Lucky Seven strikes back

Hopefully this week’s lucky seven will take some minds off the frustration of Wednesday. Here goes.

1. Where will Mark Mulder be next year? What sort of effort should the Cardinals make to bring him back for another year or more?

2. Who’s the NL MVP at this point? How about the AL? Cy Young winners in both leagues?

3. What’s your take on the leadoff spot since Eckstein has been out? Keep up the platoon situation? Go with one guy all the time? If so, who? What’s the best option until the usual guy gets back?

4. Of all the September callups, which one intrigues you the most?

5. What’s the best time on the sports calendar? Right about now, with pennant races and football starting? October? March/April with the NCAAs and baseball starting? Some other time?

6. How much football will you watch over this five-day stretch?

7. What were your favorite movies this summer?


Currently playing on the computer speakers: Pearl Jam, live at MSG July 8 2003


1. He’ll be in another uniform, with a team that has a bigger ballpark like Oakland where he could succeed (Seattle, perhaps).

They shouldn’t make an effort to sign him unless it’s a one year incentive laden deal.

2. I’d say Pujols at the moment but if Howard hits 62 HR’s and the Phillies get into the playoffs, he’ll win it. AL, I’d go for Joe Mauer, Jermaine Dye, or Justin Morneau, but Jeter could sneak up and win it.

AL Cy Young – Santana

NL Cy Young – Carpenter or Josh Johnson

3. Miles until Eckstein gets back.

4. Josh Kinney

5. Right about now.

6. four or five games switching back between college and pro.

7. Talledega Nights

1. Cards will sign him to a incentive-laden deal like they did with Morris.
2. Pujols, Carp, Mauer, Santana

3. Miles until Eck comes back.

4. Skip.

5. Now, although I love March/April if my Cats are winning.

6. Hardly any.

7. Fav summer movie is probably Pirates 2.

1. Mulder shouldn’t be around unless he signs a one-year incentive deal that has a big incentive for IPs. I don’t think it’s the ballpark that affects him since he is such a GB/FB guy, but I do think he will/needs to stay in the NL because of his low K rate. I think the HRs wil go down.

2. Pujols for MVP over Howard. If you take No. 5 off the Cardinals, where are they? If you take Howard off the Phils, where are they? I think more, than anything else, that is the central issue. I think Pujols has meant for the Cardinals than Howard has meant to the Phils, esp. since the Phils have Utley, Rowand, etc. I believe Pujols has meant more- through Win Shares- OPS- whatever metric used. NL Cy- Carp over Webb. AL MVP-Dye, but Santana has got to recieve some votes. AL Cy- Santana. he has single-handely carried that rotation. Halladay is a close No. 2.

3. Miles. he has really played well.

4. he won’t see much time, but it’s narveson. he could make this team in 07 with a strong month. Plus, I wonder how they will use him.

5. For two months, nothing beats Sept.-Oct. For four days, it’s the first rounds of March Madness.

6. A lot. Starting with boise st./oregon st. tonight. A ton on Saturday and def. Broncos on Sunday.

7. Pirates II and Talledaga Nights.

1. Hopefully not ours. None.
2. I want Albert to win, but it’ll probably be Ryan Howard, and he deserves it.

Hopefully not Ortiz. Preferably Dye or Jeter. I want Jeter to win.

Carpenter should win the NL Cy Young, hands down.

Johan Santana DUH, should be third in a row.

3. I like Preston Wilson in the lead-off spot.

4. My guy shouldn’t have been sent down, but I’m gonna go with J-Rod, tho he shoulda never been sent down.

5. I like the trading deadline for baseball.

6. Not as much as I would like.

7. Does favorite count as the only one I saw? I guess I’ll go with Talledega Nights: A Ballad of Ricky Bobby. It was good.

1. I wouldn’t mind an invite to ST, with maybe a look at a one-year deal, just so we get no surprises. With the chance we gave him, I think he owes us at least the first look at the post-op Mark Mulder.

2. If Albert doesn’t win the MVP, and loses to Howard, or Beltran, MVP has no meaning whatsoever. Howard’s flashier homerun total doesn’t make up for the glaring runs scored difference, nor the BA, nor the OBP, and especially does not make up for the fact that Albert is clearly, without Derek Lee, the best defensive 1st baseman in the national league. I think it’s obviously El Hombre. AL? Probably Ortiz, although I cringe at giving a DH the award. His numbers are just so good though. Maybe, however, the MVP should go to Santana, as well as the Cy Young? NL Cy Young, just like no. 5, I think Carp should repeat his award winning. Unless he pulls another stunt like yesterday, and gives up 5 to a last place team..urgh

3. A couple of months ago, I hated Aaron Miles, now I am very impressed with his duty since Eck has been gone. I don’t know if the numbers support it, but ti looks to me like the defense is better at short than it was at 2nd. Bravo to the mighty mite, Miles. Please though, no more Vizcaino??

