Lucky Seven

Here’s this week’s Lucky Seven…

1. Do you hope or expect that the Cardinals will make the postseason this year? Why?

2. If they do make the postseason, what’s the one thing about the team that most needs to improve in order to have a deep October run? I’m not talking about an external move. I’m talking about one facet of the team, or even one player, that must perform at a higher level.

3. What’s the best aspect of new Busch Stadium? What’s the worst?

4. What’s the best ballpark in the National League?

5. Who should be the No. 1 overall pick in fantasy football this year?

6. Who will play in the college football national championship? Who will win?

7. Who’s the funniest man (or woman) in America today?



1. I hope they don’t make the playoffs. If they do, it will only create the illusion that things really aren’t all that bad. There need to be some serious moves made to improve this team and to this point management has been willing to settle for just making the playoffs. Maybe if they miss the playoffs, management will spend the money, which they have plenty of, to make this a championship team, not just a playoff team.
2. Starting pitching. And Izzy. The team has struggled in all facets of the game at some point. But it doesn’t matter who struggled on a given night, if they get to the ninth with a lead, Izzy has to shut the door. That is his only job and he has been AWFUL at it. It has to kill the moral and chemistry of a team to battle for nine innings and know your “closer” is gonna blow it.

3. Best aspect is the view out of centerfield. The worst is that Izzy pitches there in a Cardinals uniform.

4. Any park where Izzy doesn’t have to come into the game.

5. Larry Johnson

6. Ohio State and USC. Ohio State

7. Dave Chappelle

1. They will make the playoffs. I hope they get past the first round. I am tired of all the, “I hope they don’t make it so everyone sees that the ship is sinking” because that doesn’t work for the Cubs, the Pirates, the Devil Rays or any of the other teams that will miss this and the next ten postseasons.
2. Jeff Suppan. If he is strong, like he has shown he can be, then it gives us a strong 1st game starter, and a decent two or three with Sup. It would be nice to see Rolen start producing like earlier in the year too.

3. The view from homeplate. The worst? Man, people in the lower levels keep moving, throughout the entire frickin game. It annoys me. It disgraces the game, to not even pay attention to Albert Pujols when he is at the plate. How can you miss him at the plate for some nachos?

4. Busch Stadium !

5. Steve Smith. Won the recieving triple crown without any support last year.

6. Ohio State and Florida. (phil shudders with hate as he curses Rhett Bomar for scuttling the Sooners)

7. Dave Duncan, when he says Mulder is “not real close”. lol…..oh wait, you mean he wasn’t being sarcastic????

1. I hope they make the playoffs. While I don’t believe they will get far (probably not out of the NLDS), I do believe they are veteran enough to pull it together for a final push. And even if we fans want to see them fall flat on their collective face so that upper management gets the idea that changes need to be made, who doesn’t want to watch El Hombre take a few more hacks for the season?
2. Is anyone going to say someone other than Izzy?

3. The view out of centerfield (at least, once that fill in that gaping hole); worst is a tie between the huge, ugly, trying-to-be-retro-but-it’s-not-really-retro Hardee’s sign on the upper deck and that dizzying escalator over nothing (it’s only a matter of time before some kid falls 3 levels to his or her death).

4. Wrigley. no contest.

5. Fantasy football? who cares? answer: too many people…

6. see answer for #5.

7. me

1. They will win the N.L. Central, its TLR tradition, but they won’t make it to the world series because management failed to improve the pitching staff last offseason or before the trade deadline.

2. Pitching and Defense. The Cardinals are no where near being the team they were in 2004 and even then got lucky.

3. Every seat feels closer to the field compared to old Busch. The worst aspect is $7 beers.

4. I like the Diamondback’s stadium, the pool is cool and the wall in center field is really high.

5. Peyton Manning, will throw for even more TD’s now that edge is gone.

6. Mizzouri and Illinois. Illinois wins. Hahahaha…probably Ohio State and Nebraska. Ohio State wins

7. Colbert

1) I think they will make the first round of the playoffs. Past that, I don’t see much hope.
2) I agree with everyone else, pitching needs work

3)Haven’t been back to St. Louis to see it yet.

4)Wrigley is a great stadium

5)No interest in football

6)Again, no intrest, so no idea

7) Dave Berry

1. They will make the playoffs by winning the Central. They will do that by playing the way they have (inconsistent) and Cinci playing the way they have (inconsistent).

2. They need a solid #2 starter. Right now its an ace and 4 question marks. We need to aces and 2 question marks at least.

3. Haven’t been. Going to the cubs game this Sat (from Indy). Can’t wait

4. I hear Great American is, well, great.

5. Manning. Fantasy is about numbers, and unfortunatley, that’s all Manning is good for.

6. Ohio State/ UT= Ohio Sate

7. TLR for always leaving battered starters in for 5 runs to many. That’s a joke, even if they “need work”.


The point of the Lucky Seven threads is to have some fun, to talk about a lot of different subjects, and to hear some opinions from y’all. The point is not to take gratuitous shots at the closer or the manager or anyone else. If you don’t have an opinion on one of the questions, that’s fine. But I’d rather not read the snarky digs.

