New arrivals

As I wrote yesterday, John Nelson and Josh Kinney are here. Additionally, Chris Narveson was called up — something that I would have found extremely surprising six weeks ago, but that became much likelier as the season went on. Schumaker should arrive within a couple of days. Not sure how they’ll use these guys, but it’s great for them to get the experience.

Not a lot interesting in the lineup — Taguchi leading off and in Center, but aside from that it’s mostly the same old, same old.



i had a feeling narvy would get called up. he has alot of potential if he can stay healthy. The Sup man’s been hot lately! if the cardinales can get the Eck man back and have Carp and Sup pitching like this then the cards can take out the mets

i know who kinney is but who the heck is nelson and narveson!!

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