?? Anyone know why Wainright isn’t allowed to start…kid is sick.

And finally, LET C. DUNK PLAY!!

To pick a few of these:
* I don’t think Molina is the problem with the pitchers, by any means. If he’s a “problem” this year when everyone is underperforming, he must have been the “solution” in 2005, when just about everyone *over*performed, and he’s more experienced this year than last. More likely he’s doing what TLR and/or Duncan tell him to, and this year it isn’t working. It would be interesting to get inside those three heads and get the truth on this one, but don’t hold your breath.

* One thing there’s no getting around, however, is that catcher is an offensive black hole for the team. Molina’s a fantastic defender, but that means less than you’d think in a time when stolen bases are rare, and he’s not hitting at all — but he’s out-hitting Bennett. An upgrade on Bennett is long overdue, with somebody with some offense and a penalty on defense if need be; let ’em platoon depending on whether they’re facing a running team. Ain’t happening, though.

* I don’t have a big problem with Wainwright not having started — yet. Limiting a young pitcher’s workload is sound policy, particularly when he has a history of arm trouble. However, since few of the starters are pitching at even a replacement level, it’s about time to “spend” the innings from Wainwright that were “saved” earlier in the year. I hope Duncan will figure that out, but don’t count on that, either.

* The Belliard trade is being exposed as a boner, not because he’s not a decent player, but because they got him at the expense of something very important: depth. And that’s getting more important as the season goes on, because this team is old and doesn’t recover rapidly from injuries, etc.

* No problem with keeping Taguchi, only with starting him. He’s a good defensive replacement and occasional fill-in, and should be the main guy to spell Edmonds in CF. The Wilson pickup wasn’t a mistake, but it was fixing the wrong problem.

* Question for the masses: How much talent would you be willing to trade right now for an upgrade on either Izzy or starting pitching?

Heard you on ESPN earlier, good stuff.

bebpjohn poses an interesting question, that is, who should be traded and for what?

*Edmunds (salary $10M)

*Isrighausen (salary $8.5 million)

*Marquis (salary $5.5 million)

*Miles (don’t know)

You could cut a lop of salary cap by dealing these guys. We SHOULD have gotten Abreu from the Phillies, and a quality pitcher. I bet Dontrelle Willis could be had if the price was right.

Willis was not available. They called repeatedly. Marlins have no desire to move him.



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