My Lucky Seven

Here are my answers to my own questions (someting the MGR and players probably think we do all the time), as I wonder why VaTech is always rated so low at the start of every year. Defense, special teams and run the ball. They always do it and they’re always a top-10 team. Anyway, with iTunes on shuffle, here goes…

1. I honestly believe he’ll be back in StL. Just like with Morris a couple years ago, I was convinced he’d be out the door up until the day I heard he was having surgery. Now I think he’ll return on a one year deal or one year with an option.

2. I don’t believe standings should dictate MVP votes, but of course they always do. With that said, I think Ryan Howard will win it if the Phils make the postseason, and Pujols will win it if they don’t. At this moment, Albert would get my vote, with Howard, Cabrera and Beltran getting serious consideration. I’d vote Carpenter for NL CY, and I think his chances are excellent — especially with Brandon Webb tailing off some. Oswalt may make a run, too.

Over in the AL, Jermaine Dye is going to win it, but I’d have Joe Mauer, Derek Jeter and Travis Hafner all very high on my ballot. It’s pretty clear that Santana should, and will, win the Cy Young. He’s just awesome.

3. Miles has done a surprisingly solid job of getting on base since moving into that spot. I think when he knows he’s supposed to work a count, he does a pretty good job of it. I also think John Rodriguez would be an interesting out-of-left-field option sometimes. I like Wilson more lower in the order.

4. I’m very curious to see what Chris Narveson can do.

5. It used to be right now, because Labor Day weekend used to be the Southern 500 along with football and baseball. Instead, I think I’ll go with October — playoff baseball, college football is fully into conference play and rivalries, NFL is in full swing and the NBA and NHL are starting up.

6. As much as I can, while intermingled with running errands and having non-football time with my wife and dog and cat. But tonight is a great, great night of sports TV — Texas-OSU and the race at Richmond, plus some other very intriguing college games like Georgia-South Carolina.

7. Snakes on a Plane is alone at No. 1 of course. I was the only person in the world who really liked Miami Vice, and I laughed my head off at both Talladega Nights and Clerks 2.

Talk to y’all again soon. Current song: "Bleachman" by Revenge.



6. Love how ND destroyed Penn State. Not like playing Akron.

I just wanna say “I told you so about the Houston Astros.” On one of the Lucky Sevens, one question was, “Who scares you the most? The Reds, Astros, or I think the Brewers at the time were doing well. I said the Astros because of their strong second halves the past few seasons. And look at them now, past the Reds just 5 games behind us. And we lost 13-1 and 3-0 to the D-Backs??? I didn’t get to see those games. Or should I say, I didn’t HAVE to sit through those embarrassments. ONE run in two games??? Pitiful.
Go Hogs!!!!!

Now that we have seen some decent pitching…the other real problem shows up in glaring proportions…the inability for anyone to come through with runs in scoring position…let alone 2 out situations…how many times in the last month have the cardinals failed to get a runner in from 3rd with less than 2 outs? …Seems like a lot…I know good pitching overrides good hitting…but how come every opposing pitcher seems to be a cy young award winner against the cardinals..even rookie pitchers..???? Seems like everyone is trying to hit home runs..not work counts..not move runners over..even the ones that should know better like Taguchi…

Oh by the way, guess who’s coming to town with the Cards on the heels of what is now a 3 game losing streak…well it aint Santa Claus.

Great….swept AGAIN by another sub-.599 team, this time Arizona.

Joe Girardi for manager

Actually, gw, we won the first one in the desert, 6-2. I actuall fell asleep during that game, cause it was such an easy win. But, kudos to Supp on yet another strong outing. BTW, am I the only one that noticed that Vizcaino was key to both defensive fwubs in the third? Was it worth it the give the mighty mite a day off? \

I too am worried about the Astros, but not as worried as I was about the Reds, when they were a game or two back.

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