Lucky Seven

1. How would you rate the Cardinals’ handling of Mark Mulder’s comeback? Did they rush him? Should he have made more rehab starts? Should he have been shut down after his first game back in the Majors? Or do you think that they handled it all reasonably?

2. Let’s revisit a question I asked a few weeks ago. From out of all pitchers currently in the organization, who would comprise your five-man rotation from here to the end of the season? Once again, nobody is off-limits. If your rotation would include Wainwright, Reyes, Hancock and Sosa as well as Carpenter, that’s fine.

3. How would you divvy up outfield playing time while Edmonds is out? Duncan-Encarnacion-Wilson every day? Platoon Taguchi and Duncan? Play Spiezio on a semi-regular basis? Don’t forget, John Rodriguez is almost certain to be back soon, so he figures in this discussion as well.

4. The Cardinals could face just about anybody but the Reds or Astros in the Division Series.  Out of the Wild Card challengers and the NL West contenders, what potential opponent scares you most? The likely list includes the Dodgers, Padres, Phillies, Marlins, Giants, D-Backs and maybe the Braves. The Mets are pretty clearly the best team in the league, so let’s leave them out of the discussion.

5. Follow-up. Who’s going to make the playoffs in the NL? Obviously the Mets are going to win the East, but what about the Central champion, West champion, and Wild Card?

6. What teams have the best uniforms in American sports? If there’s one that stands out to you all alone, that’s cool. If you can’t pick between three or four, name them all.

7. What do you get at the concession stand at a baseball game? At a movie?

As the manager says, "fire away."




1. I think they handled it well but maybe should have stopped him after the first start.

3.Encarnacion in center, and rotate time between Duncan, Wilson, Spezio, and Taguchi but with the time more heavily waited to Duncan and Wilson

4.Marlins. They can win it if their rookie staff can hold up in the first round


6.No Idea

7.I’m poor, so not much

#1-He should have never pitched the first game, he should have been shelved out of AAA. I can’t believe there was even a question! Why was Reyes in the minors, again?????
#2-Carp, Reyes, Supp, Weaver,Marquis…top 3 man rotation come playoffs

#3-Duncan in left, Encarn in center, platoon Wilson against LHP/JRod vs RHP in right field

#4-The Dodgers are the most scary; they have something to prove big time against the Cards and their rotation seems the toughest; Maddux owns us.


#6-Tigers,Cards,Yankees,SC Trojans

#7-Budweiser and peanuts 1st- the 6th innings…7th inning Brat w/ Kraut

1. I think it was rushed. I’d have given Mulder a couple more rehabs then brought him up.

2. I’d go Carp, Supp, Marquis, Weaver, Sosa

3. Tough question. I think you need Duncan’s bat, so he’s a starter. Juan plays center until Edmond returns, then he moves to right. Until that happens Wilson plays right, and afterwards, joins Rod, So, and Spiez as late game fillers

4. The Phils will give us problems like they did last series. We rocked the Dodger’s pitching last time, so that doesn’t bother me.

5. Mets, Cards, Dodgers, Padres

6. Cards

7. nothing, to expensive

7. Baseball: Hot dog w/mustard, ketchup, kraut, and relish. Light Beer.

Movies: Popcorn w/”butter” and salt (“butter” because does anyone really think it’s actually butter?). Diet soda (I love irony…). I usually steal some of your candy, too, Dude.

–The Missus.

Mmmmm… Milk Duds.


1. If he needs surgery, why could they not have figured that out months ago. Sounds like the medical staff chocked.
2. Carp, Supp, Weaver, Reye and Marguis in that order.

3. Starters – Duncan, Encarnacion, Wilson and mix in Rodriguez, Taguchi and Spezio based on the opposing pitcher.

4. The Phillies offense primarily Ryan Howard.

5. Mets, Cardinals, Dodgers, Padres.

6. Bird on a bat are pretty cool. I aslo like the Mariners and the Seehawks.

7. Peanuts and popcorn

1-personally, i think they did fine. he put in his rehab starts, felt good, and put in some good bullpen sessions where he & others felt he had something going on. i don’t have a problem with it.

2-carp, sup, weaver, reyes, and marquis

3-juan in center, taguchi vs. LHP and dunc vs RHP in LF, right field by committee [wilson/jrod], spiezio off the bench. i miss jrod, by the way.

4-phillies. they’re hot lately. but then again, so were/are the marlins. the only teams that really don’t bother me are the giants and the padres.

5-E-mets, C-cards, W-dodgers, WC-astros

6-nebraska football. GBR!

7-brat & coke at baseball, sneak in mike & ike’s at movie theatre.

1. Atrociously. Yes, they rushed him. Number of rehab starts was right, but he shouldn’t have made the first one until he was healthy, and if that’s 2007, so be it. And he should have been shut down the instant it was clear that his injury was still impacting his mechanics. I’m seeing Alan Benes all over again here, although fortunately with the option of letting him walk after this year. And yes, that’s a serious slam.
2. Carp, Suppan, Marquis, Reyes are clear. The fifth spot is not. I wish that TLR and Duncan had started breaking Wainwright into the starting role earlier in the year, by giving him some extended long-relief spots to let him experience higher pitch counts. Unfortunately they didn’t, and now I don’t see him as a viable option to start the rest of the year. Probably just let Weaver take it and hope for a late upgrade.

