Lucky Seven, final week

1. Simple question: Who wins the NL Central?

2. Now that we’re pretty much at the end of the year, tell me your choices for the four major awards in the NL: MVP, Cy Young, Rookie and Manager.

3. Same question for the four major awards in the AL.

4. Considering expectations, cost, the whole deal, what was the Cardinals’ best move since the end of last season? By the same criteria, what was the worst?

5. What’s the most hallowed ground in American sports?

6. What’s the best show you’ve seen from the new TV season?

7. Best Italian restaurant you’ve ever come across?



1. It will be tiebreaking game. No comment on result.

2. MVP: Howard

Cy Young: Oswalt

Rookie: Uggla

Manager: Giraldi

3. MVP: Jeter

Cy Young: Santana

Rookie: Verlander

Manager: Leyland

4. Best move-nothin really stands out; perhaps keeping faith in rookies to deliver

Worst move-no new pitchers, esp. starting rotation

5. Fenway Park

6. Desire (don’t ask)

7. Olive Garden, can I say and a small one I cannot recollect

Just giving my honest opinion on how things will happen and turn out. No offence to Cardinals, the team or organization.

Ok, for #1, I think it will come to tiebreaking game on Oct 2, and Cards will beat Giants with Pujols playing big part.

1. Cards

2. MVP – Howard

Cy Young – Webb (if he pitches well Sunday)- if not, Oswalt.

Rookie – Uggla

Mgr – Randolph

3. Jermaine Dye




4. Sorry, I dont follow the Cards.

5. Cooperstown

6. N/A

7. Pizzeria Bianco in Phoenix

1. Astros.😦 And you wouldn’t believe how passionately I hope I’m wrong.
2. MVP: Howard, unless a miracle happens and we win the division; in that case, Pujols, who “should” win either way. CY: Webb, with Carp having a tiny chance if he gets another start and throws a gem. RotY: Uggla, although he’s not really the top rookie. MotY: Randolph, and in a rare bit of lucidity, the voters will actually get this one right.

3. MVP: Jeter. CY: Santana (and anyone who gives anyone else a first-place vote should be barred from participation next year owing to gross stupidity). RotY: Verlander. MotY: probably Leyland, although Gardenhire might get it.

4. Among the moves actually made, signing Encarnacion was the best of a thoroughly smelly, bad lot. Better is the “non-move” of not dealing Reyes or Wainwright for some mediocrity of a certain age — which I was convinced was going to happen all the way up to the deadline. Worst move: the awful Luna/Belliard deal, continuing the all-too-common practice of mortgaging the future for expedient mediocrity. Generally, though, Jocketty has little to be proud of this year.

5. To me personally, it’s the small piece of ground occupied by Stan Musial’s statue, but realistically, Cooperstown.

6. Complete disinterest in this one.

7. Believe it or not, an obscure place in Moscow(!) — yes, THAT Moscow — and possibly only because of its contrast to the awful places I ate at on the remainder of that Russian trip.

1. Cardinals.
2.MVP Pujols, CY – Webb, Rookie, Johnson, MOTY – Randolph.

3. Mvp-Santana, Cy-Santana, Rookie, Verlander, Leyland

4. JEnc was by far the best. The worst? Not selling Marquis to some team in Japan for a pallet of sushi wrappers.

5. To me? Busch, the old one, or the current one. Owen Memorial runs a close second. All of sports, though? The Rose Bowl.

6. House- the one with the autistic kid.

7. Wise Guys – Transplanted New York Italians, crappy looking place in Hicksville, NC. Mmm

5. What’s the most hallowed ground in American sports?
Augusta National Golf Club

6. What’s the best show you’ve seen from the new TV season?

New to me? Veronica Mars.

7. Best Italian restaurant you’ve ever come across?

Bar Italia?😉

1. Cardinals (hopefully and barely)

2. MVP – Pujols

CY – Oswalt

Rooke – Uggla

Manager – Girardi

3. MVP – Jeter

CY – Santana

Rookie – Verlander

Manager – Leyland

4. Best move – Calling up Chris Duncan and sticking with him. Also getting Speizio, Miles and Bennett. They’ve been great role players which every team needs.

Worst Move – Luna for Belliard. Sounded good at first, but hasn’t really paid off.

5. Yankees Stadium, Notre Dame Stadium and Augusta National are tied for me.

6. CSI has been good, but I’m anxiously waiting the new South Park episodes starting 10/4.

7. There’s a good place in Atlanta called Scallini’s. Great rolls and great food all around.

1. Houston Astros because the Cardinals **** right now.


MVP – Ryan Howard b/c the Cardinals ****

Cy Young – Brandon Webb – b/c Carpenter obviously can’t pitch in big games when he is needed.

