Postgame news updates

Lots of stuff going on down in the clubhouse. Busy postgame. Here are a couple of headlines.

* Marquis will get the start tomorrow, assuming he feels well enough to go. If he gets the ball, Reyes will be available in relief and will have this turn skipped.

* There had been some serious discussion of getting Edmonds down here, but that has been tabled. He is not expected to come down this weekend or to play this weekend.

* One tactical note: per TLR, he went with Wainwright in the seventh because WW was the fresher pitcher, and he was hoping to get two innings, or at least more than one, out of him. Then one inning from Looper.



Well,I guess I can say at least Looper was throwing strikes.He didn’t walk the bases loaded and then give up the winning hit.But it still didn’t work out and we lost again in the ninth.Has any other team lost as many games in the ninth as we have? Any other first place teams lose as many in the ninth?I doubt it.I have another suggestion..not that it matters. But…why don’t the Cardinals just forget about the whole idea of a “closer” for the rest of the year.Last night, Looper got the first guy but then gave up a hit.Then Palmeiro comes up.In that situation go to a lefty if we have one available(which we didn’t last night cause LaRussa used them all already).But you get the idea right?Treat the ninth like any other inning and play your match-up game and see what happens.

Shaun, I think your idea is great. I have never understood the wisdom of having one pitcher set for probably one inning or two per game. Pitch as long as you are throwing strikes and getting batters out! What a retro idea! I seem to remember from my childhood that pitchers more often than not pitched complete games and, if not, were removed only if they quit pitching effecively.

By the way, I saw that Jocketty’s contract was renewed, and I like that very much; however, I am wondering if he can throw strikes and is he a lefty or righty? After all, pitching is our most pressing need for the future, and you know the Cards’ front office is concentrating on the pitchers first and then position players above all else! Right?

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