4. Narveson…..I am curious to see if this is the real deal, or what.

5. Right now. How could this weekend be any better? The NFL kicks off, we get Texas-OSU, I get to live in a sweat all day hoping OU can beat Washington, and in baseball every game matters, and moves you closer to a playoff spot, or elimination and the golf courses.

6. All day Saturday will be spent feverishly watching some patently slow game tracker of the OU/Washington game, then the Panthers/ falcons game, and maybe a lil Texas/OSU. I am still hoping that the Longhorns blow out OSU, only to get smoked by the Sooners in a couple of weeks.

7. Probably Pirates 2……which is really kind of sad…

1. Probably with some team with more money than sense, and a desperate shortage of starting pitching — Cincinnati, maybe. Jocketty should offer him the same kind of contract as Morris got a couple of years ago (one year, low base, tons of incentives/performance clauses), but I wouldn’t expect him to take it.
2. Who is the most valuable player? Prince Albert, hands down. Who’ll win NL MVP? VERY close among Pujols, Beltran and Howard (who has been closing the performance gap rapidly); if STL makes the playoffs and PHI doesn’t, it’s Pujols, if PHI does but not STL, it’s Howard, otherwise probably Beltran. Dark horse: Miguel Cabrera. AL MVP: Johan Santana should win it, Jeter will win it (and Travis Hafner and Joe Mauer get the shaft). NL CY: hard to call, should be between Carp and Brandon Webb with Roy Oswalt coming up on the outside. May be in doubt until the last weekend. AL CY: Santana in a landslide.

3. The platoon arrangement will do for now. Wilson isn’t really doing all that well (a .299 OBP, which is what he has with STL, is not what you want to see in a leadoff hitter) but is serviceable against lefty pitching. I agree with fuego: bravo to Miles for stepping up.

4. Narveson and Nelson. Nothing left to be intrigued about with J-Rod and Thompson; they’re proven quantities. It would be nice to see what the two Ns can do, if for no other reason than to buff them up as trade bait.

5. Right now, but more because of tennis (US Open) than football. Second choice: the first time in the spring when an ump says “PLAY BALL!” and means it.

6. None, zero, nil, Nichts, nichevo, nada.

7. None, zero, nil, Nichts, nichevo, nada. Might as well be consistent …

1. Mulder will still be here. Cards are classic for trying to rescue good pitchers who are having problems

2. I like Pujols for MVP, Carpenter and Santana for Cy Youngs

3. It’s a tough call. You want Miles for scrappiness at the plate, but Wilson for the speed. With Wilson, thought, you get the strike out factor. I’d go with Wilson. I’d rather have him striking out at lead-off, than at 6th slot.

4. None

5. Its a tie between March Madness/ and October.

6. None.

7. Didn’t see any.

1. Probably not with us, but we should try to get an incentive-laden deal with a pitcher who can be very successful. After all, you can bet we’ll be getting retread pitchers next year as well.
2. Pujols has to win it. Howard & Beltran are valuable to their teams, but not as valuable as Pujols is to us. AL MVP – ?; NL CY – Carp; AL CY – one of the young’uns

3. The platoon thing has been fine, but we need to work on scoring guys who get on base from the leadoff spot.

4. Narveson, who wasn’t called up.

5. There’s nothing like October in St. Louis, if & only if the Cards are in the playoffs. If not, everybody’s justatad crabby.

6. Not any more than is shown on news highlight reels.

7. Little Miss Sunshine and Cars


1.keep him. up until his injury didnt he have the best record for left handers over the past 5 years? isnt he worth the shot after surgery?
2.right now NL is Pujols. right now. right now AL is dye? jeter? Jeter deserves it more. NL cy young until last night went to Carp. AL cy young – give it to the rookie! Weaver!

3.i’d rather have a scrappy player like Miles. Wilson fits better in the 5th or 6th spot.

4.dont know these guys very well. ask me after the playoffs.

5.toss up between March Madness and October.

6.none. US Open if ive got the time

7.saw none.

1. In STL
2. NL MVP=Howard. I would prefer Pujols, but Howard has really come on lately. AL MVP=Ortiz (me cringing) NL CY=Carpenter. AL CY=Santana.

3. I like Wilson there but, Miles is serviceable.

4. I haven’t done my homework here.

5. April. Opening day, NBA playoffs, The Masters, NFL draft, NHL playoffs, Kentucky derby, there’s more, but I’m drawing a blank right now. April is loaded.

6. I will see approximately 1,341 televised games. Um, give or take a few.

7. The only movie I saw this summer was Clerks2. I was not impressed.

P.S. I was listening to Pearl Jam this afternoon, also. Godspeed, Eddie Vedder.

I don’t know if anything can take my mind off the frustration of Wednesday, and Izzy’s whole season for that matter…but here goes.
1. I wouldn’t mind giving him a look, but only with a one year incentive laden contract. He was one of the best leftys in the league in Oakland, if surgery can get him back to form he could be a big asset. But definately have a plan B.

