The Mgr on Mulder

One of my ongoing frustrations over the past couple of weeks was my inability to get a satisfying answer as to why the Cardinals were so convinced that Mark Mulder was ready to pitch, following a pair of not-so-impressive rehabilitation starts.

I asked it directly more than once. The answer I received from TLR the day before Mulder’s first start was: "When he’s working someplace else, you’re speculating. Whyspeculate any more? Just let him pitch. See what he’s got.
The answer I received from the manager after the start in NY was:

"At some point, you can only rehab so much, whether you’re a hitter or a pitcher. Then it just becomes counterproductive. He put in his time. It was time for him to come to the big leagues and start working from here."

That same night, Dave Duncan said the following, which was the most satisfactory response I’d gotten to date:

"You don’t really evaluate the result when you
make the determination. What you do is you talk to the guy and see how he
feels. You look and see is he doing the things that you want him to be doing?
Which was delivery, arm slot, things like that. And he was doing those things.
The people that watched him pitch felt like he was ready to come up and make a

Today, however, TLR gave what I believe was the most complete explanation of the club’s view about that situation yet. You may agree with the reasoning, and you certainly may disagree. My point in presenting it is certainly not to endorse it, nor to take shots at it. I just felt that it was more enlightening as to the thought process than anything else I’ve heard or read.

(Question: What did you see while he was on the mound last night?)
"He didn’t make any progress. I think what he said, he
doesn’t feel pain, which is something we were feeling good about. But it wasn’t

"I could tell his stuff wasn’t special, and neither was
his location. But he’s had some bullpens where he and Dave (Duncan) and Marty (Mason), or the
catchers, have felt good about it. So that’s why it was worth sending him out
there. Because we saw some good things.


"If leading up to this thing, he was having pain and
didn’t show anything in the bullpen that got you excited, then we’d have
stopped the process. But he had been — the pain wasn’t there from what he was
telling us, and he had times where it was exciting. So that’s why he got the

"He’s significant enough, the potential is there that you
don’t want to guess what if. We gave him two shots and he didn’t look good."



I fear for Mulder.There is obviously something wrong, and he nor the doctors can put a finger on it.What if the reason he feels no pain is because there is nerve damage? And he was out there throwing and putting more strain on the shoulder or whatever is causing the lack of full arm extension.I’m sure the team doctors looked into all possibilities, but that doesn’t mean they didn’t miss something.This could be something new that has occured and no doctor has ever seen it before…And on a similar note what is with all of the players who are straining their oblique muscle? I hadn’t heard of that injury before Woddy Williams. Now all of a sudden it seems to be a common injury. Phat Albert,David Eckstein,Gary Bennet…I think Derek Lee has had an oblique strain this year even. Is it just that those types of injuries weren’t reported or is this something doctors have recently discovered as a common injury to athletes?

Ha ha ha ha ha..Woddy…Man I ***** at typing. I had to make fun of myself on that one.

how will the outfeild fair when edmonds comes back wilson, duncon, encarnacion all I think shuold stay but who will start

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