Obviously, I'm not a football analyst

That much will be proven true in the following paragraphs. I am, however, a rabid college football fan, and so here are a few thoughts on last night’s contest, and other events from the weekend in CFB.

Throughout the lead-in to this game, my greatest fear as a Florida State fan was UM tight end Greg Olsen. UM tight ends have made a habit of killing FSU over the years, thanks to a cover-2/aggressive pass rush scheme that leaves openings for them. FSU made a point of covering Olsen heavily this time around, and Kyle Wright and the WRs were unable to exploit the openings elsewhere. Major point in this game.

One of my best friends from college — the person who knows more about football than just about anyone I’ve ever met — has a belief about how games turn out. Actually, he has a lot of them, but one in particular stands out regarding this game. I actually call it the Wamsley Principle — the team that takes physical control of a game in the second half of the third quarter tends to win. There’s an initial rush early in the third, but the team that starts dominating the line of scrimmage and dictating play AFTER that is the team that will win. FSU was absolutely that team last night. Even before they had taken the lead, they were in control of the game.

Drew Weatherford’s game reminded me of Roethlisberger in the Super Bowl — and yes, I do intend that as a compliment. He never made the major mistake (OK, the pick was really bad, but it was only one), and when he had chances to make plays, he made them. Nice scramble to avoid a 3rd-and-very-long, couple of big passes, he looked like a winner.

FSU stubbornly stuck to "establish the run" a little too long. But not a lot too long. So I guess that’s a small victory.

Elsewhere in college football…

I’m feeling pretty good about USC as No. 1. … Not feeling so good about having been on the Cal bandwagon. Ouch. … Mitch Mustain is really exciting, but the boos from the Arkansas fans for Johnson were uncalled for. … Under-the-radar good game of the day, for me, was BYU-Arizona. Love the late night TBS game.

And now, to close this out, this week’s top-10.

1. USC. Not many teams had quality wins this weekend, but they had one.
2. Texas. I think they beat OSU on Saturday.
3. Ohio State. Northern Illinois is a pretty tough opponent.
4. Notre Dame. I give them credit for beating GT on the road, even if it was ugly.
5. FSU. Put aside the rivalry — it’s tough for anybody to beat UM in the Orange Bowl
6. LSU. Don’t know any more about them than a week ago.
7. Auburn. Conference road game is a good opening win, even against one of the worst teams in the SEC.
8. Florida. Took care of business.
9. Tenneseee. Best win of the weekend.
10. WVU. Overrated most places, but a good team.

Teams to watch: Oregon, Clemson, Georgia, Iowa.
Game of the week: Texas-Ohio State, of course. But Clemson-BC is a very intriguing matchup, as is ND-Penn State.

I promise my next post will be baseball.



Two things…I was at the Ark-USC game…I agree. I did not boo Robert Johnson as he left the game for Mitch Mustain. I found that extremely rude, and if you put yourself in Johnson’s shoes, imagine how you would feel. I think Mustain should have started the game to begin with, but Johnson did work his tail off out there.

Another thing, USC’s win was not a “quality” win. Arkansas handed it to them with 5 careless turnovers. The fumbles and interceptions were totally unlike Arkansas, it was just a matter of being too excited. USC scored 31 points of turnovers, and they won by 36 points. That means, without those extra possessions, the score would have hypothetically been 19-14, and if Mustain had started, who knows what the Hogs could have done. One thing is for sure—in the first half, Arkansas gave USC a TOUGH time…As for the rest of your top ten, I agree…except for Texas. OSU will TEAR UP Texas on Saturday because of the intangibles of an experienced QB. FSU isn’t going to go anywhere unless their offense improves, also. The legit number one is Ohio State with USC right behind them and then Texas at number three…gotta remember that Colt McCoy is just a freshman..


In the Cards


I,too,was at the USC-Arkansas game. I did not boo Robert Johnson, but if fans want to boo him it’s their perogative.
And unless you know about Arkansas football, you wouldn’t understand why he was getting it.And it’s not like the entire stadium was booing him. He has plenty of supporters. There was a huge sign outside the stadium that read “Robert Johnson for Heisman”. Of course that was unrealistic to begin with, but you get the idea. Plenty of people were behind him…including myslef. I lost my voice yelling,”Let’s go R J.” and “Come on R J show ’em what you’re all about.” To say the boos were uncalled for,though, is an uninformed statement. Sorry M. You have to understand that Robert Johnson has been given oppurtunity after oppurtunity to establish himself as the Hogs #1 QB.He has always outshined other QB’s in practice, but when he gets in the game he gets too nervous and just makes bad throws and bad decisions.Saturday against USC is the BEST I have ever seen him play in a game. And he still threw several balls behind and over recievers. Arkansas fans know how many chances he has had and they are just sick of seeing him get new oppurtunities and throw them out the window (or over reciever’s heads).I can remember seeing him last year hit Marcus Monk in the back with a pass.Now, granted the results Saturday were not all Robert’s fault (he had recievers dropping very catchable passes and Felix Jones fumbled 3 times, losing two),he is still expected to be the leader on the field. He didn’t show any real leadership for a guy who is a 4th year Junior. Now Robert has been asked to move to wide reciever, and I saw him today during his first day of practice as a wideout.He seemed happy. He was smiling a lot and looked like he was not at all upset about the move. I really think the only reason Mitch Mustain didn’t start is because 1.)Casey **** was unavailable due to injury and not getting enough reps in practice after his recovery, and 2.)Houston Nutt didn’t want to throw him right into the frying pan and risk him losing confidence in himself. Accoring to Houston Nutt,though, he wanted to put Mitch in the game sooner but deferred the decision to his new O-coordinator and Mustain’s old High School coach Gus Malzahn, and Malzahn said to wait…for whatever reason. So anyway,Mitch is the number one guy starting next week and Casey **** is the backup.

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