2. NL MVP, Pujols, hands down. A few more HR’s from Howard does not overcome what Pujols means to this team. They aren’t even close to a .500 ballclub without him.

NL Cy, Carp. He hasn’t been as dominate as last year…but he is still the best pitcher in the NL.

AL MVP, Jeter or Santana. But Ortiz will probably win it because the media have been running a nonstop campaign for him all year.

AL Cy, Santana. Halladay is having a great year, but Santana just dominates.

3. Miles is the best choice if you want someone to work the count and see pitches. If you want a K or a HR, Wilson is your guy.

4. Interested to see who can step up in the pen in a set up role, to allow Wainwright to close.

5. Nothing like October baseball.

6. As much as possible.

7. Haven’t seen any

5. Right about now…with NASCAR’s chase and football starting up.

6. Too much.

7. Clerks II, Talladega Nights, Snakes on a Plane, My Super Ex-Girlfriend.

1. He’ll be with StL only if they get some kind of discount, but at this point I wouldn’t be too upset if they let him walk and get a Type A reimbursement pick (assuming those picks aren’t eliminated as the rumor seems to be).

2. NL MVP: Howard if Philly makes the playoffs; Pujols if they don’t. Carp wins another Cy Young.

AL: Cy Young goes to Santanta, MVP to Dye.

3. Platoon until he’s back. Everyone has adjusted well, and even Miles is swinging a decent bat.

4. Nelson, but my overall expectations are low.

5. I love March Madness, but this time of year is the best convergence of sports: playoff baseball, NFL and NCAA Football…and WNBA playoffs. just joking.

6. As much as humanly possible. Went to the Steeler game Thursday, watching the Pitt/Cincinnati game tonight(Friday), Saturday I’ll be glued to OSU/Texas, and Sunday I won’t move off the couch for 10 hours.

7. Little Miss Sunshine, no doubt…but Talledega Nights was solid.

1.I say Moulder will be back next year to a one mabey two year contract.
2.pujols mvp no doubt unless howard hits 65 or more or phills make the playoffs and the cards dont.

3.since ortiz’s heart problems i’d say J.Dye or Jeter.Carpenter/Santana.

4.miles grounds out to much,wilson stikes out to much ,so it’s belliard easy.

5.October for mlb playoffs/march for march madness

6.Jenks v.s. Union(high school)OKLAHOMA v.s. Washington,and Ohio state v.s. BURNT ORANGE texas.

7.piarets 2 no doubt.

1. A one year deal somewhere, I could see washington trying to grab him.

2. NL: Pujols, Carpenter

AL: Mauer, Santana

3. It’s fine as it is, wilson is good against lefties.

4. Rose

5. Right about now is my favorite time, continuing to october.

6. As mch college football as I can.

7. Snakes on a Plane.

1) I’d like to see Mulder come back, a la Matt Morris a couple years ago. But if they can’t get him cheap, cut him loose. (I’m also hoping that with all the big contracts coming off the books, they go after either Buerhle or Schmidt)

2) I’m going NL only – MVP has to be between Howard Pujols and Beltran. I have a feeling it’ll be Pujols, but that might be because I’m a homer😉

Same with Carpenter. Webb has a good claim to it this year too though. Even Zambrano, as much as I dislike him, has a shot going into the last month.

5) March/April. My two sports are college hoops, then baseball. The tournament and opening day around the same time is an absolutely beautiful thing.

matt , this is not about the lucky 7!issi is likely to retire at end of season is this true ?

The best movies I saw this summer were the best ones I’ve seen every summer. Casablanca, El Dorado, The Sting, The Fugitive, The Hunt for Red October and the Big Four of World War II POW movies: Stalag 17, The Great Escape, Bridge on the River Kwai and Von Ryan’s Express. I took my wife to a few movies too. Think Word Play was the best….

1. Possibly with the Cards. Yes, he has been a very successful starter over the last several years, but the Cards need a more dominant #2 starter to win a championship. If they are able to acquire one in the offseason, then the incentive-laden contract for Mulder that everyone is suggesting is a great idea.
2. AL – Jeter and Santana; NL – Howard and Carpenter.

3. Miles. Wilsons’ OBP is not high enough, equally as important is he K’s too much.

4. None were intriguing, but Duncan’s performance has been.

5. Opening day in baseball.

6. As many minutes as they show cheerleaders as I change the stations.

7. Disappointing summer movie season this year, but 3 Nights in August was a good read.

1. I think he’ll be with another team. I hope he bounces back from this injury but I’d rather see him move on.
2. NL: el Hombre and Carp

3. Wilson. Miles doesn’t show me much.

4. none of ’em

5. I’d say october when football is in full swing and the baseball playoffs are happening

6. ND v Penn State today, probably Ohio State v Texas tonight, and the Rams tomorrow in person – my first time to the dome!

7. Can Mr. Smith Get To Washington and The Devil Wears Prada


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