Strange scene

Very odd situation after this afternoon’s game.

You may have noticed a dearth of quotes in my late game story, including none from the manager, pitching coach or anyone who batted in the starting lineup. There was a reason for that.

We knew ahead of time that TLR wouldn’t be speaking postgame. He apparently had someplace to be very quickly after the game, and got out of the stadium immediately when it ended. Dave Duncan similarly was gone almost instantly. Nonetheless there was a postgame news conference, so duties fell on bench coach Joe Pettini, who gave a game effort in what I’m sure wasn’t much of a fun situation.

Still, by the time Pettini was finished with us, it was more than 20 minutes after the game. And until that time, the clubhouse remained entirely closed to all media. So by the time we got there, many of the more prominent players from the game were long gone. To Jason Marquis’ credit, he didn’t bolt. And some of the relievers stuck around to talk, as did Preston Wilson, who made the last out of the game. For the most part, though, there weren’t many guys available whose comments would have added to the story of the game — which was 1, Marquis’ outing, and 2, Oswalt’s dominance.

Anyway. You may not care about this in the slightest. And I know you don’t want to hear griping from us in the press box, given that we admittedly have a great job. But I did figure you were owed the explanation as to why there weren’t a lot of voices in today’s game story, and why you probably won’t see many big names in tonight’s TV recaps either.

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Thanks for the recap of all that.

It would be interesting to know the “Why?” of this. Matthew, how common is a closed Cardinals clubhouse? Have you ever seen it when they’re winning? (And remember, they did just take 2 of 3 from a dangerous adversary.) Duncan strikes me as a rather close-mouthed sort, and that he wouldn’t want to talk to the press isn’t a big surprise, but what’s going on there?

Full marks to Marquis for facing the music — although it would have been better if he hadn’t had to. Got any statistics on how he’s done during his career on his few short-rest starts?

Actually, Marquis has done really well on short rest for most of his career; I don’t recall the exact numbers, but even after this game his ERA is in the low 4s on short rest in like 7-8 starts.

As for the why, I am inclined to see less a constructed plot and more a “series of unfortunate events.” But we’ll see.


I hope LaRussa & Duncan left because they job interviews. When the manager and his stooge leave without talking to the press, they insult us all and duck the responsibility for their actions. Cardinal management has a big job ahead and they better not dodge their duty.

As for Marquis, big deal. He’s a sub-standard pitcher with a sub-standard record. He should be traded or released at close of the season. I am thoroughly disgusted with what has happened this year. A team that won 100+ games 2 years in a row is 9 games over .500. Even if they make the playoffs, it looks like another el-foldo in the post season.

will we see? do you think anyone will explain the “strange scene” or will it be ignored?

Matthew, do you know the what sent Scott R off the handle the other day when he got ejected? That was uncharacteristic of him. It had to have been something the Ump said, cause after Scott made his point about the zone and was walking away he something ticked him off as he came back stronger.

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