Leach's Top-10

As we steam ever closer to Football Nirvana on Saturday, I only wish that the Cardinals-Giants game that day weren’t scheduled for a 3:05 start. Alas. Anyway, here’s the top-10. Every week it becomes more a measure of what you’ve actually done, and less of how good I think you are.

1. Ohio State. Um, yeah. Very impressive. Clear favorites to make the title game.
2. USC. I expect them to beat Nebraska soundly.
3. Notre Dame. PSU is overrated, I think, but that was still an impressive win.
4. Auburn.
5. LSU. At least one of these two teams is a legit top-5 team; we’ll know more in four days.
6. Florida. Another team that will show more of its true colors this Saturday.

This is where it gets interesting. I have seven teams for the next four spots, and no real idea where to put them. Each has a strong selling point and nearly every one has a strong negative. Let’s go with…

7. Louisville and its awesome offense, even minus Michael Bush.
8. Oregon, because I give plenty of points for a win at Fresno State.
9. Tennessee, with one great win and one awful win.
10. Virginia Tech, with a terrifying defense, great special teams and an uninspiring offense.

The three I left out: Texas (they got manhandled, even if it was by the No. 1 team), Georgia (either beat somebody, find a QB, or both), Florida State (Troy? TROY??)

Other teams to watch: WVU, Michigan, BC, UCLA, Alabama.

Game of the week: Geez, do I have to pick one? Let’s say LSU-Auburn, annually one of my favorite games. But there are so many! Louisville-Miami should be a fun unstoppable force-immovable object game. FSU-Clemson is always fun. ND-Michigan. And so on.

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Ugh, USC that high? My god the Pac 10 is overrated.

We’ll know more soon, but I’d note that USC went into the home of an SEC team and hammered them. The rest of the conference may or may not turn out strong (though I like Oregon a lot, and I’m keeping my eye on ASU), but SC has pretty clearly established over the past few years that they are not simply a product of beating up on inferior competition.


…and how about Oregon’s 346 uniform color combinations! (See today’s USA Today)

I do believe USC is overrated somewhat, but Nebraska isn’t “back” yet. ND is the only team in the country that has beaten two quality opponents. It makes me sick to see these teams playing Div. 1AA teams, and amazes me that someone would buy a ticket. OSU exposed Texas as a fraud. Pummeling a 1AA team the week before gives UT no credibility. Auburn looks very good, so does LSU; Miami and Fla State are both WAY overrated.

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