Fall starts tomorrow!

Tomorrow night brings my other favorite sport in the world, college football. In honor of that, a few random things related to the great Saturday game.

First, the first installment of my weekly top-10. This is not a prediction; this is more like a power poll. These are what I believe to be the 10 best teams. To put it another way, if every team played an equally difficult schedule, these are the 10 teams I believe would be my top-10 at the end of the year.

1. USC; I’m less sure now than I was a few weeks back, but I still think this team is just loaded.
2. Texas; still the champs until somebody beats them, and they’re loaded on both sides
3. Ohio State; lot of talent, but I have nagging questions
4. LSU; hard to see any weaknesses with this team; I’d have an easy time seeing them anywhere in the top-5
5. Notre Dame; Awesome offense; not sold on the defense
6. Florida State; reloaded, didn’t rebuild, on defense; great skill position talent on offense
7. Miami; underrate them at your own peril — maybe the country’s best D
8. Auburn; solid, deep, seemingly unspectacular all around, but no fun to play
9. Cal; a trendy pick in places, but they can run, they can defend and they’ll develop a QB
10. Florida; another scary defense; but can they run?

Teams to watch: Clemson (my No. 1 sleeper this year), WVU/Louisville (closer in my eyes to each other than most people think), BC, Nebraska (from the category of, everyone’s saying they’re underrated so they’ll soon be overrated), Alabama

Game of the week: Miami-FSU, obviously. But don’t miss Georgia Tech-ND. Calvin Johnson is awesome; is there any way ND can stop him?

And finally, some of the places on the web I go for my Saturday fix:

Anyway. Let’s tee it up!


What about Arkansas versus USC on Saturday? I got two tickets, it’s going to be a heck of a game. I predict Arkansas wins by a TD…scored by Felix Jones with 25 seconds left on the clock. Haha…I hope the Hogs win though, I pick them and Clemson and the sleepers/dark horses this year.


I’d love to see Arkansas pick up the win, but I really think this SC team is as loaded as ever. Then again, if you’re going to get them, get them early while the QB is getting settled.


Of course, the Hogs have a QB problem as well…Mitch Mustain should start, but they gave the ball to Robert Johnson, who can’t throw the ball over 30 yards…And then with Darren McFadden out, it’s scary, but Felix Jones’s stats last year were ever bit as good for the carries he got. It will be interesting, be sure to check out my blog, I’ll post about the game, and I’ll also have pictures.


Of course, the future is impossible to predict, BUT:
* Miami, while they are a good team, has a pretty soft schedule. Teams should not be able to schedule Div. 1AA teams.

* USC will lose two games, to ND and to Cal.

* Auburn will surprise a lot of people, and may wind up in the BCS Championship game.

* Notre Dame, if they get by Michigan, will not lose a game.

* Winner of FSU/Miami has an easy road thereafter

I will also be at the Arkansas/USC game. Maybe I’ll see you there Brady. Although I wouldn’t know it if I did.I’ll be in the end-zone facing the big jumbo-tron…about 20 rows up. I’ll be in lot 56 before the game tailgating.That’s the parking lot on Razorback Rd. and 6th St. Woooooo Pig Sooie!!!
…I would prefer to see Casey **** at quarterback and Mitch Mustain get a red-shirt. But we’ll see. Casey’s back injury is getting better but he didn’t get enough reps in practice for the coaching staff to feel good about him at QB. I hear Robert Johnson is much improved. Word is ex-NFL QB coach Alex Wood has made a huge impression on him and he has responded. We’ll see Saturday.

Man… so many Arkansas fans on here, I’m probably going to find myself following them this year. Have fun, y’all. Wish I could go too.


Haha yeah. Hey Matthew, I was hoping to get ahold of you…if you get this, can you e-mail me at Sportswriter5@gmail.com? I have a couple of questions I’d like to ask, I need some advice.



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