Thanks much.


1. As a life-long Cards fan, of course I hope they make it, the same way I hope they do every year. Because of the over-all defense, I wouldn’t be surpised if they didn’t though.
2. I hate to sound like a broken record, but the pitching needs major help. Home runs will only get them so far.

3. I like just the general open-ess of it. The $7 beer does **** though.

4. Haven’t been to any other stadiums, so I couldn’t say.

5. I don’t do football.

6. Again, I don’t do football.

7. George Lopez kills me.

1. I hope they make it. This has been a painful season and I admit there’s been a part of me that has hoped they fail the way they’ve played. It’s embarrassing. But at the end of the day, of course I’d love to see them make it.
2.Pitching, Pitching, Pitching. Tony says the best players will be on the roster, well why then is Reyes in AAA? Love to see him the 2 starter in October, but I doubt that will happen. If it’s Mulder, we are sunk.

3. Haven’t been there. Love the view of the city. Hate that it’s a giant revenue generating cash-cow that isn’t being translated into payroll increase…interested in seeing what transpires this winter. That’s DeWitt’s big test IMO.

4. I’ve only seen BOB or whatever it’s called. I’d have to say from what i’ve seen on tv SF looks the nicest.

5.I’d love to join a league, haven’t found one yet. I have no idea who I’d take, just know it will be a dominant back.

6. Wouldn’t be shocked to see West Virginia and Texas hook up.

7. Chris Porter from Last Comic Standing would make me almost pee my pants at time. I hope he makes it big time someday. But for now I’m gonna say Steve Carrell. He’s hysterical. Love The Office. I was a huge Will Farrell fan, but it’s been played.

I don’t know who the funniest man or woman in America today because I prefer re-runs of MASH, Barney Miller or Frasier – no I have never seen on episode of Seinfeld or Friends – and why is it that Cheers just doesn’t seem as funny as it did at the time. But I can tell you that the Texas Rangers are on some kind of major Dave Chappelle kick as their pre-game entertainment

1. I hope they don’t, them not making the playoffs means the Astros have a sliver of a better chance of making it..

2. Marquis needs to be a sure fire #2 starter.. a 5.7 ERA isn’t going to cut it in the playoffs..

3. No Idea, never been there..

4. The Juice Box! Of course I’m biased

5. Tomlinson.. or Johnson.. can’t decide. Tomlinson for the trifecta the all around totals and Johnson for the touchdowns!

6. Longhorns and Notre Dame

7. Probably Chris Rock as a stand up.. my favorite comedic actor right now is Owen Wilson.

1. They will win the central becuase they have the best player on the planet and no one else in the Central is any good.
2. There are many things they need to do better but you ask for one. Starting pitching has to step up. It’s all about pitching.

3. I can’t wait to go.

4. Wrigley. You can’t top the old stadiums. I hope it never goes away.

5 & 6. It is still baseballs season. Football does’nt start util late October.

7. Larry the Cable Guy.

1. I expect that they will. I hope that they don’t get far, though. The sooner the Cards are done, the more time I have with my hubby.

3. Four words, baby: Bud Light Press Box. You can see that sign from the air when flying into St. Louis.

5.I’m guessing Reggie Bush will get taken pretty high. I’m not putting my eggs in that basket, though. After all, I have a title to defend…

7.Either Stephen Colbert or John Stewart. I like my funny with a little bit of biting social commentary, thankyouverymuch.

1. Hope, because they are in serious danger of missing the post season owing to a pitching meltdown.
2. The starting pitching must get better. A LOT better. I think everyone gets that, but my prescription for fixing it is maybe different from some: TLR and (particularly) Duncan have to get better at diagnosing just what is wrong with the pitchers and helping them make adjustments. The pitching problems are so across-the-board that they bear more strongly on the coaching than on the players, IMO. The front office needs to take a long, hard look at whether Duncan is still an asset to this team. (Unfortunately, they’ll probably focus on the wrong Duncan…)

3. Haven’t been there yet (hard to get there from 1000 miles away), so no opinion.

4. In terms of setting, view angles, etc., San Francisco has the best park I’ve ever been in, and I’ve been in a lot of ’em. The problem is that San Francisco plays there. Say the Rockies instead; gorgeous views from the park, lots of good seats, and friendly, helpful workers who don’t snub you because you’re wearing a Cardinals hat. And oh yes, the Steroidal Wonder doesn’t play there.

5 and 6. This pertains to some unfortunate means of filling time between baseball seasons, right? Sorry, not interested.

