Marquis scratched, Eckstein in

Couple of quick updates from Minute Maid Park this afternoon…

* Jason Marquis has been scratched from his start due to back spasms. Chris Narveson will start in his place. It appears that Marquis will simply have his turn skipped, and pitch next week, but that’s not set in stone yet. He apparently felt some soreness yesterday while he was shagging balls in the outfield.

* David Eckstein is in the lineup, playing shortstop and leading off, for the first time since Aug. 18.



Geeze.. I actually feel bad for the Cardinals this year.. all of the injuries they’ve had is incredible..

Glad to see Eck back…been a while.


Trade Albert. maybe we could get one good pitcher. The Cardinals are the biggest heartbreak in Baseball. A losing record since the all star game. They don’t deserve to be in the post season. They can’t hold a lead if the other team started with 2 outs every inning. Maybe a new pitching coach, all these pitchers do is throw batting practice.

I’m glad Eck is back. He had a great game. I really feel for the Cards. The team is so banged up it is pitiful. I’ve been fearful of the post seasonfor some time because of all the injuries. Now, though, I’m beginning to wonder if we are going to get to the post season. We can’t buy a victory! I know they are frustrated, and I wish I knew what to do as a fan to help them. Surely our luck will change soon! Keep trying, guys!

Please allow me to vent just a little: I’m so sick of the Astros in general. How many more times is Roger Clemens going to say farewell and “retire”? Is he trying to top Michael Jordan for comebacks? I know he is a “future hall of famer” because the ESPN guys drill that fact all the time, but I lost all respect for Clemens years ago when he hit Mike Piazza in the head, knocking him out with a concussion, and then in a later game when he threw part of a splintered bat at Piazza. Sorry, I know that incident had nothing to do with tonight’s loss, but I can’t believe we have to put up with yet another pitching appearance by Clemens this Sunday night. Is the man that much of a publicity hog?

I agree with most of circpro’s comments, of course, I wouldn’t trade Albert, Rolen, Eckstein, and a few others, but I’d sure as **** back up the truck for the rest.

This isn’t about luck. There’s no such thing; the sad truth is that the Cards are a bunch of classic underperformers and they lack leadership. It’s time for LaRussa to go, Duncan too, and bring in someone who will light a fire and be a better leader.

I agree with the comments re: Clemens. I’m a little sick of his milking the limelight.

Yet another loss, and the opposition creeps to within 4.5 games. Cards have now played to a 43-48 record since the All Star break, not like someone who deserves to be in the post season.

Joe Girardi will be available soon; pray the Cubs don’t sign him first. He’s capable of getting an awful lot out of whatever talent he has available.

Are you kidding me??? The Cards lose 4 games, a couple of where they are comfortably out in front, and all TLR can say is “What we did great was we had four very tough losses and every night we came out and played,” he said. “I give our club a lot of credit for that and I have terrific respect, because that’s hard to do.” Give them credit? For coming out to play after losing? TLR is a joke. His ego and ho-hum managing should be sent packing. When he needs to lower the hammer and not tolerate this mediocre baseball, he gives a quote like he is coaching an 5-year old T-Ball team. It would serve him right for the team to be caught and miss the playoffs. Get rid of em.

I respectfully disagree. What do you want him to do, kill his team after they just lost four in a row?

I think it’s EXACTLY what you want your manager saying after a brutal series like that. The guys know they lost. They put a TON into those games. What’s the benefit of him ripping them?


I gotta agree with davidg. TLR has shown NO leadership this year. We need someone who will kick some butt and light a fire under these players instead of a manager who acts as an apologist. These guys make a **** of a lot of money. They are paid to produce. Winning is all that matters. There can be no excuses for losing.

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