Leach's Top-10

(Note — this is one of two posts that went up at virtually the same time. Please see the one below this as well. -M.)

Here’s my top-10 following Footballpocalypse.

1. Ohio State. They still have the best win of the year.
2. USC. Still steamrolling. Looking like a 12-0 team right now.
3. Auburn. Good win, but they shouldn’t get another real test for quite a while.
4. Florida. Winning in Knoxville is very, very hard.
5. Michigan. I never was sold on ND, but that was a thrashing.
6. Louisville. Miami ain’t what they used to be, but still a great win.
7. Georgia. Much better showing against UAB than Oklahoma had.
8. LSU. How much can you dock a team for that loss?
9. Virginia Tech. I predict they’ll win about six different games by roughly the same score (35-0).
10. Texas. Still no read on this team.

Teams to watch: Arizona State, BC, Oregon, UCLA, Alabama

Game of the Week: Man, what a comedowb after last week. Quite a few decent in-conference matchups, but nothing earth-shattering. Let’s say ASU-Cal, and I’ll predict that ASU goes into Berkeley and beats them.


(now playing on the computer speakers: The Very Best of Otis Redding)


Hey Leach- I was just wondering about Mike Lincoln. I know he started the year in the minors- yet I haven’t heard anything else about him.

Not sure about that — Lincoln definitely didn’t pitch anywhere at the start of the year. When I saw him late in spring, he wasn’t throwing off a mound yet.

As for recently, I don’t know. I’m pulling for Mike, who’s a good guy, but the odds don’t seem to be in his favor.


Will Jim Edmonds play again in 2006 (postseason or otherwise)? If not, do you think he’ll retire? All I can say about Jimmy’s glove, bat, and heart for the Redbirds over these past few seasons is “that rug really tied the room together.”

“I wouldn’t hold out much hope for the Credence” – er, edmonds. i’d like to see jimmy end his career on a high note – and with the cardinals. can he at least pinch hit in the post season?

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