Rookie – Ryan Zimmerman

Manager – Joe Girardi

3. Don’t care about the AL


Best – Speizio


5. I would say Yankee Stadium but since they are going to build a new one, I won’t say it. I’ll go with Lambeau Field.

6. I wanted The Office last night, it was pretty good.

7. Olive Garden. haha

1. Houston

2. Pujols, Webb, Johnson, Girardi

3. I don’t really care.

4. Best- Speez

Worst – Sid the Buffet Killer

5. The Stan the Man Statue (I know it doesn’t count. I don’t care.)

6. Studio 60

7. I live in Southern Indiana. This is an unfair question.🙂

1. Pirates. why not? in this division, anything’s possible.
2. Howard, Webb, ????, Girardi.

3. Jeter, Santana, ????, Leyland.

4. best – Speizio if only for the red goatee. wish everyone was as proud to play for the cards. worst – Ponson?

5. Cameron Indoor (and I’m a ‘Heels fan)

6. kill your television

7. stateside: Scoozi in Chicago; not for the food but the atmosphere. Abroad: Pizzeria Tramonti in Monteverde, Costa Rica, for something unexpected (and good memories). Make-believe: the brothers’ small authentic restaurant in “Big Night”

1.) Cards, in a tie break.
2.) Howard, Webb, Zimmerman, Girardi

3.) Dye, Santana, Verlander, Leyland

4.) Best-Giving Speizio a chance, Worst-Not getting a starter at the deadline

5.) Yankee Stadium, Wrigley, Lambeau

6.) umm….

7.) Pag’s in Carbondale, IL

1. Cards (with a whimper)
2. Pujols, Webb, Duncan, Girardi

3. dunno

4. best: I guess encarnacion, but nothing sticks out / worst: an un-move – not making a move for a great starting pitcher when the rotation was clearly floundering

5. Notre Dame Stadium (full disclosure: i’m an alum)

6. Studio 60 has potential

7. Lombardo’s


1.Cards, in the las regular season day (my wish!!).

3.Big Papi,Santana,???,Leyland

4.Best:Speizio/Worst:Ponson,Weaver,Looper and the top of the top Luna trade for Beliard


6.CSI Las Vegas

7.NO italian food thanks!

Baseball – Fenway Park
Pro football – Lambeau Field

College football – Notre Dame and LSU

Pro basketball – Old Boston Garden

College basketball – Pauley Pavillion

Hockey – The Forum

Golf – Pebble Beach

Racing – Indy

Tennis – Who cares

Track and Field – University of Oregon

for hockey – The Forum??? what about the Joe?

1. Astros

2. Howard, Webb, Zimmerman, Girardi.

3. Mauer, Santana, Verlander, Leyland

4. Best move- Spezio; Worst move- not dumping Marquis

5. Augusta National

6. Shark- I’m a huge James Woods fan

7. Olive Garden(not much else in my neck of the woods)

1. Stros. The Birds are cooked and so is Tony. (Whenever his teams have won, the players had exceptional seasons. He’s never actually managed his way to a title in his career.) Hire Girardi. He’ll be available in about four games.

2. MVP: Albert; Cy Young: Carp II; Rookie: Out of all the ugly choices, I’ll go with Uggla; and Manager: Girardi

3. MVP: Jeter; Cy Young: Wang, Rookie: Verlander; and Manager: Leyland

4. Best move: Spezio, Worst move: Weaver

5. What’s the most hallowed ground in American sports? Old Sportsman’s Park.

6. What’s the best show you’ve seen from the new TV season? Weeds.

7. Best Italian restaurant you’ve ever come across? Denino’s, NYC.

1. My gut says somehow the Cards, my mind says Stros.
2. Albert, Oswalt, Josh Johnson, Hanley Ramirez or Dan Uggla. It’s gotta be a some Marlin. Girardi.

3. Ortiz , Santana, Verlander, Leyland

4. Spiezio, I second not dumping marquis as a the worst (non) move

5. ugh. dunno. Yankee Stadium?

6. The Office.

7. Tucci’s in Tulsa, Ok. Nice and quaint, food is just outstanding. Tulsa suprisingly has a lot of very nice restaraunts.

Albert Who??????????

1.Cardinals back in with Braves win.
2.Pujols MVP. Webb Cy Young. Uggla Rookie. Bochy Mgr.

3. Morneau MVP. Santana Cy Young. Liriano Rookie. Gardenhire Mgr.

4. Best-Spezio. Worst-Keeping Marquis

5. Augusta National

6. Studio 60

7. Ronnie Grizanti’s, Memphis.

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