He's a good man, Jeffrey. And thorough.

Mark Mulder underwent shoulder surgery with Dr. David Altchek today. According to his agent, everything went right according to plan and Mulder should be ready to start getting ready for ’07 on schedule. More info in my notes later this evening.



It’s really the way she says “thorough” that makes that a classic line.

Thanks for the update on Mulder, M. Fine work as always.

Glad to hear everything went right.

Now the question is: what team will he be playing on in 2007?

“Well, dude, we just don’t know.”

“in the parlance of our times…”

“Forget it, Donny. You’re out of your element.”

Haha, I know this is offtopic…thanks for the update on Mulder btw, but I appreciate the add on your Cardinals blogs section. I appreciate the recognition from the Cardinals MLB.com beat reporter.



That sounds much nastier then what most thought, including the Cards brass or they wouldn’t have been trotting him out there. No wonder he was getting hammered. I wonder what the chances are of him returning to 100%. I’d venture to guess that this has been something he’s been dealing with longer then his St. Louis days. A low risk deal this winter with lots of incentives would make sense. (and I am admittedly a huge Mulder detractor)

Well, for what it’s worth, one of the things Paletta emphasized was this: based on what they could observe, it did not look like a condition that had been lingering for more than, say, a few months.


Regardless of where he pitches next year (if at all), you have to feel for a 29 year old who has a career threatening surgery. But, Carpenter went through the same thing and look at him now.

Good luck Mark.

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