The benefits of arriving early

As I walked from the parking garage up to the stadium today, I came upon a cool site. They were installing the individual player statues from old Busch Stadium in their new perch at the new ballpark — out in front of the team store. Some of them had already been placed on their bases, some were yet to be placed.

I took a few photos, so you can take a look. Unfortunately, I took them with my cell phone, so they aren’t exactly works of art. Still, it was cool to pass by at just that moment — in fact, the specific moment where they were hoisting the Musial statue (not THE Musial statue, of course) onto its base.



I’m sorry, but I have lost ALL faith in this year’s team and management(actually I never had faith in the management).We stink up the field,and I can’t believe we’ve held on to first place all year long.It’s only because the rest of the division has ****** worse than us most of the year.Now look at the Astros just 2 1/2 games behind us with 7 games left.Our only hope is the fact that the schedule makers have the Brewers as our final series. Let’s hope we can defeat the lowly Brew Crew and retain the division title.That way at least the Cards don’t head home after October 1.

Hey, Shaun,

Boy, you hit the nail right on the head. The September schedule was tailor made for the Cardinals; but they have systematically floundered through it and are in danger of falling apart like a house of cards.

As a long time Cards fan, I will always support them; however, I truly hope they miss the playoffs this year as it is the only way for there to be real change. TLR is done, get rid of him. After a horrible slide, his comments are passive and without any emotion. After last nights game, all he can say is “What a way to get us back into the game, if this was a movie, we would have won the game, but we didn’t.” Uh, Tony, this is not a movie and you should be fired.

How is it that posts that have nothing to do with the state of the Cardinals get hijacked into threads about the state of the Cardinals?

I am a lifelong Cardinals fan but am personally rooting for Houston (no kidding) right now because Larussa and company need to go. He’s won one world series in how many tries? He’s personally overseen multiple big losing streaks this season including the current one of this week. There needs to be a youth infusion on the management side, say Joe Girardi or someone. This rehabbing of weak pitchers has grown tired while the other ocntenders in baseball leave us behind.

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