Mulder to see doctor again

Following tonight’s game, Mark Mulder acknowledged that his arm still isn’t getting to where it needs to, and he will see Dr. George Paletta on Wednesday to see what’s going on.

Here are some of his postgame comments.

(Was there any progress from last start?) "No. There’s still something going on. I’mobviously not right out there. So I was already talking to Paletta. I’m going
to go see him again tomorrow and we’ll go from there."


(Is it the same thing that was bothering you?) "It’s just, I think my first rehab
start in Davenport (Iowa — Class A Quad Cities) I felt pretty
good. And from then on, it’s just kind of slowly getting back to where it was. We’ll
re-evaluate it tomorrow."

(are you uncomfortable on the mound?) "Like I said before, it’s not pain. It’s
just not right. I don’t know how else to describe it until we do some more
stuff tomorrow."

Obviously it’s not good news if Mulder’s shoulder is still having trouble. But the best thing, if there is an issue, is for him to get get it checked out and cleared up. Obviously we’ll have a lot more on the site tomorrow, and I’ll have plenty in my game story tonight.



I’d have to think he’s done. Any word on the pursuit of Wells? Or, for that matter Matt what would your thoughts be about Wells as a Cardinal? Thnx.

Do you think the Cards will sign him for a year at close to league minimum next season if he can work out his shoulder problems?

John Kruk on ESPN made a compelling case about Mulder’s mechanics and how they are not right last night.

Mulder has been shelled twice now since his return. If Kruk can spell out in detail what’s wrong with Kruk, where the **** is Duncan in all this?

It’s not fair to Mulder to send him out like this. Does Duncan do ANYTHING on behalf of the Cardinals? He sure as **** doesn’t do much with the pitchers.

gw-I think it is extremely unfair to blame Duncan for not fixing Mulder’s mechanics. You had to give the guy a shot, before September. When we brought him back, we had a several game lead over the Reds, so his one start didn’t automatically jeopardize that. Mulder’s obviously off physically, but TLR and Dunc needed to let him pitch, just in case he got it together. While I wouldn’t have let him start either game, because of his unimpressive to poor minor league outings, I think the move to start him was defensible. We need left-handed pitching, and we don’t have another real option at this point, so you throw Mulder out there and see what he might do, maybe he will shock us all. Didn’t happen. A failed experiment doesn’t meant that you should never experiment, it just means you should change the ingredients you are experimenting with. The only thing I have a beef with, is sending down Reyes, and not Johnson, or one of the other guys. BTW, is there any word on J-Rod?

I am furious. If Mulder did NOT have the ability to pitch with full extension going into last night’s game…WHY WAS HE PITCHING??? We ship Anthony Reyes back to the minors for having an “off” game even though he pitched a one-hitter against the world champion White Sox BUT Mulder is given the opportunity to pitch, once again, even though he is not back to form. HELLOOOOO…. we are in a pennant race! He shouldn’t have even been on the mound. I blame the Cardinals staff for this one!!!

I have to agree with chierek, in that we are in a pennant race—a CLOSE one. You have to do what gives you the best chanceof winning. Reyes is a better option than Mulder.

Look, I like Mulder, but consider that his rehab starts were not spectacular; Reyes, tho not outstanding, is more likely to succeed.

And, in my previous post, I don’t blame Duncan for not fixing Mulder’s mechanics, I blame him for not being aware that his mechanics are not big league quality. If John Kruk can see it and Duncan can’t, what is the club paying Duncan for? Standing in the dugout like a cardboard cutout?

I disagree with fuegophil: it is exactly Duncan’s job to look for things like Mulder’s problem, and then do something about them, or at least proceed cautiously until they clear up. By all indications, it was clear from Mulder’s minor-league starts that he still had a mechanics problem. This can’t have come as a complete surprise to Duncan.

Yes, it’s easier to notice a problem than to fix it. That’s why Duncan is raking in the bucks while we are sitting on the sidelines: he supposedly has the skills to do the hard stuff, not just the easy stuff. That is true whether the “hard stuff” is repairing the mechanical problem (which may be beyond him in this particular case) or convincing TLR not to pitch Mulder until he’s ready (which definitely was *not* beyond him here). Time for him to start earning his keep.

bebpjohn is right. Duncan’s role has to be more than being LaRussa’s buddy.

Haven’t seen much positive from him.

The biggest problem we have here is an overall malaise with the pitching staff. Mulder is just another two ton bag of weight on our shoulders as another pitcher who can’t produce.

After reading Matt’s last post, I am inclined to agree with him about the rage people feel about Izzy. I, too, am frustrated with Izzy but if Weaver (aka: biggest bum the Cards have ever had) had pitched well against the Mets we wouldn’t have even seen Izzy.

Mulder, Izzy, Weaver, Marquis and most of the bullpen are average to below average. I have to say that I am dissapointed that Jockety did not go after a better arm before July 31st.

Look, all I meant was
1. If Mulder’s problems are physical, Duncan can’t fix them.

2. Since Reyes has not been overwhelming, and has struggled with his pitch count; since Weaver has not been very good; and since Marquis is either decent or awful; and since we don’t have a left-handed starter, I understand why you take a chance on Mulder.

3. I agree that Reyes shouldn’t have been sent down.

4. I wouldn’t have started Mulder; but having said that, I understand why they did. A ship that is barely staying afloat will use anything they have to bail water.

5. Duncan has “fixed” a lot of guys, but this year has been a year of failed projects. Mulder is one of them, and so is Ponson… but I don’t think that means that we throw Dunc under the bus.

That’s all I meant.

Wow. Matt’s blog is beginning to sound like VEB! Such hostilities. Matt, with all this floating around, I have to echo ERIK’s question – is the brain trust looking at Wells? Do you think he would be good for us in the stretch? Or do you think the Cards will be content to wait for the expanded rosters and hope that Reyes and Thompson pick us up? The deadline clock is ticking… Are we gonna make a move?

There is no way around it; Mulder had to be given the opportunity. With his proven success in the past he is owed that much. The staff had to give him a chance to go and compete. It didn’t work so he’ll probably sent back to rehab until he is confident he can win. I don’t think it was stupid at all. His last two losses won’t really matter b/c without him the team is screwed. Face it, this team needs another “go to” guy to have any sort of chance if we make the playoffs. Without Mulder, we don’t really have anyone who can be that guy. Forget Izzy’s woes, he is trouble yea, but without a number two pitcher in the playoffs, we are in real trouble. Hope and pray that Mulder can get it back.

Walt can’t just go make a few calls and rally up a whole arsenal of great arms. They either cost a heck of a lot of money (remember the AJ Burnett sweepstakes last winter, that guy is 6-6 with a 4.5 ERA), or you pay with talent in a trade. The only other option is to develop homegrown products. It’s obvious we have some young talent of our own, but how much of that are you willing to give up having another starting pitcher.

Good point bennygribbz. what would we have to give up to get Wells, and is he worth what we would have to give up?

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