3. Lots of platoons (Duncan/Taguchi, Encarnacion or Wilson/Rodriguez), until (if) the post-season is clinched; then Duncan becomes full-time and the others platoon. He needs to see more LH pitching, but wait to do it until the games are not quite as critical.

4. Not a lot to choose, but probably Arizona just because of the fearsome presence of Brandon Webb. A real ace totally changes the odds in the playoffs. Fortunately, it’s unlikely.

5. Tough one. I now think that we’ll hold on for the NL Central (change of view from this time last week), and LA is best of a mediocre crowd in the West. But I honestly have no idea who’ll get the wild card. Maybe Philly.

6. To me the uniform is interesting only because of the team it clothes. Birds on the Bat, obviously.

7. Varies according to the park — we’re making the Grand Tour of MLB parks, and usually try to get the local specialty, whatever it is. Default is brats for “dinner,” popcorn for munchies. Who has time for movies?

1. I’m of the opinion that, back when he was first diagnosed, they had a sense that he wouldnt pitch again this season. So they brought him back to test the slight odds that he could go for the stretch run. Didnt work, so theyre back to where they probably were when he first went on the dl (read: done for the season).
2. Carp, Supp, Weaver, Reyes, Marquis. Reyes behind Weaver b/c Reyes seems to relish proving himself, and he might have to after a Weaver start.

3. Platoon them all so that each gets a chance to see a variety of pitchers, pitches, and situations in preparation for the postseason.

4. Dodgers.

5. Cards win the central going away. who would have thunk it three months ago? – Dodgers win the West, Padres get the Wild Card.

6. all roller derby teams.

7. who can afford to go to either? pop open a beer at home and watch a game (unless it’s a ubiquitous red sox or yankees game) or get a pint of ben & jerry’s for a movie at home.

The short version:
1. Absolutely disturbing.

2. Carpenter, Suppan, Reyes, Hancock, and Weaver.

3. Enc in CF full time, Duncan in LF 3/4 time, Wilson/J-Rod halfsies in RF. Spiezio can sub in left 1/4 time; Gooch can only sub when necessity dictates.

4. Dodgers

5. West – probably the Dodgers (I want the Rockies), Central – I have to say Cards, and WC – likely the Astros.

6. I’m extremely partial to the Birds on Bat. Simple, but always stylish.

7. Hot dog & a Diet Coke for the game, Raisinets & only Raisinets for a movie.

Long version available at my blog.


1. I think they rushed him, but, given the state of the rotation, I think it was understandable.
2. Carp, Supp, Reyes, Weaver, and Brad Thompson.

3. Duncan in Left, J-Rod in Right, Juan in Center, with PW platooning and backing up. I still think J-Rod has a pre tty good arm.

4. Phillies-They jus t beat our brains out. Or at least it felt that way.

5. Mets, Cards, Dodgers, Marlins.

6. I too, am partial to the Birds, but purely for style, I like the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Sweet unis, but I hate the team. Why can’t they dress like the Bengals?

7. Dog and and coke for the game, Reeses pieces and a Sprite for the movie.

5. Cards and Dodgers in divisions, Astros the usual way but I keep expecting the Phillies to cut loose (Mets’ worst fear).

6. Wolverines because I’ve always loved the iconic helmets, Birds on the Bat, Rangers, IU cream and crimson in hoops, Celts.

7. Brat or dog and beer; dog, medium buttered popcorn and large Diet Coke.

Love the lucky 7 but usually only qualified to tackle a few.🙂


BTW, that was NY Rangers.

1.Doesn’t even matter. He would have been out all year either way.
2.Carpenter, Reyes, Weaver, Marquis, Suppan.

3.Cf-Encarnacion LF-Taguchi & Duncan RF-Wilson & Spiezio/JRod.

4.A)FLA-inexperienced, yet VERY talented. B)PHI-streaking and LOADED on offense.


6.Blackhawks, Redskins, UM football, Raiders, Steelers.

7.Ballgame-Beer, pretzels, nachos.

Movie-only time I ever chew gum.

1. I think they were desperate. We need him to be the pitcher we traded for because Danny Haren looks real good and Mulder does not. They should have looked at those two starts at AA and AAA given him more starts because to give up that many runs at Memphis is cause for concern.
2. Carpenter, Suppan, Reyes, Weaver, and Marquis. Wainwright deserves a shot sometime though.

3. I love Duncan, but he can’t play the field. I saw him last Friday mess up three times. So he can’t start all the time. So Instant Breakfast (Encarnacion), Wilson, and Dunc/J-Rod.


5. Mets, Cards, Dodgers, Reds(but I think Houston might come on).

6.Raiders, Yankees, Cardinals, Notre Dame.

7. Don’t eat ballpark food. Twizzlers, Popcorn only salt, Diet Coke

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