7. Bill Bryson, at least for those of us who’d rather read than watch TV.

1. Magic 8 ball doesn’t know anymore.
2. Suppan has to pitch like he pitches in the playoffs. If Reyes can be lights in thru Sept. I’m more optimistic.

3. It houses the Cardinals. Looks like just another big box baseball stadium when the cliched retro meme.

4. RFK baby!

5. Sean Alexander

6.the University of Wyoming and some other college. UW WINS! Go POKES!

7. President Bush and the joke that just goes on and on with no end in site.

1. yes. yes. 23 3/4 years without a title (and counting).
2. anthony reyes, it’s time to take the diaper off.

3. it’s not gonna need to be re-done every year, like the old one.

4. what’s with these NL-specific questions? i want to say camden, but i guess i have to say PNC.

5. steven jackson will win MVP and Offensive POY. remember that when you pick LJ #1.

6. Michigan 42 Auburn 38 in the best OT format ever created.

7. the guy who threw a rubber snake while i was seeing snakes on a plane.

Hey Matt, would you like to join a VEB Fantasy Football League league?

1. I expect they will make it. They’ll pull it together. They still have heart and as of tonight they have a Duncan, Pujols, Rolen, Edmonds punch.
2. Pitching has to be more consistent. Even our strong hitters can’t be asked to put up 6 or 7 runs to win every game.

3. I like the openess of it – the view of the Arch. Worst – soggy french fries

4. AT&T Park in SF

5. Not really my forte, but I will say Marc Bulger as I’m full of hope.

6. The Irish

7. David Sedaris


1.I think they will make it, they are the best team in a division of up and comers. I just hope they can play good baseball consistently in Oct. ….
2.That’s tough… I don’t like to rip on management, but I think Tony has made some really bad decisions with games on the line this year, and he keeps on going back to the same choices. Just a reminder that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again hoping for a different result….

3.I have only been fortunate enough to go 1 time this year and I LOVE the new stadium and everything about it….

4.Again, I LOVE the new stadium, Camden Yards is probably 2nd….

5.Not sure, probably Peyton Manning, at least that’s who I’d go for….

6.Alabama and Illinois / don’t care who wins if it’s those two playing, of course that’s probably just wishful thinking though….

7.John Kerry and all his ignorant comments…. sorry, couldn’t resist, seriously though,Traci Morgan is hilarious….

1. Postseason- I think they will make it. Carp and Pujols are the main differences between STL and CIN. The race will be close- I see STL winning 87 games and winning the division by three games.
2.Starting rotation must get better. That’s the name of the game.

3. Best aspect- view of the arch. It’s the symbol of the city. Worst- the nonexistent Ballpark Village and the lack of retired numbers- what they did along the LF wall was nice, but it’s still dwarfed by the ads in the outfield- something that should never happen.

4. Best- Pac Bell for the view, Wrigley for the history.

5. LT- Johnson won’t get more than 1,500 yards. Tomlinson and Peyton Manning are the best players in football.

6. West Virginia vs. USC. College football starts soon- YES! September and October has the pennant races and college football- what could be better. I am huge believer in Rich Rodriguez and USC doesn’t have as hard of a schedule nor the holes of Notre Dame, Texas, or Ohio State.

6. Jerry Seinfeld or Jon Stewart.

1) I expect it. Although I’m not sure why because other than the rest of the NL, Reds including being REALLY mediocre this year, there’s no reason why we SHOULD expect this team to make it.

2) Definitely has to be the starting pitching. BEfore yesterday’s game, 4 of the 5 starters had ERAs above 5.

3) The luxury boxes! Only been to one game and I was in one of the outfield boxes. That was truly an awesome baseball experience.

4) Only been to Busch(although I’m stuck in the Chicago area for two years, so my goal is to make it to both US Cell and Wrigley next summer)

7) Steven Colbert

1. Hope. I change my mind from series to series on whether they WILL make it–but no other team seems any better.
2. Somebody besides Carp has to pitch like they have proven they can. Especially Mulder and Marquis–Soup is hot now and needs to stay hot.

3. Best about new Busch: skyline view. Worst: ear-splitting loud [bad] music over PA.

4. Best NL park: haven’t been to enough. Pittsburgh has a great view. Wrigley is over-rated [Fenway is SOOO much better, if you like old]. Minute Maid–no cupholders in $35 seats? In a new park?? Even most minor league parks have them now. I still like Camden Yards best of any MLB park.

5-6. Don’t care about football

7. Funniest? I don’t watch much TV. Marx Brothers still make me laugh.

I think the Cards are a joke this year.

1. They have no starting pitchers except Carp keep that in mind when they want to renew next year.

2. They have no closer and that is true for Izzy.

3.They havn’t got even a good pitching coach when was the last time they brought a rookie up that was a starter or good enough to keep up.

4.Even the manager is getting goofy on us, taking out the player of the week twice for a pinch hitter that struck out both times.

Al form Tennesse say’s Augie wouldnt like this at all bring back WHITEY

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