My lucky seven

A few days later, here are my own calls on last week’s Lucky Seven.

1. I should have phrased this question better, because I think some of you took it as a yes-or-no question. What I mean was, do you EXPECT it? Or do you just HOPE it? And I can honestly say I still don’t EXPECT this team to make the postseason. I think they’re a heavy favorite, but I’m not all the way to expecting it again yet, like I would have said in May or most of June.

2. Like most of you, I say it’s the starting pitching. Somebody has to be a clear-cut choice to start a Game 2; whether it’s Suppan, whether it’s Mulder, whether it’s somebody else, I don’t really care. But there has to be somebody to match up with other team’s second-game starters.

3. The open-air quality will soon be the best, I think. Once the area beyond left-center doesn’t look quite so much like a hole in the ground. The worst aspect, to me, is the parts that still look and feel unfinished.

4. Pac Bell/SBC/AT&T Park in SF is the best place in the NL to watch a game in my opinion. Maybe the best in baseball. The best place to work, however, is Minute Maid Park in Houston. Perfect setup at that place.

5. I think I’d go with Shaun Alexander if I’m lucky enough to pick first in either of my leagues. But really, the best spot is 3rd — you’re guaranteed to get LJ, Tomlinson or Alexander.

6. I’ll say USC beats Miami in the title game. Miami is probably the most underrated team in the country right now, and they have a favorable schedule.

7. Nobody makes me laugh till my sides hurt quite like Patton Oswalt. I was a huge Mitch Hedberg fan, may he rest in peace.



Nice blog and good work on the offical site. But Shaun Alexander with the first pick??? For those of you under a rock Maddon 07 came out this week, and guess who is on the cover. Shaun Alexander. History says stay away.

Off topic of this, but would you be intrested in joining a league with a few VEB members and myself.

Oh man, great call. Totally forgot about the Madden cover.

Thanks much for the invite but I think I have to say no — I’ve got two leagues already this year, and that’s my limit.


Good call on Patton Oswalt. I wasn’t familiar with him, since I never watched King of Queens, but discovered him through the Don and Mike Show. Turns out he’s from the DC area and has been a long time fan of theirs. He’s a very funny guy. That said, no one makes me laugh more than Robin Williams.

I didn’t know Mitch Hedberg passed away last year. I remember seeing him on Comedy Central a lot. He was a very funny guy with a very unique comedic delivery. May he rest in peace with God.

I’m sorry Mathew but I write this comment to you not about this weeks lucky seven, but your comments on should Izzy remain closer. I didn’t write in on your previous post about #44 when he blew the last one, because too many people said more than enough. Outside of what they would do to Jason if they found him at the store. I have a comment and a question. First everyone likes to have their Isringhousen kissed, but sometimes reading the posts on your site makes me feel like I’m listening to the call in section of the Stern show. “Your right Mathew” “your a god Mathew” “everything you have or ever will say is correct Mathew”. Brainless or spineless you pick. (take no offense, please, just like to see an oppinion sometimes with a little debate or show of proof about someones stand). Thus a ? You defend Izzy like he’s dating your sister, so when is it OK to let go of the past and realize when it’s over? Has Izzy been as good as your defense of his quality? Everyone on Jasons defense will be lightning fast in telling you how many saves he had last year. HELLO we won 100+ games two years straight. I think Ray King (last years Ray King) could have put up those numbers had he been TLR’s little puppy. OK cynicle. Really, can you give me a number of two run games (that’s two run games before Jason got the ball) that he closed out, compared to how many games we had a three or more run lead and, post Izzy, won the game but only by two or less runs (also with the bases loded and everyone in the crowd tricked into thinking Jason just thrives on suspense). Can you truely back him up with some real meaningfull numbers? Be aware I’m someone who does not believe that it takes anyone special to get three outs in basically just another inning. Take into thought that fatefull Mets game, one out in the 8th Looper shows command and control and gets two quick outs, so what do we do, PULL HIM OUT! Why, so we can pump ol’ #44s numbers and give him credit where it should not be.And wasn’t. Lastly, I know this is like three questions now, define the job of a closer and parrallel Izzy. Some guys have done great things but when it’s gone it’s up to us as men to stand up, pick up what pride we have left, and move on.

Yes! For my money, Patton Oswald (SP?) is about the funniest motherscratcher on the planet! His standup is brutally funny and razor-sharp. He’s all over if anyone’s interested.

There’s also a really great series called The Comedians of Comedy that Comedy Central did a few months ago. It features Patton, Brian Possein, Maria Bamford and Zach Galfanackas (sp?) on the road during a comedy tour. If you like Patton, then these are your kind of underground/dork comics. Genius.

And of course, the motherload of nerd comic-ery, Mr. Show is available in its entirety on dvd.

War Jason Isringhausen. War Jim Edmunds. War Jason Marquis. War the maw of **** swallowing the aforementioned players into the abyss. R.I.P. Mitch Hedberg. Go Cards!

I just want to say that Manor is on to something. I have said before that i feel like 44’s save numbers are inaccurate in telling what kind of pitcher he is. I do remember LOTS of saves he was credited with in the past few saesons where he came in with a 6-run lead and pitched 2 innings or came in with a 3-run lead and escaped with a one run save. Also many times he’d come in with a 4+ run lead and TURN IT INTO a save situation by walking folks and/or giving up runs…and since we are on the subject let’s talk about how the rules for being credited with a save have changed since the days of Bruce Sutter or Lee Smith or Dennis Eckersly’s hayday even.I don’t know the exact rules changes, but I do know that it has been made easier to get credit for a save. M, can you outline the rule changes for us all?

Miami won’t be in the National Championship game, despite a shameless schedule that includes such stalwarts as Florida A&M, Florida International, Houston, Duke, and Boston. They will lose three.

Just FYI, the save rule has not changed, and you cannot pitch your way into a save situation if there’s not one to start with.

There are only two way you can get a save with a lead of more than three runs — either pitch at least three innings, or come in with the tying run on deck.

As for UM, gwzimm, I’m not sure why you include BC in that list of weaklings on UM’s schedule. BC has been to a bowl game seven straight years, won a bowl game six straight years and is coming off a 9-3 season. That’s a good program and won’t be easy pickings for anybody.


Yo, Manor. I assure you Matthew doesn’t have a sister. If he did, I would know it. Nor would I mind at all if she dated Izzy. You could do worse in the father-in-law thing. And I would certainly expect Matthew to defend anybody she might date.

As to those “wimply, spineless, brainless” genuflectors (sycophants?) who reply to his blog, well, it could be:

A) He is right a good deal of the time.

B) Saying, “You’re right,” as a response to one who is right might be condescending, but it is at least accurate.

C) They like being spineless genuflectors and don’t really care what you think about that.

D) They have all been waiting patiently for you to post the referenced blog so that they might recognize their shameless selves and become spinier, brainier, more challenging bloggers in the future.

Okay you brainless toady blog-posters – you know who you are – tighten up. Get nasty. You know you want to.

***This blog entry was not solicited, viewed nor approved by MLB, the Cardinals or the blog originator.

Everybody, including but not limited to family members whose defense is much appreciated —

PLEASE let’s all keep the tone civil. It’s no fun otherwise.

Thanks much…


I believe you when you say the save rule hasn’t changed. But I must say that your version conflicts with what Al Hrabosky has said on the air.

College football; Boston must be very proud of their 7 point win against the mighty Chippewas of Central Michigan.

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