My lucky seven

Here are my calls for this week’s Lucky Seven questions.

1. I think he should have had more rehab starts, until he showed that he was sorted out. I certainly understand the desire to get him back and find out what he can do, but it never seemed that he was right.

2. Carpenter, Suppan, Reyes, Marquis, Weaver — the current five, but I’d be looking for a chance to get Wainwright a start or two in September, so that you have the option.

3. I’d go four guys for three spots — Duncan, Encarnacion, Wilson and Rodriguez. Most of the time, I’d go Duncan in LF, Encarnacion in CF and Wilson in RF, but I’d look for good matchups for Rodriguez. He’s an offensive asset.

4. There does seem to be something about the matchup with the Phils that doesn’t work well for these guys. Dangerous offense, improved rotation.

5. Cards are up five and the Dodgers are up four, so I’ll go with all three division leaders to hold on. I think I like the Padres to win the Wild Card, but you can throw them all in a hat.

6. I have a lot of favorites — Yankee pinstripes and the Tigers home uniform are my favorites in baseball. The Raiders’ home unis, the black jerseys, are superb. The Canadiens’ tricolor. USC’s home and road football. Notre Dame’s green alternate football. If I had to pick one, I think I go with the Raiders’ black-and-silver, though.

7. Ballpark: Polish sausage and non-gourmet beer. Preferably Bud. Movies: Milk Duds or Twizzlers and Diet Coke (yes, I know).



Matthew, do you think that Wainwright could start at this point of the year without undue risk? He hasn’t been exposed to high pitch counts the way he has been used this year, and I would be somewhat nervous about suddenly upping his pitch count on the spur of the moment. Isn’t that a recipe for arm trouble?

I’d agree that it would be nice to have the option, though. Letting Adam get some longer, if less frequent, relief outings in the second half of the season strikes me as a prudent step to prepare for that. Instead, he never went past 2 innings in August and was run out there about one day in three, as usual. One of a large number of criticisms that I have for Dave Duncan this year is that this relatively simple precautionary step seems to have eluded him. He really hasn’t done a very good job this time around, IMO.

if issi does as bad as he usually doesthen i say get rid of him ,make wainwright or sosa the closer ,and make the other one a starter. if walt jockety doesn’t make a move…time for a new GM and closer!

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