Leach's Top-10

How about a little diversion? Here’s this week’s college football top 10.

1. Ohio State. I’m still unimpressed by PSU, but that’s not an easy win.
2. Michigan. Probably playing better than anyone at the moment.
3. USC. Unimpressive win over Arizona.
4. Louisville. I don’t see anyone beating them in the regular season.
5. Florida. Alabama may be tougher than it looks.
6. Auburn. Buffalo is AWFUL.
7. Virginia Tech. Remember, Cincinnati gave OSU a fight, too.
8. Georgia. I remain unimpressed by their offense.
9. WVU. I’m still waiting for them to lose one they shouldn’t.
10T. LSU, Texas. The two best one-loss teams.

Teams to watch: Cal, Iowa, Tennessee, Clemson

Game of the week: The obvious choise is OSU-Iowa, but I actually expect OSU to take care of business pretty handily. The game I’m actually most interested in is VaTech-GaTech, because I honestly believe GT can play with them even in Blacksburg.



1. Ohio State – until they stumble
2. Auburn – Great defense, big win over LSU

3. Michigan – Won’t lose until they play Ohio St.

4. Florida – tough games coming up.

5. USC – Lots of talent.

6. LSU – Even with 1 loss they are good.

7. Louisville – Although they haven’t played anyone.

8. VaTech – Always tough on defense.

9. Notre Dame – Toughest schedule in the country up to now.

10. Texas – Only played one tough opponent, but they have strengths

OTHER GOOD TEAMS – Clemson, Tennessee, Iowa, Georgia, Ga Tech.

OVERRATED – West VA – Plays a schedule full of high school caliber teams.

My top 10

2.Michigan -Might topple OSU.



5.Florida – SEC, SEC, SEC



8.Oklahoma-Grand Larceny shouldn’t affect the standings.

9.WVU – I just don’t believe the hype.

10. Georgia – Moral of the story, you can have your rear kicked, and still win the fight- if your opponent is from Boulder..

Hey matthew – is it now a given that he Cards will NOT have home field for the NLDS? Is there any way that we face the wild card winner?

Also, with El Hombre’s game-winner last night, what are his chances now of an MVP if the Cards do make it to the post-season?

The win last night means they actually still have a chance at home field in the first round. An extremely slim chance, but a chance. If the Cardinals finish with a better record than the west champion, then they would be at home in the first round.

As for facing the WC, the only way that happens is if Philly wins it AND the Cards have a better record than the west champ.

Dunno about MVP, but that certainly can’t have hurt.

BTW, thanks for putting in your top-10s, guys. I’d love to have people submit theirs every week.


(now on iTunes: Death Cab for Cutie, Plans)

Matthew- How do you feel about Mizzou? 4-0 and I’ve heard that they have the top ranked defense in the country. That’s gotta be a “team to watch.”

1. the ohio state university
2. southern california

3. auburn

4. texas

5. florida [as much as it hurts to admit]

6. louisville

7. georgia

8. virginia tech

9. notre dame

10. michigan

i think mizzou’s been impressive so far, but they have trips scheduled to tech, a&m, oklahoma, and lincoln. we’ll see if chase can hold up against the defenses of oklahoma and nebraska in successive weeks.

as far as the big XII north is concerned, watch out for nebraska. they’ve destroyed all opponents [not that nicholls state or la tech is anything to party about], and could’ve possibly maybe had a real good shot at taking down USC AT USC, which is something no team can say in the last however many years. watch for a 10-2, maybe 9-3 nebraska team playing an 11-1 texas team for the conf title.


1. Ohio State – Although I’m personally rooting for Michigan to play spoiler
2. Michigan – I was at the game when the beat up Notre Dame. They look good in person and on TV

3. Louisville – They’re just tough

4. USC – All of a sudden the last game of the year at home against Notre Dame may be a big one.

5. Auburn

6. Florida

7. Georgia

8. WVU

9. LSU

10. Notre Dame – I’m a loyal fan, what can I say.

On a baseball note, I know I speak for a lot of my friends who are fellow Cardinals fans when I say that my breakfast tasted the best it’s tasted in a week this morning. Pujols was huge, obviously, but Wainwright was impressive. I really like him in the role. He comes into the game knowing he just has to get three outs. He comes out with the body language and mentality that there is no way we’re not going to win and he gets the job done. Fun stuff to watch. GO BRAVES!!

I hate hate hate college football. The people running it and who came up with the Bowl system are ******. The same teams every year are considered for the “Championship”. There’s no parity. You need to have a playoff system.
Also, Oklahoma got screwed with those replay calls. So did another team…I can’t recall the name…but did anything happen to those refs? No. It’s because Oklahoma whines and gets its way. I hate college football.

I’m shocked at how Mizzou is playing. Whether or not they may keep it up…i gu4ess we’ll have to see.

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