I guess we can close the books on that one

Today’s newsiness, which Conor Nicholl will follow through on in the notebook…

* Anthony Reyes has been recalled and will start Sunday.

* Also called up were John Rodriguez and Brad Thompson.

* Further moves are expected in a few days, likely another pitcher or two or three, an infielder and possibly another outfielder.



“Another pitcher or two or three, an infielder and possibly another outfielder.” Interesting. Any speculations on the candidates?

Personally, I can’t see any reason for another outfielder. A couple of pitchers maybe (is Mark Worrell ready yet?), and I’d love to see John Nelson get a chance to show that he’s as useful as Vizcaino (which isn’t difficult, to be sure…), but with J-Rod back, there strike me as plenty of outfielders for resting the regulars.

I’m guessing Brendan Ryan and Schumaker for the position players. Pitchers, I’d figure Falkenborg and Kinney, possibly Matt Perisho.

Worrell’s gotten absolutely lit up lately — 13 runs in his last eight appearances. It won’t be him.


Hey M,
Would you like to join a fantasy football league full of VEB members?

Would love to, man, but no can do. Already got two, and that’s my limit. Thanks a ton for the invite; it would be fun.


Matt-Do you know how healthy J-Rod has been? Last I heard, he had hurt his quadricep in Memphis…

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