Wednesday tidbits

A few updates from the park today…

* Scott Rolen is receiving a routine and scheduled day off. He’ll be back in the lineup tomorrow and the plan is for him to play every day at least until the off day a week from tomorrow.

* Juan Encarnacion is back in the lineup after missing two days with a muscle strain in the hip/glute area. He’s batting cleanup.

* Preston Wilson again gets the leadoff job against a LHP, playing in LF. Taguchi is in CF and batting second, and Encarnacion is in right. Spiezio has third base.



Enough is enough. Last night Isringhausen walked the batter in front of Soriano and lucked out to get the save. Today he walks two, hits one, and then gives up the game winning hit wasting a great clutch HR by Wilson. It’s time to sit Isringhausen down and let someone else try. They can’t do any worse!

Hey Matt:

You thought you had a lot of emails wanting Izzy’s head before……just you wait. You battle all day long, take the lead in the 9th and hand the ball to the FIRESTARTER to get 3 outs. Well, WASH only needed one hit as Izzy provided the walks again. If Izzy is in a Cards uniform next year it is worse of many decisions from Walt.

Do you still think Izzy has been a very good closer this year Matthew. If you think this guys is still a good closer than you don’t know as much about baseball as I thought.

I agree with the previous blogger! Izzy almost blew the game last night and now he actually did blow yet ANOTHER save today!! How much more of Izzy do we have to tolerate? Houston (which has inferior management and players) benched closer Brad Lidge for a while when he failed to produce. TLR needs to forget this “soft spot” he apparently has for Izzy. Bench Izzy! We don’t have time to coddle his ego. We need to be winning games now. We need to win the division and get home field advantage. In football, if a player continually misses potentially game-winning extra points and/or field goals, someone else would be tapped to replace him! The principle here is that the closer is supposed to perform under pressure. Izzy is washed up–at least this year. Let him go home and rest until he returns to try out in February at Spring Training!

I would like to explain myself in more detail, but I am too upset to do that right now. Tony Larussa has become incompetent,he will not let reality set in

I have been screaming this since about mid-year last year. Even when Izzy was earning saves, he was allowing two runners on each inning he pitched. Since this season began, I keep hoping we don not put Izzy in, and when we do, I turn away…bite fingernails, close eyes, and just hope that someone comes up w/ a miraculous play. During “trading time”, I kept harping that we needed another quality starter behind Chris. The rest of the starters (at the time) all had ERA’s over 5, and with Izzy as a closer, my feeling was, if we don’t get another closer, then we are sending a message to the fans….”We don’t are giving up on going to the World Series this year, we don’t care.” I don’t know what Tony is waiting for…but ANYBODY else would be better than Izzy at this point. He should be given a two week rest, and used sparcely, because as far as I’m concerned, since mid-last year, his spot has become a wasted spot on the roster.

The website headline on today’s game is “CARDS FALL TO NINTH-INNING RALLY BY NATIONALS.” What a crock! It should be “CARDS FALL TO ANOTHER BLOWN SAVE BY IZZY!” Quit using politically correct terminology! Baseball is part of the REAL world!

Everybody please see my newest post. Thanks…


Agree with the posts re: Izzy. Mr. Leach, I think you have a blind spot regarding our “closer.”

Don M

Please take this discussion to the above post. Thank you.


dear matt,

Issi has lost his touch.if the cardinals can pick up another starting pitcher they need to!if they do they can move wainwright to the closing spot,even if it means not getting soriano or crawford

This situation reminds me alot of the Roger Cedeno fiasco…that guy was killing us and TLR continued to play him. It was like he had pics of Tony with Jocks wife or something…
Ray King is another one that comes to mind.

Izrighausen should sign with the Cubs next year

I have always been a big fan of Izzy, but now I think he either needs rehab or the Cardinals need to make a change over the off-season. Izzy has done a lot for our club, but the time has come to look at some fresh arms. No one can blame some of the downfalls this season on Izzy alone, but if it were not for the excessive number of blown saves, the Cardinals would be comfortably in first place instead of fighting the last month for a spot in the playoffs. R

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