Today's updates – UPDATED

Lots of news at the park today. Here’s the rundown, and as always, I’ll have many more details when my notebook goes up.

1. Jason Schmidt will NOT start for the Giants, after all. Brad Hennessey will take his place.

2. Anthony Reyes threw a bullpen today and is scheduled to start Monday against the Brewers at Miller Park, with Marquis going Tuesday.

3. Izzy threw an extensive bullpen this afternoon and said it was mostly good, but his hip still gives way on pitches sometimes. His decision should be made in the next day or two, after he consults with Jocketty, TLR, Duncan, etc. He said he’s not really any more optimistic than he was before throwing.

4. Eckstein continues to work out and get closer, but he’s not listed on the lineup card and from what I can tell, has not been activated from the DL. He’ll likely play in Milwaukee. Correction — shortly before the game, it was announced that Eckstein is off the DL. He could pinch-hit.

5. Danny Sheaffer will not be back as the manager at Memphis.



I think it’s almost safe to say Izzy’s career is over, but correct me if I’m wrong, If it is over, I really hate to see that. I really feel like the Cards are gonna make AW the closer in 07. I think he’ll do great in that role, though I still woulda liked to see what he could do in the rotation. i could be wrong, just how i see it panning out.

I can’t see AW as the closer next year, at least not with LaRussa as manager. With 4 free agent pitchers, the Cardinals need him in the rotation. Also, Izzy has 0 trade value right now, and is still due about 8.5 million next year, so he’ll be back. Who knows, after surgery he may be the old Izzy again

I don’t believe Izzy would make the Cards pay him…hopefully he’d opt into retirement in whatever way would help the team. That way, the team can go out and BUY an 8.5 million dollar closer. (Wishful thinking, sure, but why wouldn’t I think the best?)

With that said, hopefully he can get physically well and pitch for the redbirds again.

I don’t know, LaRussa seems to really like and trust Wainwright. I’ve read comments from LaRussa on occasions where he was praising him highly, and right now from what we gather he’d close now, just hasn’t had the chance yet.

If Izzy’s done for good, would the club do something similar to what the Astros have attempted with Bagwell? Place him on the 60-day DL and file insurance claim to recoup the cost? That said, I like Izzy and I really hope his days of effective pitching aren’t done.

By the way, thanks for the link – I appreciate it!


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