Let them play?

There is almost no chance that today’s game will be made up. Here is how the scenario was presented to me:

If the game actually is needed to determine who makes the playoffs, then the game will be played. That is priority one. If it determines whether or not the Cardinals or the Giants are actually in the postseason, then it will be played on Monday, Oct. 2.

However, if the game is only needed to determine seeding and/or home field, that’s another matter. The way it was presented to me is that it comes down somewhat to tiebreaker scenarios. The tiebreaker between the Cardinals and Dodgers, or the Cardinals and Padres, for home-field in the first round would be head-to-head.

So if the Cardinals finish on Sunday, Oct. 1 with a 1/2-game lead over the Dodgers, and the Dodgers are the NL West champions, the game would not be played. That’s because the Cardinals swept the season series with LA, so even if the Cardinals were to lose game 162, they would still have the advantage. IF, however, the Cardinals TRAILED the Dodgers by 1/2-game, it was presented to me that they would essentially have the OPTION of playing the game or not. I assume they would not in that case — too many things that could go wrong.

In the case of a 1/2-game difference with the Padres, it remains to be seen, since the Cards and Padres are not done with the season series. I suppose it is possible that if the Cards end up losing the season series to the Padres, but they are 1/2-game AHEAD of San Diego, then they might be required to play the game. That would be the one sticky wicket of a situation.



Could you repeat that in English, please?

just send the split-squad if the latter scenario occurs

Yeah, that’s pretty wacky. But what I’m really wondering is if they can make up the ceremony for Sutter. It kinda stunk throwing out the first pitch in a game that never happened, and then having that little speech with most the crowd missing. I’d just like to see him still get a chance to be honored in front of a packed crowd. I mean, how often does a Cardinal get inducted into the Hall?

What Erik said

Bruce —

I honestly don’t know how I could have put it more clearly without leaving something out. What scenario did you not understand?


I understand everything perfectly, actually; I was trying to be funny. Obviously, it didn’t come across that way. My apologies.

Ah, got it. No worries — I know the feeling all too well!


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